Indian Australian TV personality marries Indian financier in big fat Indian wedding in Australia

A big fat Indian wedding or a Bollywood themed wedding is every girl’s dream. Thats what Divya Dhingra and Gurjab Singh Kohli

And making her childhood dream come true Sydney based media personality; Divya Dhingra married Indian financer Gurjab Singh Kohli in a grand ceremony in Australia. Arriving at her reception at Rosehill Gardens in a helicopter, with elaborate fireworks, her wedding also was nothing less than a Bollywood extravaganza.

Have you ever seen a cake being cut by a sword and that too a wedding cake? No right! But Divya and Gurjab’s 10 tier reception cake was 2 meter tall, only a sword could cut it. The grandeur of this wedding doesn’t end here.

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Elaborate dance routines for a Bollywood style sangeet, brazalian dancers, big scale mehendi celebrations of Mehendi and Haldi, Divya and Gurjab kept shuttling between Delhi and Australia.The couple had five wedding celebrations in less than six months, involving tens of thousands of guests in both India and Australia, culminating in the epic Bollywood-inspired wedding at Rosehill.

The guests were over 1500 both from India and Australia. The much elated bride was quoted as saying:

“We had been working so hard towards our reception at Rosehill Gardens, it was a grand finale.”

“After going to Delhi and having guests from Canada, Australia and India all together, we felt so blessed.”

Growing up in Australia, Mrs Dhingra never lost touch to the Indian roots and traditions. Her mehendi party took place in India to feel closer to the culture. “It was very important to us that traditions were followed because we grew up seeing them and understand the significance behind each of them. Sikh religion values are the foundation of who we are and something we would like to pass on to our next generations.”

The sangeet preparations started one month one advance which included countless number of hours in rehersals. “We are absolutely touched by the love of our family and friends who put in so much effort to make the evening such a musical extravaganza and truly special for us” Mrs Dhingra said.

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Moscow weddings get a little less merry with champagne and musician ban

Weddings at registry offices in the Russian capital are often thought of as a jolly affair, with live music and champagne flowing. Now nuptials in Moscow are somewhat more sober, under a new ban on musicians and alcohol.

Registry offices traditionally employed external contractors to provide the happy couple and their guests with music, food and a professional wedding video. But now officials have had enough of dealing with these requests, and as such have decided to stop offering the extra services.

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According to a report by Russian newspaper Izvestia, citing Deputy Head of the Moscow Civil Registry Department, Marina Maslova, the new rules were officially introduced on 1 May but only came to light yesterday.

Couples will now have to make do with pre-recorded music and organise a photographer themselves. They must also make sure the person they choose to capture the day has the appropriate attire — the new rules also dictate that photographer and videographers follow a dress code.

To those sad not to be able to ease wedding nerves with a tipple, the press secretary to the department, Yevgeniya Smirnova, explains that the “drinking of alcoholic beverages” is prohibited in public places and that “to drink champagne in a registry office has always been forbidden and never happens”. Given that champagne has been a common feature of Moscow weddings, it seems that there is a significant gap between theory and practice. No more: when applying to marry, couples are now handed a copy of the rules to ensure they know them.

If the idea of a silent, sober wedding pains you, you can sign this petition calling for officials to drop the rules.

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Traditional or not, choosing wedding venues can be tricky

Scouting and securing a wedding venue comes with a world of potential pitfalls, from hidden fees to parking headaches.

Those things, along with most other aspects of a traditional wedding, go a long way in explaining why Melanie Fontana and her fiance, Michel Schulz, are getting hitched at a scenic overlook along famed Mulholland Drive in Los Angeles.

“The whole idea of a wedding, booking a typical wedding venue and all that, it just all seemed really boring,” said the 30-year-old Fontana. “We just drove around and found this really great spot. We’re going to do it at sunset.”

With their free venue picked out for their August nuptials, the two LA-based songwriters used a relatively new website, PoptheKnot, to make other details come alive.

636301697487944912-Martina-s-Photography---Orchid-Island.jpgImages: White Bridesmaid Dresses

Pop-up weddings

The pop-up wedding planning business, which limits guests to 25, will provide an officiant, a photographer (pictures will be posted online for download or printing), a bouquet and a boutonniere for $1,600, along with two coordinators on the big day at an extra cost of $300.

In Brooklyn, Blathnaid Conroy, 29, and her fiance got engaged in January and will marry in May. They, too, were looking for an unconventional venue, and “we were moving really fast,” she said.

After numerous searches online, the advertising agency art director found another website that worked for her, Splacer . Similar to Airbnb, the site showcases venue rentals, from bargain to luxury. A couple of other sites — Venue Report and Peerspace — do the same.

Conroy picked a vintage brick two-story warehouse space in Williamsburg and had no trouble working directly with the building manager to lock down the rental. The manager even offered extra hours for them to set up and decorate.

“We were on such a tight timeline. I think we were both pretty worried we wouldn’t find a place,” Conroy said. “When we walked into this particular venue, it was totally our vibe. It wasn’t all done up or too fancy. It looked like somewhere we would go to a party in Brooklyn on any weekend. That’s what we were trying to achieve.”

Wedding planning

The wedding site The Knot estimates that the average cost of a wedding in the U.S. reached an all-time high of $35,329 last year, excluding the honeymoon, as couples spent more to personalize the day for themselves and to entertain their guests. Couples using smartphones for wedding planning more than doubled from 2014 to 90 percent, with 43 percent using online planning tools, according to The Knot, which surveyed nearly 13,000 brides and grooms who married in 2016.

When it comes to weddings, location, location, location has been elevated in the planning process, according to The Knot, with unexpected places to wed, including barns, public gardens, wineries and museums, on the rise. Nearly half The Knot’s respondents in its 10th annual Real Weddings Study said having a scenic reception venue was the top priority. Having both an indoor and an outdoor space was most important for 30 percent of couples.

“Destination weddings have become big business in Indian River County,” said Allison McNeal, Director of Tourism for the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce. “We offer a variety of venues from rustic to beachfront and our lower price point is bringing couples from all over the U.S.”

Shying away from traditional locations, such as hotels and restaurants, can make things tricky, especially for couples plowing through without a wedding coordinator. Some coordinators recommend that a good first step before venue shopping is nailing down the number of guests and sticking to it. A good rule of thumb: About 85 percent will show up, some planners said.

“A planner knows the venues that best fit the wedding size, along with what is included with the venue’s price,” said planner Amos Gott in Nashville, Tennessee. “Most importantly, a planner knows what venues are ethical and which ones have hidden fees and try to take advantage of the couple.”

Read contracts closely for what is included and what is your responsibility, suggested Gott, of Amos Events. “Basic rentals, parking, bar, the caterer are just a few things that may or may not be included.”

Budget conscious

For the budget conscious, venues that allow couples to bring in their own alcohol, for instance, can amount to a huge cost savings, he said.

Other wedding planners said it’s also important to pay a deposit as quickly as possible to secure the space; to determine if other events are planned in the same location at the same time, which can lead to delays in service and other problems; and to confirm whether outside vendors will be allowed.

As for unusual spaces, planner Brandi Hamerstone in Ohio said spaces not typically used for events require paying for, renting and providing everything yourself. All costs — chairs, linens, permits, lighting — should be priced out before heading “outside the box,” said Hamerstone, in suburban Cleveland.

Annmarie Borosic, a Toronto-based wedding and event planner, recommended getting every detail related to a venue in writing. She recalled a friend who fell in love with the chandeliers at one location, only to learn after she put down a deposit that the lighting had been brought in for a previous event. To include it would have been extremely expensive, so they canceled.

“They fought to get their deposit back,” Borosic said. “Needless to say, they didn’t.”



Pippa Middleton is sparing no expense for her royal (she’s not really royal but she might as well be) wedding!

According to reports, Kate Middleton’s younger sister will be spending more than $300,000 on her upcoming nuptials (that’s nearly THREE times the average American home price)!

Source: SheinDressAU

The Daily Star reports that Pippa’s even dropping stacks on her portable bathrooms! Over $5,000 to be exact!

According to the British newspaper, while the ceremony will be held at Pippa’s family’s nearly $8 million home, Pippa and her fiancé James Matthews will be shelling out over $80,000 for a supersized tent to host their royal and famous guests.

The bride-to-be is also believed to be wearing a dress that costs over $12,000. While her millionaire hedge fund manager fiancé is believed to bearing an almost $8,000 Savile Row suit.

If you think that’s wild, around 350 guests, including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, will dine on a $250-per-head menu and drink 233 bottles of champagne, which costs a whopping $11,000.

Let’s not forget about the thousands the couple will be spending on their cake, and the $20,000 they’re spending on flowers, and the $25,000 that’s being spent on their wedding rings!

Oh, and this royal wedding will definitely have an entertainer, so there’s that expense! Talk about the life of the rich and famous!

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Pippa’s bizarre wedding guest dress code rule

There could be a dress code you need to adhere to or every shop is out of stock in your size – which turns the shopping experience into a nightmare.

And if that sounds like you, then count your lucky stars you’re not part of Pippa Middleton’s guest list, as it’s been revealed she’s told people to bring not one but two ensembles for her big day.

According to Daily Mail Deputy Diary Editor, Richard Eden, Kate Middleton’s little sister has requested each and every one of her guests, including the celebrities, should bring a change of clothes for her May 20th wedding.

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“Guests at #pippamiddleton’s wedding have been asked to take second outfit for reception. Is this a trend? Sounds like a bore to me,” Richard Tweeted.

The news comes after it was reported that Pippa enforced a ‘no ring, no bring,’ policy for her day to ensure her guest list was kept as private as possible.

The 33-year-old, who is set to marry her hedge fund boss fiancé, James Matthews, also, was also accused of banning people from her wedding so she wouldn’t be upstaged.

The rule meant that Irish model Vogue Williams – who is currently dating Spencer Matthews the brother of Pippa’s fiancé – has been left out in the cold.

“Pippa’s view is that Vogue’s relationship with Spencer is still very new,” a source toldThe Sun.

“It wouldn’t be appropriate for her to be there after just a few months of dating.

“But some people in the circle are pretty shocked because this is her future brother-in-law who’s going to end up attending on his own. It’s certainly raised eyebrows.”

However it appears Prince Harry was able to get around the bride-to-be’s policy as it was confirmed this week that his lady love, Meghan Markle, is set to attend the big day.

Meghan has reportedly booked time off from her hit TV show, Suits, and has already been to two dress fittings to make sure her ensemble is perfect.

Pippa’s sister, Kate Middleton, will of course be in attendance on the big day, while Prince George is said to be taking on the role of pageboy and Princess Charlotte will be a bridesmaid.

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Internationally Indian

MALDIVES IS my happy place and so I’m not surprised to hear that it’s this very same place that marks the start of many a happily ever after.

The wedding market is a recession proof industry. It’s a business that keeps growing with people trying to upstage every wedding prior to theirs. Destination weddings therefore have become hugely popular as a different destination offers that added edge required to make for a memorable wedding.

Images: princess wedding dress

Adorned like jewels across the Indian Ocean, the Maldives’ coral atolls are arguably the most romantic hideaways in the world. Each bespoke resort is housed on its own island surrounded by pristine white-sand beaches, swaying palms and tranquil, crystal clear blue waters – pure paradise.

The sun, sea and sand have always been the preferred choice, making Maldives a dream destination. Hotels along this island have now recognised the impact of the Indian wedding industry on tourism and have focused on crafting special experiences to cater to the wedding market.”Spa therapies have become an integral part of the beauty ritual for brides and at Conrad Maldives Rangali Island we feature two award- winning spas set on stilts above the Indian Ocean with one spa featuring glass floors with views of the marine life below. Ideally conceived for a girl getaway before the big day, each spa features a curated menu of bespoke therapies that have been designed to ensure brides feel rejuvenated and flawless on their special day” said Stefano Ruzza, General Manager, Conrad Maldives Rangali Island

Food also plays an integral role in the decision making for Indian wedding parties. Being a predominately vegetarian clientele, it is imperative that the destination offers a wide spread of Indian, Jain and vegetarian delicacies for the resort to be chosen by the wedding party.

Interestingly Stefano informs me that Conrad Maldives Rangali Island not only offers 19 different cuisines including Indian, Italian and Japanese with an ample choice of vegetarian options; in fact the resort is home to 18 chefs of Indian origin, who are happy to ensure that the wedding party enjoys meals catered to their personal taste.

Not surprisingly Maldives has been voted among the top 10 wedding destinations of the world. An idyllic dreamscape, this exotic island personifies bliss, a place to renew vows and celebrate love, pre-wedding photography and the perfect location to wake each morning to continue the extraordinary journey as husband and wife.

Already the preferred choice by tourists around the globe, don’t be surprised when you hear the next big fat Indian wedding too finds its perfect match, right here!

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Primark has unveiled a brand new wedding lingerie collection

As the wedding season approaches quickly, budget brides will be searching for lingerie that looks high end but without the price tag.

Lingerie is a crucial element to any wedding wardrobe. However, this is often reflected in the sickly price tag. High end brands such as, Rigby & Peller are renowned for their high quality lingerie, including their wedding range. Although, if brides are to shop at brands such as this, then they should expect to pay £100 for just a bra.

Primark has unveiled a brand new wedding lingerie collectionImages: vintage bridesmaid dresses

There is now no need to shock your wedding fund with these costs as budget high street retailer Primark have now entered the world of wedding lingerie. The brand has recently unveiled a range of white lingerie and robes on its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram profiles. Although, brides will be thrilled to know that the items are available for Primark’s usual low prices.

Primark initially revealed images of the collection via Snapchat. Followers went crazy for the range of products. The products are set to hit stores in Ireland at the end of May. Although, the store is still yet to confirm when the collection will be available in the UK.

The collection includes a white lace bra, suspenders, briefs and a gorgeous satin robe emblazoned with ‘bride’ on the back. Additionally, there are some lace bodies and slips available to purchase.

The prices of these products begin at £5. The range further includes cute little wedding gifts for the bride and groom. These are his and hers mugs, towel sets and pillows. All of which are also at budget price.

Primark have hit a great market here, and in comparison to high street rivals and designer brands, their prices are at the lowest but at the same time still offers great styles for brides.

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How This 29-Year-Old Makes a Living as a Professional Bridesmaid

You can’t call up a professional bridesmaid, a.k.a. the world’s first Bridesmaid For Hire™, a.k.a. Your Wedding Wingwoman, without digging for some dirt.Jen Glantz, a 29 -year-old Manhattanite with the militant positivity of a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader, has spent three years tagging out frazzled, distracted, and otherwise incapacitated bridesmaids. Naturally, she’s got the best (worst) bridezilla stories.“There was one August wedding where I found the bride downing a bottle of vodka,” Glantz recalls. “She got blackout drunk and started screaming that it was the worst night of her life.”Glantz is just getting started. She’s seen women ask their bridesmaids to dye their hair, to get a spray tan, to lose weight. She’s seen brides ruin their own, would-be cookie cutter wedding because it wasn’t a carbon copy of the Pinterest board they’d meticulously created. She’s seen brides break down minutes before walking down the aisle because they realized the man they’re about to marry is, in fact, the worst.But she gets it. The pressure that comes with turning a dream wedding into a reality can crush the most even-keeled bride, she says. Glantz is the release valve.“Friends don’t know how to handle [brides] in stressful wedding situations,” she says. “It becomes a bit of a nightmare. I’m that third party person who can say, ‘you can chill about this, because you can trust me.’ I bring them back to reality.”

Images: bridesmaid dresses brisbane

The Moment She Said ‘I Do’ to BridesmaidingA Florida native who moved to New York after college, Glantz took six (unpaid!) trips down the aisle before realizing her perky, put together vibe—that bridal party je nais se quoi—could be easily monetized.In 2014, she posted an ad in Craigslist’s personals section (w4w) for brides who “need someone to take control,” and got over 100 responses in two days.Since then, Glantz has become something of a bridesmaid guru. She writes about weddings for Brides Magazine, Refinery29, and PopSugar, and has given bridal tips to numerous publications.Fresh off a tour for her new book, Always a Bridesmaid (For Hire), Glantz’s business is thriving. At the beginning of April, she had 20 clients lined up for the spring wedding season — and the rest of her calendar was quickly filling up.“Every month is wedding season for me,” she says.The PrenupFor $1,200 to $2,000, brides can hire Glantz as a “day-of coordinator,” a wedding planner lite who makes sure everything from picking up the dry cleaning to tossing the bouquet runs smoothly.Other brides pay Glantz to literally walk down the aisle and stand next to them at the altar, often as a replacement for a friend they’ve had a falling out with, or who has otherwise abandoned the sacred duties of bridesmaid-ing (“It happens more than you’d think,” Glantz says). The starting price for that service is $2,000.Some of Glantz’s clients aren’t brides at all. The “Help! I’m a Maid-of-Honor” package, which includes a Skype session with Glantz and a custom month by month to-do list, starts at $350. Speech writing is an extra $175.The cheapest package? A set of tutorial videos on “How to Be a Bridesmaid” for $35.

You Complete MeGlantz is in the business of managing expectations. Usually, that means oscillating between the bride’s temporary best friend, therapist, and voice of reason. All of that she can handle, with ease.The bigger challenge, she says, is keeping incognito. Most brides don’t want anyone to know they’ve paid a stranger thousands of dollars to be in their wedding, so Glantz has to make up a backstory, with a fake name and vague connection to the bride, to explain how they know each other.That can look suspicious, particularly when Glantz is called in to, say, replace a maid of honor. But Glantz says the other bridesmaids usually warm to her pretty quickly.“They’re happy I’m doing all the dirty work,” she says. “Because every wedding has a ton of drama.”

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Brooks Ann Camper’s Wedding Garb is Custom-Made, But It’s Hardly Customary

For almost a century, Hillsborough’s Eno River Mill was a large textile mill with on-site housing for its employees. Today, like much of the Piedmont’s former industrial infrastructure, it’s an artfully preserved commercial development full of businesses both big, like Mystery Brewing Company, and small, like Brooks Ann Camper Bridal Couture.

It’s unusual to find a bridal shop in a maze of open loading bays and crumbling brick outbuildings, but the unusual is exactly what Camper’s clients are searching for. Inside, the shop resembles an artist’s studio, except that it’s clean and softly lit. There are antique sewing machines—one Camper inherited from her grandmother, a patternmaker for J.C. Penney—a couch, and a dressing room. Sketches paper over the walls. Dress forms in markedly personal shapes stand in corners.

Brooks Ann CamperThree gowns preside at the head of the room. Elegant yet playful, they allude to the classic white dress without resembling it. One has a fleur-de-lis brooch at the neckline and a beaded fringe on the bodice. Another, a refined peasant dress, sports a colorful pattern of vines and leaves. The third, a slinky silk number, has long leather laces plunging down the back. And Camper’s own wedding dress, with stylized flowers growing up from the hem of a flared skirt, is spread on a nearby worktable.

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Since founding her dressmaking shop with these four garments, Camper has fled even further from tradition. Her portfolio includes a featureless white strapless contrasted with a dramatic flower-and-feather shoulder decoration, an angular orange-and-pink confection gathered into what the bride asked for as a “space bustle,” and other fancies unlikely to turn up at David’s Bridal.

Camper drew the line at crafting the space bustle in Spandex; she works only in natural fibers—cotton, silk, wool. But for the most part, the bride’s imagination is the limit, as is evident in this set-ready sci-fi costume, a beneficiary of Camper’s experience on Broadway. As far as we can tell, hers is the only custom bridal shop in the Triangle. And it may well be the only one anywhere run by somebody whose background is solely in theater, not fashion.

“In fashion, you’re trying to make multiples: one thing that’s going to work for the most people possible,” Camper says. “In theater, you’ve got a real person who is probably not shaped like your stick-figure fashion model. It’s a great way to approach bridal wear because it’s about one person, and we’re designing it together.”

Camper is less than five feet tall but has an exuberant voice the size of her Texas roots. She also seems to have a lifelong knack for waltzing into things other people would kill for, then working hard to build on them.

When she went to study theater at Centenary College of Louisiana, she was interested in acting and sets, not costumes. But when she impudently told her director in Little Women that she didn’t know how to iron her costume and didn’t care to, he sent her to work in the costume shop, starting on Oliver. It was a “punishment” that changed her life. On a long-shot whim, she applied for the sole internship in the costume shop at the Yale School of Drama. She was so sure she wouldn’t get it that she refused to fly to Connecticut when they called, insisting on interviewing by phone.

Thus did she embark for New Haven without knowing how to sew.

“The first thing I ever sewed was a hundred-and-twenty-dollar-a-yard eighteenth-century gown for theater,” Camper says. “Because I was thrust into it so fast, I never realized I was supposed to be a beginner or be scared.” Next, she applied to UNC-Chapel Hill’s master’s program in costume production. Again, thinking it was a long shot, she declined to travel to Chapel Hill to interview. She got a scholarship.

She graduated in 2001, after meeting her future husband, Charles. She went straight to Broadway, working as a milliner on everything from Wicked to Mamma Mia! And then, for a while, she just stopped.

“I enjoyed it, but I had gone from not knowing how to sew to making a hat for John Lithgow in five years, so it was a little fast and furious,” Camper says. Burned out on sewing for eight hours a day, she moved back to North Carolina with Charles. They soon bought a small mill house near Eno River Mill, where Camper got a job at a museum-quality frame-making shop. She liked making frames; it was about customizing an object for a single purpose. But her sewing hiatus ended in 2006, when Charles’s sister got engaged.

“My gift was the dress, and his was to make a room for me to make it,” Camper says. Equipped with a tiny home workshop, she had no reason not to make Charles’s other sister a wedding dress, too, and then her own.

It caught the eye of the wedding date of a friend, whose vine-patterned smock effectively started Camper’s business. She put up the website where she blogs about the process behind her dresses and began taking one client at a time. Three years ago, she quit the frame shop and moved into her studio, right next door to it. It’s almost the size of her whole house, and it gives her the space she needs to craft a dress from start to finish.

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Rory’s wedding shows that for some stars, publicity is a one-way street

There was a wedding in Ashford Castle at the weekend.

We know that because the newspapers were keen to report the fact at every opportunity.

One of Ireland’s biggest sporting stars, Rory McIlroy, tied the knot with Erica Stoll.

Cue old pictures of the couple, stock photos of the venue and countless references to the guest list, including Rory’s golfing colleagues and friends such as Niall Horan, Ed Sheeran and Jamie Dornan.

There was only one thing missing, however – a single, solitary photo of the event.

Airtight: Rory McIlroy with Erica Stoll in December 2015 Photo: Darren Kidd /Press EyeCelebrity weddings are always a thorny subject, with few people seeming to manage to get the balance right.

When you do a deal with a celebrity magazine, you’re accused of selling out.

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When you make no provisions for the press and public interest, you can allow the day to descend into chaos and have it ruined for both the couple and many of their guests.

So perhaps we shouldn’t begrudge Rory his wishes, which have involved a total media blackout.

No photos, no interviews, even guests were told not to bring mobile phones lest any of them be tempted to put a photo or two up on social media.

It’s obsessive secrecy such as this that makes you wonder if Rory, by all accounts a sensible and polite person, has disappeared up his own backside when it comes to his biggest day.

No less of a global star than Rory, Brian’s big day was the subject of huge media interest.

Understanding the fact that publicity is a two-way street, the couple decided to accommodate the press who had been so good to them during their careers.

While keeping the church ceremony and wedding reception private, they happily posed for photographers outside the church, giving up about half-an-hour so newspapers and TV crews could go back to their bosses, happy to have secured a photo to mark the biggest celebrity event of the year.

Rory and Erica, on the other hand, hired security guards to patrol the entire perimeter of Ashford Castle and banned their guests – most of whom arrived by helicopter or limousine with blacked out windows – from publicising the event in any way.

They didn’t release one official photo to the media – a photo they could have had taken at any stage over the weekend and got any of their countless entourage to release without having to get their own hands dirty by actually dealing with the press personally.

The Irish media tend to be good to their stars. Sure, they show a sometimes unhealthy obsession with their private lives, but on the whole they tend to respect their privacy, rarely print negative stories and in return ask that the respect be reciprocated.

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