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4 Ways Remarriage Affects Social Security Benefits

Widow/Widower Benefits – If you have been receiving benefits based on your status as a widow/widower or a divorced widow/widower, you won’t be able to continue those benefits if you remarry before age 60. For disabled individuals that remarry, the age limit drops to 50.

If you remarry after age 60, you may be able to claim benefits on your first (deceased) spouse’s earnings record if that proves to be a better option than your own earnings record or that of your second (new) spouse. Survivor’s benefits are equal to the full benefit amount of your deceased spouse. With spousal benefits, you receive only half of your spouse’s Social Security benefits – but that may still be preferable if your spouse is/was a high earner or your own earnings record is limited.

Should you remarry before age 60, you aren’t entitled to survivor’s benefits unless this second marriage ends. In that case, you may be able to claim benefits on your first (deceased) spouse’s earnings record if you meet all entitlement requirements.

Divorced Spouse’s Benefits – Typically, if you remarry, you are no longer eligible for divorced spouse’s benefits. Your choices for benefits will be between your record and your second spouse’s record, assuming the marriage lasts and you meet all other eligibility requirements.

If the remarriage ends in divorce, you may become eligible again for benefits on your first spouse’s record assuming that marriage lasted for at least ten years, your ex-spouse from your first marriage was eligible for benefits, and that you are at least 62 years old. Your eligibility is unaffected by the marriage status of your ex-spouse from your first marriage. If he or she remarries, you still retain eligibility if you meet the criteria above.

Supplemental Social Security (SSI) Benefits – SSI benefits are calculated based on income and resources. As part of a new couple, any benefits that either spouse received may be adjusted because of the switch to a couple’s rate and the change in your collective resources.

Children’s Benefits – Benefits for children below age 18 will end once you remarry. This also applies to any benefits for full-time students (in high school or below) who are 18 or 19 years old.Read more at:wedding dress | cheap wedding dresses melbourne

Austin style expert reveals what to wear to a wedding this fall

Wedding season works a bit differently in Texas than other parts of the country. Our summers are excruciatingly hot, so an outdoor shindig in June is less than appealing to couples and guests alike. Fall and its moderate temperatures make it a popular season for Austin nuptials.

The bride and groom can choose a number of out-of-the-box descriptors to signify their party dress code, but the average guest is still at square one with the big question: “What do I wear?”

Luckily, no matter the type of wedding, there are many ways to match a few simple items (from your closet or the store) and put together a no-fail look that you’ll love to wear for their big day.

1. There’s nothing worse than a casual jacket ruining a gorgeous dress. Always match the style of your outerwear to the mood of the occasion. Wear a moto jacket in camel or black for a downtown wedding, or add a burgundy or metallic shawl for an elegant evening outdoors.

2. Pull a Katherine Hepburn and try pants instead. While dresses have the romantic vibe of a wedding, silky trousers are an edgy alternative that will keep you warmer during a cool night. Finish the look with current trends: a satin spaghetti-strap top, a choker, and strappy heels.

3. Jumpsuits are just as easy as dresses, so give one a try. Choose navy or black to keep it simple, clean, and fresh. Add ornate, statement earrings and velvet pointed-toe pumps to make this piece appropriate for everything from black tie to a semi-formal wedding.

4. If options are limited, just reach for your little black dress. This piece works for all levels of formality. It’s crucial to use accessories to incorporate your unique style. This will polish the look. Try a neon geometric clutch for an edgy element or feathered mules for a fun and flirty touch.

5. Shoes will make or break your fun. Always consider your environment when choosing them. Block heels and wedges will get you by in grass, and stilettos or kitten heels are ideal for a hotel wedding. If you’ve only got one pair of heels you love in your closet, make them outdoor-proof with high-heel protectors.

6. Red is trending this fall, but be cautious with how you wear it to a wedding. It’s a sexy color and too much can take the focus off the bride and put it on you. Stay away from the body con dress. Instead, choose a flowy, maxi dress for a boho, earthy vibe or a simple shift dress for a tailored look.

7. Embrace the time of year. While I’m always an advocate of wearing your favorite colors year round, autumnal colors will get you in the mood for the event. Choose rust, pumpkin, crimson, and peachy hues to mimic the colors of the season.Read more | wedding dresses perth

The beauty of green outdoor weddings in summer

Summer is the most preferred wedding season around the world – bright sunshine, green grass and trees, and colourful flowers all come together to create a joyful environment for the perfect outdoor wedding. To this naturally green landscape, one can add their own personal touch using artificial greenery panels and exotic flowers.

Here’s how you can create a beautiful setting for a summer green outdoor wedding:

Mix it up

Combine live plants and artificial plants to create a truly unique decor. Artificial hedges are excellent space fillers and can be used to cover bare spots. Depending on the venue, you may need to add your own backdrop as well. A faux hedge privacy screen is an ideal solution and will make for some amazing pictures.

Floral designs to match the decor

What’s a wedding without floral decorations? The best thing about using artificial flowers in your wedding decor is that you don’t have to worry about whether they are in season. Use different types of artificial flowers on artificial greenery panels, hedges, bouquets or anything else to make them pop with colour. Mix and match different floral designs with the chosen decor.

Keep an open mind on the possibilities

When you have an open mind about the possibilities of an outdoor green wedding, you can truly create a beautiful venue. Let your creativity flow with the wide range of options available in artificial greenery panels, outdoor artificial hedges and artificial flowers.

Evergreen Walls has helped numerous brides and grooms create the wedding decor of their dreams with a variety of artificial plant and flower options.

If you’re planning your outdoor wedding this summer and want to create the best experience for your family and guests, contact Evergreen Walls today.Read more at:wedding dresses australia | bridesmaid dresses

The beauty myth puts big users of social at risk of low self-esteem media

The beauty myth puts big users of social at risk of low self-esteem media 

(Photo:)From movies to magazines, traditional media has long been criticised for perpetuating unrealistic beauty standards—thin ideals that generate low self-esteem among women and girls.

In a new meta-analysis study from the University of South Australia, researchers have discovered a link between increased use of social networking sites and the internalisation of the thin ideal—the degree to which women strive to achieve an ideally slim female body.

“When people regularly engage with social networking sites, like Facebook, the images to which they’re exposed encourage a psychological adoption of unrealistic beauty ideals, and this can lead to poor body image and low self-esteem,” says John Mingoia, PhD student with UniSA’s School of Psychology, Social Work and Social Policy.

“The greater the use of social networking sites, the more likely it is for women to be dissatisfied with their body. And given the rise of social media, this has the potential to place billions of female social media users at risk.”

The study assessed 1829 female participants, aged between 10 to 46 years, across six independent studies and found that those who predominantly used social networking sites for posting or viewing photographs, were at greater risk of body dissatisfaction, as opposed to those who used the sites more broadly.

“People using social media to post and view appearance-related items—things like photos, profiles, videos or selfies—were more likely to internalise the thin ideal,” Mingoia says.

“And despite the fact that social media lets users create, upload and control content themselves, the same unattainable body ideals we see in traditional media are also reflected in the online environment.”

Worldwide, across a day, the average person uses social media for more than 10 hours; over one billion people are exposed to Facebook; and 3.2 billion new photographs are uploaded onto social networking sites.

“The number of photos that are uploaded to social networking sites per day is astounding. And given the relationship between photos on social networking sites and the perceptions of body image, this should raise significant red flags for the well-being and self-esteem of its users.

“As a society, we must be aware of the role social networking sites can play in women’s internalisation of poor body imageand we must seek interventions to help reduce the risk of body dissatisfaction.

“Media literacy training and educating users about the way photographs can be quickly and easily enhanced to portray idealised, but distorted creations, are critical if we are to disperse the toxic beauty myth on social media.

“And given the negative impact that unrealistic body images can have on women and girls, any action we take to help reduce the risk, can only be seen as a positive.”Read more at:Beach Bridesmaid Dresses | cheap bridesmaid dresses

Double Standards

Look What You Made Me Do’ Director Defends Taylor Swift, Accuses Public of “Double Standards”

Joseph Kahn, the director for Taylor Swift’s record-breaking music video for “Look What You Made Me Do,” among others, took to Twitter on Wednesday (Aug. 30) to express his frustrations with what he perceived to be gendered double standards within the industry.

“If I plan something as a man I’m a ‘genius,'” he tweeted. “If Taylor as a woman plans something she is ‘manipulative.’ Double standards. This is wrong.”

The first single from Swift’s upcoming album Reputation has polarized critics, with some praising it as a new direction for the singer and others decrying it as petty and flawed. The video, which premiered Sunday during MTV’s Video Music Awards, was similarly polarizing, with some unflatteringly comparing stills from the video to Beyonce’s video for “Formation.”

Kahn previously defended the video against these allegations, tweeting Friday (Aug. 25) that Swift’s video was “not in [Beyonce]’s art space” and that he had nothing but “love and respect to Bey.”

The music video for “Look What You Made Me Do” averaged 30,000 views per minute in its first 24 hours and currently holds the record for most YouTube and Vevo global streams in a 24-hour period.

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The Oscar de la Renta Designers Have Opposite Tastes

The Oscar de la Renta Designers Have Opposite Tastes, and It Works

Fernando Garcia and Laura Kim, the designers behind Oscar de la Renta and Monse, have a “You say tomayto, I say tomahto” partnership. Korean-born Kim prizes ease and masculinity; Garcia, who was raised in the Dominican Republic, prefers all things frilly and feminine. “I put comfort before everything,” Kim says. “I put fantasy before everything,” responds Garcia. In this case, opposites do very much attract. Kim says of their dichotomy, “I think it helps us make our ideas better.”

The two have a banter-filled rapport that fuels their playfully elegant designs. (At Monse: twisty shirting and deconstructed menswear vibes; at Oscar: youthful takes on suiting and eveningwear, which recently included a jean jacket.) Even the story of how they met is rife with humor. Garcia, who had met the late Mr. de la Renta in Punta Cana, called Kim, then Oscar’s design director, to see if he could intern. “He said he was calling from Notre Dame, which is a school, but I thought he was coming from a church in Paris,” Kim recalls. The two crossed wires about the internship’s start date, and Kim was surprised one day to arrive at work and find Garcia sitting at her desk.

Despite this inauspicious beginning, the two became great collaborators, and in 2015, after Mr. de la Renta’s passing, left their jobs to start Monse together. The line was an immediate favorite among fashion editors and celebrities like Sarah Jessica Parker and Amal Clooney. Scarcely two years later, the house of Oscar de la Renta wooed them back — this time to be at the helm. It proved a wise move for the brand: Kim and Garcia’s debut collection, comprising color-saturated gowns and a ladied-up take on the asymmetrical tailoring they’re known for at Monse, was one of the most anticipated acts of New York Fashion Week this past February.

How do they manage the work of creative-directing two brands at once? Garcia says the trick is collaboration. “I remember when the idea to do two lines at once was coming up, I happened to be in a meeting with Kate Young,” Garcia recalls. “She said, whatever you do, just make sure you have — excuse my French — a fucking stellar team.” Below, the design duo spoke to the Cut about what they’d never wear, their mutual Instagram obsession, and why they prefer staycations. Read on for the full interview.

How do you thank people for a gift?

Fernando: A hand-written note on Smythson stationary.

Laura: I usually write notes, or on a special day I’ll send Greenwich-spa gift certificates. I usually bill half to Fernando.

Fernando: She just buys a spa certificate and then tells me about it after, and I have to pay for it.

Laura: You owe me $300.

Do you prefer mood lighting or natural light?

Fernando: Mood light. I’m all about the show production.

Laura: I like cheap natural light, free.

What are some coffee-table books that you would be proud to display?

Laura: There’s a book I got from my mom of Alber Elbaz’s ten-year anniversary when he was at Lanvin. That’s the only one I really, really love.

Fernando: If I had a coffee table … My favorites are the Tom Ford one and one Oscar did before he passed; that was beautiful. He signed it dedicated to my mom. I love The World in Vogue: People, Parties, Places; anything Horst; and the book of Robert A. M. Stern the architect. I think he’s one of the best architects around right now.

Laura: You sure you have your Tom Ford book? It was a nice display book, so I took it.

Fernando: He’s the reason I started in fashion. That’s why it’s so special to me.

What would you never wear?

Laura: I would wear anything, to be honest.

Fernando: You will not wear anything.

Laura: I’ll make it work.

Fernando: No. You need to find a better answer.

You hate things.

Laura: Okay, I hate flip-flops.

Fernando: There you go. I’ll never wear a jumpsuit.

What is a trend that you like right now?

Fernando: Instagram, that’s the answer for both of us.

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Miu Miu Under Fire for Nazi-Esque Patches

Miu Miu Under Fire for Nazi-Esque Patches, Fashion’s Latest Act of Offensiveness

Fashion notoriously walks a fine line between edgy and absurd, and many times industry actors get it awfully wrong, whether it be editorials depicting abuse/violence against women, campaigns making light of race relations in order to promote a product or historically significant – and offensive – garments being trotted down the runway or being sold by mainstream retailers. The latest to run afoul of decency in the name of “fashion”? Miu Miu.

Miu Miu has confirmed on Thursday that it will pull all of the garments from its Fall/Winter 2017 collection that bear yellow star-shaped patches with men’s names, which some critics say resemble the Stars of David that Jews were forced to wear during the Holocaust. Prada’s little sister line came under fire this week when the World Jewish Congress, an international organization that advocates on behalf of Jewish communities and groups, shed light on its “discomfort over the items,” and demanded that Miu Miu pull the garments from its stock.

Preia Narendra, a spokeswoman for Miu Miu, apologized for “any offense” caused by the garments and stated that “it was not Miu Miu’s intent in any way to make any political or religious statement.” The World Jewish Congress has praised the label for taking quick action.

According to a statement from Robert Singer, the World Jewish Congress’ CEO and Executive Vice President, “The World Jewish Congress commends Miu Miu and its parent company, Prada, on its swift attention and action to the concerns we raised regarding the use of the yellow star on its clothing items. At this critical time, when anti-Semitism and bigotry are rearing their heads in the public sphere, we must continue to exercise caution and show sensitivity in every sphere and sector.”

Shockingly (or not), this is not the first instance of its kind. As noted by Newsweek, sportswear company Umbro came under fire in 2002 for its “Zyklon” trainer. “The company insisted the name of its shoe wasn’t chosen as a deliberate reference to the Holocaust, and it had apparently not been aware that the chemical Zyklon B was used to murder Nazi victims in extermination camps,” the publications further stated.

Urban Outfitters and Zara have been repeat offenders. In February 2015, the Anti-Defamation League sent a letter to the president and CEO of Philadelphia-based Urban Outfitters urging the company to remove a garment that looked a bit too much like the uniforms worn by gay male prisoners in Nazi concentration camps. As for Zara, the Spanish fast fashion giant apologized in 2014 for manufacturing and selling a children’s t-shirt that was slammed by the media for its similarity to the uniforms Jews wore in Nazi concentration camps.

As Newsweek pointed out, back in 2007, Zara was forced to withdraw a bag that bore a pattern incorporating green swastikas.

Such examples of consumer outrage-provoking by brands, despite the often intense wave of well, outrage, that comes along with them, have proven to be not as harmful in the long run for brands as one might expect. As we saw in connection with Pepsi’s undeniably tasteless commercial this spring starring Kendall Jenner, for which the company was met with so much pushback that it pulled the campaign, such product and/or ad campaign scandals tend to blow over.

The ones that tend to linger? Those involving the words of major fashion figures. Just ask Dolce & Gabbana co-founders Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana or former Christian Dior creative director John Galliano.

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The plus-size fashion labels which are actually stylish

The shopping landscape is better than it has ever been for plus-size women. While there is always more that could be done by retailers, anyone looking looking for fashionable clothes in a range of styles and sizes across all price points has currently got more choice than ever before. And given that the average clothes size is a 16, it finally feels like brands are getting wise to the plus-size pound.

Here are eight of the best places to get shopping…


For years, Eloquii has been the brand that British women have coveted from afar. A bright, bold, modern array at relatively affordable prices? We couldn’t have been be more jealous of our American counterparts. But, good news, Eloquii now ships to the UK! Obviously there’s shipping and import tax to consider, but if you split it with some friends it takes the sting out a little.

What they’re great at: Eloquii is fast at responding to consumer demand. If they make a great pair of trousers that work for lots of customers, they’re quick to reproduce them in other colours and prints. This forest green skirt from the autumn/ winter collection is versatile and luxurious.

ASOS Curve

Fast fashion at relatively affordable prices, ASOS Curve is the place you can rely on to provide you with everything from jeans to wedding dresses that’ll arrive the next day and not break the bank. As well as their brilliant own range- this denim jumpsuit is a currently highlight- they stock a whole host of brands perfectly pitched at a discerning plus size shopper.

What they’re great at: Making shopping almost too easy. Their website interface and ASOS app are second to none.


Not officially plus size (but it would be amazing if it was), Monki is the holy grail of oversized items that would fit, in some cases, up to a UK 24. Trousers and jumpsuits are probably a no-go, but tops and dresses in a size L are often totally suitable for a plus size body. Look out for anything specifically listed as oversized, or use your judgement on things like t-shirt dresses and shirt dresses.

What they’re great at: Wearable, everyday Scandi-cool.


One of the most exciting plus-size ranges in history, Premme was founded and launched by superstar bloggers Gabi Gregg and Nicolette Mason. It doesn’t currently ship to the UK, but hopefully with enough encouragement the brand will branch out to European customers soon. Be sure to put in an order if you know anyone heading to the US.

What they’re great at: Making clothes for the fashion-obsessed women who want to dress like Gabi and Nicolette. It’s all in the detail.


Their official plus range leaves a lot to be desired on the fashion-forward front, but if you’re at the lower end of plus size, M&S’s Autograph range does almost all pieces up to a 22. The dream would be for M&S to extend their super-sleek Limited Edition range to plus sizes rather than stopping at an 18.

What they’re great at: Actually carrying sizes in store. Their website obviously has the biggest size range, but it’s very likely you’ll find your size in store if they make it.


Elvi is a quietly brilliant plus-size brand. Their site, branding and photography are all beautifully considered, as are their clothes. This is a label created entirely to cater to plus-size women with beautifully luxurious combinations of the fabrics, patterns and cuts. In short, we need more brands like Elvi.

What they’re great at: Their autumn/winter colour palette is sumptuous and touches on trends whilst also offering timeless pieces, like the dress above.

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Kim Kardashian Sports the Clear-Shoe Trend Again

Kim Kardashian Sports the Clear-Shoe Trend Again — Plus, a Long Leather Coat

On the heels of the “Kardashian Decade” THR cover reveal this week, Kim Kardashian West took to Instagram this afternoon to share a candid shot of herself on the move.

Dressed in an ankle-skimming leather coat, black denim cut-off shorts and clear pointed pumps — the 36-year-old mom of two captioned the pic “Sunday Chill Vibes.” The transparent-shoe trend is a go-to favorite for the “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” star lately.

Kardashian West — who is set to co-host “Live With Kelly and Ryan” next Monday — shared with The Hollywood Reporter that she and Kanye are “definitely trying” for a third child.

“I hope so,” she told the publication when asked about the possibility of expanding her family. “There have been a lot of things said, and Kanye and I have not confirmed anything. We’re definitely trying. We are hoping so.”

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Size-Inclusive Brand Universal Standard Hosting Pop-Ups

Size-Inclusive Brand Universal Standard Hosting Pop-Ups, Taking Model Search on the Road

New York-based size-inclusive brand Universal Standard is heading across the country this fall.

The line, known for its modern minimalist styles for women size 10 to 28, is teaming up with Nordstrom on a series of pop-ups and a nationwide model search in partnership with The Lions Model Management, the same modeling agency that reps Irina Shayk, Kate Upton, Stella Maxwell, and Karen Elson.

Universal Standard, which counts Orange Is the New Black’s Danielle Brooks as a fan, was founded by Alexandra Waldman and Polina Veksler in September 2015 after the duo became tired of seeing size as the dividing line that determined who had the privilege and freedom to dress with quality and style (a jersey dress is priced at $60, while a knit cape costs $220). The company has launched a program called Universal Fit Liberty, which allows customers to exchange pieces from its core collection for a new size at no additional cost within a year of purchase. All returned clothing is also laundered and donated to charities that support women in need.

According to a release, the project was conceived in part by an “overwhelming demand from consumers to experience Universal Standard in person” as well the brand’s interest to reach more women.

The pop-ups hosted by Nordstrom will kick off in Seattle (Sept. 8-11) before being held in San Francisco (Sept. 21-24), Dallas (Oct. 18-21), Chicago (Oct. 26-29), Washington D.C. (Nov. 3-5), and the Century City location in L.A. (Sept. 29-Oct. 1; Oct. 5-6). Universal Standard will also be hosting its own pop-ups and events in Portland (Sept. 16), Austin (Oct. 11-12), Houston (Oct. 14-15), St. Louis (Oct. 28), Columbus (Oct. 31), and New York (Nov. 7-8)

“A vast majority of American women have been living in absurd exclusion based on size,” saud Veksler in a statement. “There is no reason for any woman to think ‘I can’t participate in the style I want because my body is bigger.’ We are saying, ‘now you can!'”

Universal Standard joins Torrid, the fashion retailer that creates pieces for women size 10 to 30, in taking its model search on the road. Torrid held its 3rd annual casting events earlier this summer, with curvy supermodel Candice Huffine serving as one of the judges.

The cross-country road trip will involve a model search to find the faces of Universal Standard’s next campaign. Top contenders from the search will be flown to New York to meet with execs from The Lions for a potential contract with the modeling agency. Good luck!

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