Taking a photo to show your skinny posture makes you a confident bride


Girls are doing the same thing to lose weight, especially the girls to be a bride-to-be, want to in photography and wedding will be the most beautiful posture, it is not happen overnight but want to slim down, the couple in the picture taken before or find some more quick tips, teach new people today some thin posture.

Slim wedding photo pose: hold your face

Big faces should learn this posture. Cover your cheeks with your hair and your face will look small. In fact, there’s another way to make your face smaller in an instant: hold your chin or hold it. This movement is very simple, as long as the hand grabbed you think just face the most will show great place, it’s better if is long hair, the hair on the palm, by the way, don’t appear unnatural.

Show thin wedding gauze pose: pressure belly

Some brides have a small waist, or have a small stomach, that is to find a way to cover the stomach. The easiest thing to do is to wear a high-waisted wedding dress in Korean style, but this kind of wedding dress will cover all the curves. What if you want to shoot the backside of a water snake? One hand on your hips and the other on your stomach! Forklift waist can make waist small, cover with the hand small belly nature also cannot see.

Slim wedding photo pose: cross your legs

What if your thighs are too big and you’re looking for a sleek dress with legs bound? Simply cross your legs or bend one leg in front of the other. So from the front view, two legs take up the lens area of one leg, the defect of the thigh is completely invisible! If your hips aren’t particularly wide, this position is perfect.

Thin wedding photo pose: clavicle

Women should know that girls with collarbones are the most beautiful. Only slim girls are easy to see clavicles. Although the bride is very demure and lazy, in fact, the shoulder, waist and buttock are making force, especially the shoulder, quietly press the shoulder down, the clavicle can come out.

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