The art of creating a wedding photo atmosphere with posture


It is believed that many couples will be at a loss when taking wedding photos, how to put a beautiful posture to take the most beautiful wedding photos? Today I’m going to share it with you.

Avoid parallel lines.

So-called parallel lines, simple speaking, is that new parallel to the arms and legs, it seems hard to avoid can appear dull and dull, the best solution is one leg straight, the other a leg bent, or one hand rested on her hips natural prolapse, with one hand out of the picture is so much more lively.

Body and head cannot be in the same line.

Photography can always heard make bridal bouquet, the camera in hand, bowed their heads and implicit laugh, because in the tent, with the intervention of the artificial light, originally plane pose can be made stereo feeling, but when taken out, if the body and head to form a straight line that can appear inflexible, so taken out when the photographer will teach you head to the left or right, or the body a little deflection.

3. Hand placement.

Picture taken at the location of finger also is to have cultured very much, if put undeserved, clap out effect is not too good, if really don’t know the hand put where is the most appropriate, then choose a flowers in hand, if you don’t need hand decorated the bride, so the bride’s finger also don’t collapse too tight.

Above is the introduction that small make up shares with you to create the wedding photo atmosphere with posture, hope the bride and groom can put on the most beautiful posture, take the most perfect wedding photo.

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