Why does the dash cam not play video?

If the dash cam SD card can be read on the computer, it means the dash cam has some problem, you can take it out to format. So I suggest that you buy a good quality  HD dash cam. Although without the high requirement of technology, the hardness of the requirements are relatively high, especially the use in a relatively bad environment, so stability is the biggest test for many manufacturers.

If switch off the electrical power or appear the machine error, it can’t form a stander video file so that it can’t be played normally. Another is caused by a false memory card that the low-capacity cards brushed into high-capacity cards on the market when it is normally used that this card memory less than his actual capacity of the file, but Larger than its capacity, you can see the file but can’t be open and copy.

Why does the 4k dash cam video have no sounds when playing? It maybe your computer don’t have an audio decoder, so you can try a few players .

Is the 140°wide angle of dash cam enough?

Besides definition and the effect of night-vision, all of us care about the wide angle of the dash cam. Some drivers have some doubt whether the 140°wide angle of dash cam is enough? Without the misunderstanding that the bigger wide angle is better, you can get an answer.

That the bigger wide angle has a broad vision seems no problem. But the bigger wide also is the higher price, does the dash cam can ensure the actual effect in the same price? The answer is really no!

Advantaging always publicity the bigger wide angle can shot more contact, but they can’t tell us, when the wide-angle to a certain extent ,the both sides of image will deform so that we can’t distinguish clear things. We do an experiment to confirm the statement.

The above is shot by 136° wide angle, which the image is normal and clear without deforming.

The above is shot by 170°wide angle, actually shot by 163°wide angle, you can obviously see both sides of the image is distortion.

Therefore, the bigger wide angle is not better, the best choice is 120°to 140°. so it can answer your question that the 140° wide angle is definitely enough and it is able to shot clear within the normal range of things, no impact on any investigation to obtain evidence.

Many businesses will exaggerate the wide angle when promoting, including some big brands. But if 170 °promoted, is actually 140°, as long as the quality of the picture is clear, no distortion, we can also accept. The most intolerable is that the actual wide angle is about 170°, but the screen is vague, serious deformation on both sides.

In order to help you choose better, here I recommend AZDOME DAB211,a real wide angle of around 150 °, shooting a clear picture .But the picture is still clear and not deformed on either side. Click Details:hd dash cam


What is the different between the 1080p and 1080FHD?

FHD means Full HD – Full High Definition. The resolution is generally 1920* 1080. FHD means full HD, when your source reaches 1080p , the LCD TV that supports FHD resolution output can be fully displayed. 1080p is also a camera resolution, which can also be understood as pixels, is the meaning of high-definition camera, now a lot of  dash cam is using 1296p ultra-HD camera. The effect of this shooting should be good.

There are also 1440P dash cams, such as a more widely used AZDOME DAB211 from AZDOME. The video was very clear. Here’s the video effect:

the best dash cam to buy

At present, there are all kind of dash cam on the market, with rich function. Reporter in the interview learned that most driver do not know “which is the best dash cam?” “it’s not easy to choose a cost-effective from so many dash cam brands.

The dash cam sold on the market divided into recording dash cam,recording  and e-dog dash cam, GPS E-DOG recording dash cam. But the rich function is not better, the recording function is the most basic and most important so that you can choose a dash cam with thescreen , easy installation, and playback.

Recommend product 1: Papago GOsafe535 is a rear-view dash cam, equipped with the anti-dazzling mirror, 2inch screen, 160°wide angle, and 1600-megapixels. It is worth to buy in all kind of rear-view dash cam.

Recommend product 2:AZDOME GS63H DASHCAM

AZDOME GS63H DASHCAM is 4k dash cam, equipped with the Novatek96660 chipset,2.4inch, 150°, GPS, WIFI, G-Sensor and so on, which is a good choice for the person who pursuit super HD screen.

how long can record a dash cam 32gb card

When it comes to the size, how much do you intend to film at any one time? If its a lot, you may as well go for a bigger card – if not then get a smaller card and save the extra money.

Remember the SD60 records in HD dash cam , which uses more storage space, thus reducing the amount you can record on a given size. If you want to be doing a lot of 4k dash cam recording, I would say a 32GB as a minimum

The max recording rate for the SD60 is 17Mb/s, so an 8GB card will give you about an hour.

For the SD700, the max rate is 28Mb/s, so an 8GB card will give you about 40 minutes.

According to the online manual Type 4 or higher is needed.At the moment (searching Amazon) Type 4 and 6 seem much the same price.At the moment it is looking as though an 8Gb Type 6 at under £13 gives the best ‘bangs per buck’ – certainly I haven’t found an equivalent 32Gb card for £52 or less.

Depends on the frame rate and bitrate 1080p25 and 1080P24 ( the bluray standard) use the roughly same amount as 1080i50 at the same bitrate. 1080P at 24mbps is a whole different ball game.

Unless you are shooting scenes like sports with lots of rapid action you won’t gain much from the nearly double storage not to mention the lack of PC’s with sufficient processing capability to process 1920 x 1080 footage at 50 fps.

Suggest anyone seduced by the magic 1080p50 tries 1920 x 1080 1080i50 and compares 1080p50. The resulution is the same, only rapid motion improves with the progressive option

dash cam sd card selection suggestion:http://www.azdome.hk/news-detail-148.html

how to choose a good dash cam

Nowadays the brand of dash cam on the market, price and performance is various. To a allodoxaphobia, it is more different to buy a best dash cam. If you are such a person, you don’t need to worry too much, because this article is about how to buy a car recorder.

In order to show their own function, Some dash cam specially added Skype and other message push function of instant messaging software, in fact, this kind of dash cam will seriously affect the attention of the driver. So when choosing dash cam, we should exclude this choice.

dash cam functions as simple as possible, such as GPS, WIFI, g sensor and other functions of the dash cam is a good choice and these functions are enough. The fact is that the GPS dash cam and g sensor dash cam are the most widely used on the market.

Second, don’t use sports camera products as dash cam. Because sports camera products are typically powered by built-in batteries. The power supply is that the camera is still working when the car is out, the camera needs to be turned off by yourself, and there is no intelligent power identification in the camera when we get on the car, and it also needs to be manually turned on to the power of  camera.

Although the picture quality shot by sports camera products is very clear, but the use is really troublesome, sometimes forget to turn on the switch, if there is an accident, you will cry you forgot to turn on the camera.

If you want to choose a dash cam with both front and back lens,  to avoid some after-sales and insurance , it’s best to choose the 4s store to install, and keep a list and invoices.

Finally, we should consider the night vision function of the dash cam, the effect of night vision must be clear, the most basic is to be able to see the car in front of the license plate number, and in a low-light environment far away moving objects. The bad Night vision function is not a qualified dash cam, if you can not see clearly the road at night, it equal to no installation.

The simply function is better. So don’t be confused by some fancy functions, do not forget that the dash cam is only a recording tool, shooting clear picture is the most important. And do not lose the data, as far as possible to buy a 4k dash cam that support for large memory card.

Learn more about dash cam knowledges:http://www.azdome.hk/news-default.html

can i have a dash cam outside the car

One of the main differentiations between dashcams and action cams is their powering, with 4k dash cam not needing lots of battery capacity while action cams do. A good dashcam will give you at least a few minutes of self-powering should you want to take pics or vids detached from the car even with age.

When a cam battery will no longer do this it is time to replace the battery so that you don’t lose the last vid file in normal usage , Some action cams do well as dashcams if you want even more out-of-car recording time. Again you need to do research if you want that as some action cams (which aren’t meant for dash cam use anyway) simply will not tolerate the long-time recording dashcams require

Most dash cam with batteries tend to claim an hours usage running off the battery but you can usually only get around 20 minutes, I wouldn’t bother getting photos, just let it continue to film as you slowly walk round the scene.

That way if an “offender” doesn’t want you to take his photo, he wont know you’ll already have his face on cam if you’re discretely recording (or her, ya never know), and you can then just take screenshots as you review the footage on the computer.

car dash cam parking mode

Simple Mode. Cameras using this mode will only start recording if the camera detects motion or if the car is impacted by a crash or something else. There may be a slight delay between the actual event and when the camera actually starts recording. This could be a problem as the perpetrator could have left before the camera starts recording.

I believe there is something called buffered parking mode which is considered the best option unless I have power source to record 24/7 which doesnt sound possible to me. For this option, please suggest which product I should buy. Also, please let me know which battery pack will be best option for me. It would be better if it last +24hours. Feel free to give me any other option that would work in my situation.

Buffered Mode. In this mode, the camera will continuously record and save footage to its internal memory. If the dash cam detects motion or an impact then it will save the event (including a couple of seconds before and after the event) to the SD card. It will also save the footage to a protected folder so it is not overwritten. The camera will  let you know that something happened when you get back to the car so you know to check the SD card.

Time-lapse. This mode involves the camera taking a still picture every few seconds so you have constant images of what was going on whilst you were away. Some of these cameras will also switch to recording mode if they detect something.

I think that’s a good idea, video image quality, colours, clarity are rather subjective and what may appeal to me may not appeal to you. I know YT is not the best place to judge video but it’s not terrible.

How to select and install the dash cam

The driver is required to install the dash cam in Russia, South Korea . in order to have a happy life during the Spring Festival, the dash cam can the provide evidence for the traffic accidents.

In many cases, the video records provided by dash cam are clear enough and can be used as a key factor in the evidence. 720P is the most cost-effective at present, besides, the quality of the camera is also very important.

It is important to install because accidents often occur at night.Although, a lot of dash cam sale with night vision, but the quality is so bad, Mosaic and noise, that can’t clearly identify the license plate number. You can compare the image taken in the light and dimly lit by different dash cam.

In theory, the larger wide angle is better.but the image distorts even though the wide angle broaden .if the wide-angle reach 170, the image will distort and decline in quality.

Most people ask what is the difference between the price and the parameters agree . when the video is  transferred, the low-end products generally leak seconds, thus losing the evidence of accident .the direct way to judge whether the dash cam  leak seconds you can use the dash cam to photograph the stopwatch (the best five minutes), to see if every second is taken.

The basic function of high-end dash cam is Mobile detection and collision sensing. Mobile detection can record automatic video and save when you are driving. At that time the collision sensing locks the accident 20 seconds of video and not be covered by circulation and deleted by mistake.

Do you have some experience about the car scratched, the glass smashed and valuables stolen?

And also you can’t call the police because you have any evidence .in order to shooting thief stealing or smashing Windows, some dash cam can support to have two lens.one of it is made a flight reservation erect in the side and is supplied by mobile power (10000 mah advisable, can at least guarantee for continuous power supply for the vehicle traveling data recorder to the continuous power supply.

There are two ways to supply for the dash cam. one is using special power interface on the cigarette lighter, the second is Micro USB power supply such as mobile power. the difference between is that the formal is autoignition automatically, the latter is on manually. Besides, combining with the mobile detection function can record the entire image (the power saving function of the traveling recorder is generally used when someone is started and closed when it is idle).

How to install the dash cam?

In general,we suggest that the dash cam is installed above the front windshield, near the interior mirror .the package conten usually include  3 meters -5 meters long cable with the aim of wiring conveniently.

The cable is arranged through the car and then the line to A column, through the sealing strips around the frame to the B column, and then wiring cigarette socket, which is as little as possible to remove the interior trim and keep beautiful

First, you should figure out how to arrange cable and hide it possibly. This step seens simple, but is the most pivotal .your first judgment affects whether it looks beautiful. Second, checking the location of the cable. there are two parts of the interior material, including soft and hard. You only need lightly press the cable in my hands-on if it is soft, but you should fit it in with the trim removal tool if it is hard.

Notice, I suggest the cable avoid the location of the Air curtain bounces off for the car equipped with side air curtain. this way can reduce influence when the air curtain works.

Look at the actual situation when the cable through the A-pillar. we should take care of our strength while we install it for the car equipped with A-pillar side curtain airbag, otherwise, the plaque is destroyed. Without A pillar side curtain airbag, we set it indirectly. we did show the method using the car without A pillar side curtain airbag.

Finally, you confirm dash cam normal working after energizing the lamplighter. You successfully installed dash cam.

With the help of trim removal tool, be patient, you can find it is simple to wiring. If you are the pursuit of perfection, you also can make the wiring is very professional. But, for the common drivers, I suggest you adopt the above-mentioned way. Not only do you not demolish anything but also it saves time and looks beautiful.

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Can the dash cam continue to work after the car has stalled?

According to the existing technologies the dash cam works by car battery and then records the video and sound of the vehicle through the camera. There are a lot of dash cams equipped with built-in sensor , so that the video will be automatically locked and when accident happens. however , a lot of drivers may have such doubt, can the dash cam continue to work when the power is cut off ? will the dash cam be out of power when the car is power off ? How can i maintain the consumption of dash cam ?

Normally, dash cam works by car battery in the daytime , so it will stop working after the car is power off . many dash cams are equipped with batteries , some batteries are used for up to four or five hours , while some batteries can only last about half an hour . therefore, the dash cam can continue to keep working during the day , but the dash cam also needs to have a rest due to the limit of battery

And how can dash cam work for 24-hours to meet our need ? It is an easy way to buy a portable power source so that the dash cam can be connected to the portable power source, and work for the whole day.

Some drivers want to install a on-board monitoring equipment which is feature-rich and also with anti-theft function, but its power consumption is far beyond the dash cam . some people want to modify the car circuit ,the electricity is directly imported to the battery, modify the car circuit to solve the night on-board monitoring power supply problem. It is dangerous for the car once the battery runs out.  So installing a dash cam is better than installing a monitoring device.