car dash cam parking mode

Simple Mode. Cameras using this mode will only start recording if the camera detects motion or if the car is impacted by a crash or something else. There may be a slight delay between the actual event and when the camera actually starts recording. This could be a problem as the perpetrator could have left before the camera starts recording.

I believe there is something called buffered parking mode which is considered the best option unless I have power source to record 24/7 which doesnt sound possible to me. For this option, please suggest which product I should buy. Also, please let me know which battery pack will be best option for me. It would be better if it last +24hours. Feel free to give me any other option that would work in my situation.

Buffered Mode. In this mode, the camera will continuously record and save footage to its internal memory. If the dash cam detects motion or an impact then it will save the event (including a couple of seconds before and after the event) to the SD card. It will also save the footage to a protected folder so it is not overwritten. The camera will  let you know that something happened when you get back to the car so you know to check the SD card.

Time-lapse. This mode involves the camera taking a still picture every few seconds so you have constant images of what was going on whilst you were away. Some of these cameras will also switch to recording mode if they detect something.

I think that’s a good idea, video image quality, colours, clarity are rather subjective and what may appeal to me may not appeal to you. I know YT is not the best place to judge video but it’s not terrible.

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