Open Your Dropshipping Shop with a Zero or Low Budget

How to save your budget opening dropshipping shop

1. Find right dropshipping products

We all know, choosing right products is important. Many dropshippers must have such an experience, finding products when they are ready to open a dropshipping store. Most people will choose to search online. But they don’t know how to choose. What kinds of products belong to right products. For dropshippers, some lightweight and easy -to- use products and its price is between $100–$200, is one of the best choice. Below are the reason of choosing this kind of products.

l For some heavy and expensive products, high shipping fee will reduce the profit of dropshipping business. Its consumption groups are small and there is not too many people purchase this kind of products.

l For some heavy and expensive products, high shipping fee is not beneficial for improving customer conversion rate

l For easy-to-use products, even if customers don’t know how to use it, they won’t give bad customer reviews and return easily. In some degree, it can help you control refund rate.

l Price of products ($100–$200) is at a proper rate, which can promise each products’ profits. And you don’t need to sell a lot of products in order to maintain the operation of the shop.

l Lightweight products has less limitations in logistics. It also easy to solve custom problems.

What kinds of product belong to this type? For example, clothes, shoes, motorcycle parts, fashion accessories belong to this kind of products. If you are looking for dropshipping products, you can find from online dropshipping platforms, such as Chinabrands. Chinabrands has over one millions of products and over 100 product Category and its top brand is over 1000.(how to start dropshipping)

2. Choose a right dropshipping platform for your shop

Someone or small enterprises have low budgets perhaps, will choose WordPress and Woocommerce these free platforms to start a their online droshipping business. But these platforms cannot offer services about building website and maintaining website. Unless you are good at maintaining the stability of website and how to build your websites, you will find you need to spend extra fees on buying plugin, software, shop modes and hire a professional person to deal with lots of problems, such as how to operate your dropshipping store, how to make advertisement for your shop on low buget.

If you are new to dropship, using an affordable e-commerce business solution is essential that is find a right platform, such as Chinabrands.

If you use Chinabrands, Chinabrands will offer you a strong technology support and can offer you all things about operating your shop in a normal status. Chinabrands has professional technological team and 1000 technological staffs. Drop shipping on Chinabrands, you don’t need to worry about the problems of building website and maintaining stability of websites. What’s more, it has an API function which can support automatically publishing products information from Chinabrands to other platform such as eBay, Shopee, and process orders from eBay, Shopee and other platform, if you have another store on eBay, amazon Shopee and other platforms.

3. Find a reliable dropshipping supplier

Find products means to find suppliers. For dropshippers, the key is to find a reliable supplier who can deliver your packages with a secure way in time. How to find a reliable supplier. A reliable supplier need to have below conditions:

l Offer a series of choices of transportation, including limited time delivery and strong oversea warehouse net.

l Take responsible for mistakes

l Offer 24 hours services, especially 24 hours customer services

l Process orders within 24 hours

l Pay attention to product quality management

l Update delivery information and the inventory information at any time which can let you know the latest information about delivery and inventory.

Where you can find such kind of suppliers. The most convenient method is search online, but it is hard to select, because there are too many droshipping platforms. There are 2 platforms can be recommendations, such as Alibaba and Chinabrands.

l Alibaba

Alibaba is a B2B wholesale website which provide various kinds of products categories and lots of products. Retailers can find suppliers. Alibaba specializes in Wholesale business, of course, it can also do dropshipping business but the platform of Alibaba itself doesn’t offer dropshipping service. Only the wholesalers or manufacturers in Alibaba offer wholesale and dropshipping services. If you use Alibaba, you need to contact suppliers by yourselves.

l Chinabrands

Chinabrands is a professional dropshipping website. Suppliers in Chinabrands are strictly selected by professional quality inspection team. It has over 100 product Categories and its top brands are over 1000. If you use Chinabrands, you don’t need to contact suppliers by yourselves. After placing orders, Chinabrands will contact suppliers and delivers your packages directly to customers. And it meet all requirements of a reliable supplier.

Start your droshipping shops

About droshipping business, one of advantages is that you can start you droshipping shops at any time. There is not limitations for its place. Choosing a good future market benefits for your dropshipping business, but choosing a wide product rang is hard to run your business well due to wide rang of product means fierce competition. You need to spend a little bit more time to choose a reliable supplier,such as Chinabrands, know it completely and build a long-term business partnership.

Dropship is a low profits business, but if you pay more attention to hot-sale products and make advise for them, they will make high profits for you. There is no zero cost dropshipping business, but consider all of these conditions, it can help you open a dropshipping shop with low budget.

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Inventory Source Drop Shipping, You Need to Know

Inventory Source is a company which provide drop shipping service in software support and provide suppliers’ category, such as dropshipping inventory automation, dropshipping full automation. Meanwhile, if you are a supplier, you can be the supplier on Inventory Source and you also can integrate your e-commerce platform with Inventory Source. Using Inventory Source can make your drop shipping business more easier.

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How to drop ship by inventory source

But how to use Inventory Source for dropshipping, there is some steps.

Step 1: Create an account on Inventory Source. This step is simple, you just need to input your email, phone number, full name and choose your sale amounts.

Step 2. Select suppliers

You need to select a suppliers that can provide the product you needed

Step 3. Select your channels and make a connection between suppliers and your store.

Step 4. Choose automation plan. Inventory Source will provide some automation plan for you choose, such as inventory automation and full automation.

Step 5. listing products information to your store

Step 6. Start yourdropshipping business. After finishing all these, you what you need to do is to wait for your customers place order from your store. Suppliers in Inventory Source which you cooperate with will deliver good to your customers directly.

What kinds of service does Inventory Source offer

For Inventory Source drop shipping, you can find suppliers, different kinds of software and some training resources.

But for its drop shipping software, it has two kinds of drop shipping software, inventory automation and full automation.

1. Inventory automation

Inventory automation function includes upload products information and quantity of inventory system to your store. It has three versions about inventory automation software, standard version, professional version and enterprise version. Different version need to be charged different fees and has different functions.

l Standard version: you need to pay $50 per month, has 100 SKU limit and reach 2x Daily Syncs, 1x/day On-Demand Syncs, 180+ pre-integrated suppliers, store & marketplace Integrations, inventory management tools

and standard support

l Professional version: you need to pay $ 125 per month, has 250k SKU Limit and can reach Optimized Sync , 4x/day On-Demand Syncs, 180+ pre-integrated suppliers, all ecommerce platforms, inventory management Tools and standard support

l Enterprise version: you need to pay $ 249per month, has 1 million SKU Limit and can reach optimized sync, unlimited on-demand syncs, custom & private suppliers , all ecommerce platforms, inventory management tools and dedicated account manager.

2. Full automation

Full automation include inventory automation. It has all function that inventory automation has and can automatically route orders to your suppliers and sync shipment tracking back to your store. Like inventory automation it also has three kinds of versions, standard version, professional version and enterprise version.

Standard version: you need to pay $175 per month and enjoy the following service:

500 Dropship Orders

1 Integration

Additional Integration ($50/mo)

100k SKU Limit

2x/day Syncs

1x/day On-Demand Syncs

180+ Pre-Integrated Suppliers

Inventory Automation Features +

Auto-Route or Verify & Process Supplier Orders

Auto-Sync Shipment Tracking to Sales Channels

Standard Support

Professional version: you need to pay $225 per month and enjoy the following services:

1,500 Dropship Orders


Additional Integration ($50/mo)

250k SKU Limit

Optimized Sync

4x/day On-Demand Syncs

180+ Pre-Integrated Suppliers

Inventory Automation Features +

Auto-Route or Verify & Process Supplier Orders

Auto-Sync Shipment Tracking to Sales Channels

Dedicated Account Manager

Enterprise version: you need to pay $399 per month and enjoy the following services:

3,000 Dropship Orders

6 Integrations

Additional Integration ($50/mo)

1 Million SKU Limit

Optimized Sync

Unlimited On-Demand Syncs

+ Custom & Private Suppliers

Inventory Automation Features +

Auto-Route or Verify & Process Supplier Orders

Auto-Sync Shipment Tracking to Sales Channels

Dedicated Account Manager

3. Suppliers on Inventory Source

On Inventory Source, you also can find suppliers, but it just offer the suppliers directory. You can find the related suppliers and contact with them by yourselves. You can search for suppliers by key words, products’ name, because you can see some of suppliers’ product categories. Contacting its suppliers is free but you need to buy its drop shipping software.

4. Training resources

On Inventory Source, it also offer resources for ability training, such as Amazon ability training, eBay ability training. They are all showed in article forms, meanwhile there are some video or e-book that teach how to promote your sales item on Amazon. The key is all these resources is for free.

Except inventory source, good dropshipping platforms you can choose

D rop ship Inventory Source is expensive and have lots of limitations for some small retailers. Because, usually retailers will open an drop shipping store on the e-commerce platform. They need to pay different kinds of fees to that platform, such as monthly rent and commission. If they cooperate with Inventory Source, retailers need to paid extra fees for its drop shipping software and suppliers. These fees are expensive for a small retailer. But if there are a professional drop shipping platform can help you solve all these problems, you will save a lot of capitals.

There is a professional drop shipping platform can offer your the dropshipping software and suppliers. That is Chinabrands.

Chinabrands is a professional dropshipping platform. It can help offer your dropshipping software problems, such as offer you API function, help you route orders to your suppliers and sync shipment tracking back to your store. What’s more, you don’t need to pay fess for it when you use these functions.

Besides, there are over 1 million products, over 1000 products categories and over 100 top brands on Chinabrands. Each supplier on Chinabrands is strict selected by Chinabrands QC team. The key is you don’t contact suppliers by yourselves. When you register as Chinabrands member, and get approval from your store by API, you can start your dropshipping business easily. Uploading the a batch of product information to your store in one time or process and deliver parcels within 24 hours are can achieved on Chinabrands.


Drop ship Inventory Source is one of choice for your business, but it’s expensive for small retailers. Therefore finding a right dropshipping platform as your business partner will be a wise choice. Hope Chinabrands will be one of your choices when you choose drop shipping platforms.

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Wholesale Tires Online Store

In the vehicle, the most effective part is the tires, which are well defined as the long lasting over the road performance. Hence, it is more important when you come to buy tires via online. With the support of the online store, the customer can come across major tires, which allow picking the most suitable tires according to the size and model of car. Over the online, the tires size is listed on the sidewalls such as the P265/70R16 so you have to make sure the same number sequence when you come for the replacement tries. Hence, it is highly suitable to mention in the owner manual. Most of the tries in the online store are naturally deteriorates over time and also much faster with the climates. Most of the vehicle manufacture well recommended replacing the tires after completion of the six years and it doesn’t want to consider what condition it is.

Available for all model tires:

At present , there are numbers of brand companies offer the different tires to the various model of car, bike and much more vehicle, so the buyers have to go with the right website to pick the fit and suitable tires at a best price. When you come to buy wholesale tires via online that is the best way to save cost and even they can provide the free of home delivery service within 2 to 3 business day. In addition, it offers the huge collection of tires with various sequence number, hence the car owners need to make sure tires size with the user manual which assist to buy fit tire without meeting any risk. Our online website built with the search tool option, which delivers the additional comfort for the customer to find out the products you want to buy. On using such the tools, the buyer can go with the vehicle model, size and brand wisely which let to save searching time and ship in the faster and effective manner.

Make use of promo code:

It provides a new experience for the buyer who hires online to buy the wholesale tires. The online store is ready to ship the customer order from the various part of the world. Even it provides the same free shipping for the certain order so they have to update the website to collect all sort of the updated offers discount to buy in the positive manner. Online store is the best place to find out the affordable tires and it provides the thirst to meet customers and whole existence is completely concentrate to save the money and also online offer the absolute value of your deserve. At the same time, the online store is well confident that pricing combined with the unparallel service to buy the tries in a positive way. Even, if you have any money problem, no worries. The online store provides the financing service, which assures to provide the special comfort for the customer to buy wholesale tires at the low price. Each promo code is available period so it will be more comfortable for the customer in a fine manner. On applying the promo, code on buying the wholesale tires is easy to save money and just make sure with the original price on buying such a brand product with no risk of it.dropshipper

wholesale tires.jpgSafe on making online payment:

The online store offer the promos and other special discount to buy tires of small to large model vehicle it provides safe and secure payment method via online at any time , even the online store assure to provide the money back guarantee for online money transaction. The customer can make use of mode of the transaction with the support of various cards so it will be more comfortable to make payment in the trouble free manner. Hence, it brings a number of customers to make the payment and it gets deliver order wholesale tires via online with no risk of it. It provides the fast shipping and local installers which assure to provide the amazing support and solution for the customer to which deliver the additional comfort to order with the special discount. Some of the online store has saving clubs, which let to deliver the major benefits such as the latest promotion and much the rebates on buying the tries. Once you join in the group, obsessively you can be updated all notification of promos and discount. Even the buyer can have chance to win a brand set of the wheels so it will be more comfortable for the customer with no risk of it.

Joint online club to obtain special discount:

Most of the online stores are happy to deliver the first class tires at the reasonable price and other customer staffs are waiting to answer for all our worries so the customer can feel free to force doubts at any time with no risk of it. In the online website, you can find out the product search tools, which is, specialize designed to offer first class solution to pick the suitable tires in a winning way. In the search tools, you have to choose make and choose model, choose the year and choose type of the vehicle. Then you have to make sure once again and click the search button and wait for few second and it brings list of the tires according to the search. Now you can simply search best tires and enjoy saving the time with no risk of it. On buying, the wholesale tires let to save money on buying the product with no risk of it. Even you can consider the reviews of the online website when you come to buy such wholesale tires.(Related: wholesale cell phones distributors )

Cheapest Noise Cancelling Headphones Dropshipping

As the noise pollution of the city becomes more and more serious, it is everywhere. If you want to enjoy music quietly, you can only raise the volume, which not only cannot enjoy the wonderful music but also has a great impact on your hearing. People are beginning to hope that there is a headset that can compensate for the noise without raising the volume of the sound, and enjoy the perfect sound quality. This provides a market for wholesale noise-canceling headphones.

What Are Noise Cancelling Headphones

There are two kinds of noise cancelling headphones: active noise cancelling headphones and passive noise cancelling headphones. The active noise canceling headset produces the sound of noise equal to the noise of the outside noise, and the noise is neutralized to achieve the effect of noise reduction. Passive noise cancelling headphones form a closed space by encircling the ear or using a salt such as a silicone earplug to block outside noise.

Some people think that traditional ear earphones can cut off the noise. The ear earphones are generally better than earplugs, but they can’t completely shut off all the noise. Noise-canceling headphones are designed to eliminate noise by physical or electronic means to eliminate noise.

Noise Cancelling Headphones dropshipping.jpgThree Types Of People Who Need Noise Canceling Headphones

Business people. Due to travel, especially business people move back and forth between the city every day, they hate the noise of the engine room, the noise reduction headphones can temporarily away from the noise, also can have a wonderful journey of music.

Metro zone. Subway commuters have become a fixture in the city.Having a small quiet place in a crowded and noisy environment is the demand of the metro people. Noise-canceling headphones are not only able to stay away from the noise, but can also adjust the mood through headphones and enjoy the process.

Office workers. When thinking about planning, the sound of the office’s keyboard, the machine voice of the electric fan, and the conversation of a colleague can often interrupt the train of thought. A pair of noise-cancelling headphones that help you expand your mind in the beautiful music.

Cheapest Noise Cancelling Headphones dropshipping suppliers

QY7S Noise Cancelling Sport Earphones.jpgQY7S Wireless Noise Cancelling Sports Earphones

Bluetooth V4.1, compatible with most devices and high-speed connection

Wireless connection, stereo HiFi earphones, suit for outdoor sports

CVC noise reduction technology, isolated from the world and ensures clear calls

Sweat and waterproof

Bluedio T4 Noise Cancelling Headphones.jpgBluedio T4 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

ANC active noise reduction, clear sound effect

Type-C charging interface, fast charging speed

Charging 10 minutes for 3 hours music time

Bluetooth V4.2, colorful design

Voice prompt with multiple languages

TWS-10 Noise Cancelling Earphones.jpgTWS-10 Wireless Noise Cancelling Earphones

True Wireless Earbuds: Bluetooth Earbuds are completely free of wires for convenience and comfort, it comes with noise reduction and echo cancellation technology which filters ambient noise and enables clearer sound during calls and when listening to music.

Easy Sync To Phone: Just three steps to pair earbuds with Bluetooth devices as pictures instruction easily.

Built-In Mic: The button on Bluetooth Earbuds enables phone and music controls: answer or reject calls, dial the last number, play and pause music.

Safe and comfortable: Optimized for extra comfort and fit better in-ear earbuds, ease the problem of popping out, soft material to protect ears, make your phone call and music time more comfortable.


US service companies expanded at strong pace in June

U.S. service firms expanded at a surprisingly strong pace in June as companies saw gains in business activity and new orders.

The Institute for Supply Management said Thursday that its services index rose to 59.1 last month, compared to 58.6 in May. Any reading above 50 signals growth.

The services sector, where most Americans are employed, has now expanded for 101 consecutive months, or more than eight years.

The June gain was stronger than expected. Many economists believed that the index reading might slip slightly.

Economy_Services_50114.jpg89507773The solid gain in the services sector followed an unexpectedly strong reading for the ISM’s manufacturing index, which came in at 60.2 for June.

Analysts said the two strong readings for the ISM indexes support their belief that the overall economy, as measured by the gross domestic product, would rebound strongly in the April-June quarter from a weak first quarter, when GDP grew at a lackluster annual rate of 2 percent.(Related: how to dropship on amazon)

“All indications are pointing to strong growth in the second quarter,” said Anthony Nieves, the chair of the ISM services panel. “As long as the economy does not overheat this should be sustainable.”

Michael Pearce, senior U.S. economist at Capital Economics, said that while there were anecdotal reports from business contacts that rising trade tensions stemming from the Trump administration’s get-tough policies were having an impact, higher tariffs had yet to show up in the overall numbers. He said the strong ISM readings were pointing to GDP growth above 5 percent in the second quarter.

The ISM services report showed that 17 non-manufacturing industries reported growth in June including mining, construction, wholesale and retail trade and educational services. The only industry reporting a decrease in June was the category that covers agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting.

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