Can monkey wear red in the first year of life?

In this year of birth, there are red techniques. But do you know that 2016 is a red monkey? In fact, it is best not to wear too much red in the first year of the monkey, because the five rows of red belong to the fire, and the five row of the monkey is gold. So what is the color of monkey’s life year? It is the lucky color of monkey 2016: white, gold and blue; avoid red, black, gray, dark brown and other colors. We have to remember, next we will explain in detail whether a monkey can wear red in his life year.

Is it possible to wear red in the 2016 monkey life year?

Why does the folk custom have the custom of wearing red in the year of life? The folk legend is that the guardian God of the Zodiac will go to the heaven court for worship at the time of the life. According to the present statement, there will be a dinner party. At this time, the protection of the people will be weakened, the evil will come in and the red will enhance the energy, which is the “new year”. The origin of spring couplets and firecrackers is related, so people wear red clothes, red belt to come and go to ward off evil spirits, then people carry forward, even underwear, socks are red, and red shoes pads, tramping people, are expressed people’s desire to drive disaster. But it is not too frequent for the monkey people to wear red in 2016, because the red five lines belong to the fire, and the five row of the monkey is gold, and the fire kgold leads to the monkey’s elbows, and in 2016 it is the year of the rhesus monkey, and the five line is a “down fire”. If you wear red clothes or wear red ornaments, it will not only enhance the dry fire in the sky. It will also enhance the intensity of “under the mountain fire”, making the monkey people more passive and the momentum will be greatly reduced. So what is the lucky color of the monkey in 2016 and what accessories to wear can not only play a role in eliminating evil spirits, but also enhance its own five elements?

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 The noble style that carries beautiful times

Retro elements are immortal beauty in the field of wedding design, but also a source of inspiration for innovation.

The retro culture carries the style of different ages, which is elegant and pure and simple and has won the love of modern brides.

The international wedding designers will all combine the local features that have been loved by time with fashion and create a glamorous new look.

From the gorgeous Art Deco decoration art of the 1920s, the high Victorian neckline, the delicate and conservative lace sleeves, to the bohemian style of the 70s, the following beautiful designs that perfectly blend vintage charm with stylish personality, Into the most memorable beautiful times!

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Woman says wedding dress stolen after landing at Oakland airport

OAKLAND (KRON) – Just days after her dream wedding and honeymoon, an East Bay woman is mending a broken heart after her luggage was taken when her flight landed in Oakland.

Her wedding dress was inside that luggage. Veronica Escoto was on Cloud Nine on Saturday.She was on the beach just outside Cancun, Mexico where she married the love of her life.The ceremony and celebration went off without a hitch.

Everything was perfect until she flew back to the Bay Area on Wednesday and realized when she got home that she left a vital piece of luggage behind at Oakland International Airport.”My dress is just so important to me,” Escoto said. “It’s what I wore the day I said I do.”At around 8:30 p.m. Wednesday, Veronica says she picked up all her luggage from baggage claim.She walked out of Terminal 2 and rushed with her family to two waiting cars to quickly escape the rain.”We took the luggage that we had closest to us. And not until we came, I realized that one of the luggage that has my wedding dress and a lot of other items is now missing,” Escoto said.She believes someone may have mistakenly taken the bag but now considers this a theft because it has not been returned.

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Beautiful Paris “Paris time makeup essence

Beautiful Paris “Paris time makeup essence” creative colour makeup show play the French color vogue.

On April 6, Paris fashion brand Bourjois wonderful hand in hand to the Shanghai fashion week in Paris, are present in the Shanghai exhibition center “makeup essence in Paris” creative make-up show, with fashion and how to play the French fashion colour makeup look. Girl Li Landi, French blue blood noble designer Jean – Charles DE Castelbajac, Louis – Marie DE Castelbajac father and son as cross-border cooperation guests to attend the show, show colour makeup, Bourjois wonderful Paris presented by the spring and summer new product and cross-border cooperation to create a limited edition product makeup look, take you into Paris fashion girl’s beautiful world.

Inspired by the Paris opera house backstage Bourjois Paris, with the bold color and always fresh and interesting temperament, always encourages the girl to create her own unique style. This time, Bourjois wonderful Paris and also designed for young metropolitan Shanghai fashion week fashion lovers create fashionable consumption experience for crossover, invited to is known as the “fashion Andy warhol” French blue blood noble designer Jean – Charles DE Castelbajac Mr And Mr Design rookie Louis – Marie DE Castelbajac ideas together, father and son together from teenage Li Landi youth invincible haunted imagination, create beauty tips they Paris three heart girl, across the boundaries of edition of products; And hand in hand in the third season Shanghai fashion weekend activity this city fashion culture event to create a fantastic fantasy space – “Paris time makeup” creative makeup show and crossover flash shop.Read more at:

Fashion at Goodwill-Suncoast

Fashion at Goodwill-Suncoast

Spring and summer calls for a change weather, bright fun colors and a new vibrant wardrobe. If you need a wardrobe refresher but you don’t want to break the bank we have your answer…. Goodwill! We’re taking some of the top Spring and Summer fashion trends straight from the pages of Elle magazine and finding them at Goodwill. The looks are on-trend and the prices are even better! Plus, your Goodwill purchases help put people to work right here in Tampa Bay. To find more on how you can support, go to

In 2017, the average high school GPA to get into Harvard was 4.10, Yale: 4.19, Princeton: 3.90, and Michael Brown’s is a 4.68. He also participates in several extracurricular activities including Lamar’s Varsity Debate Team, the Key Club, Young Democrats, Houston Independent School District’s Emerge program and 100 Black Men of Houston, just to name a few.

Brown would like to study political science then go onto earn a law degree so that he can eventually run for public office, but in the meantime he just needs to declare a school. It won’t be an easy decision considering Brown was offered full-rides to each and every school, plus $260,000 he’s earned in scholarships.

Michael hopes his viral fame will serve as motivation to other kids in the Third Ward, or wherever they may be. Brown has not decided which school he will attend, but Al Jackson got the scoop on his top three choices in an interview you won’t want to miss!



Cardi B Is Teaming Up With Fashion Nova for a Design Collaboration

Cardi B Is Teaming Up With Fashion Nova for a Design Collaboration, Finally

Cardi B just dropped her majorly anticipated debut album, Invasion of Privacy,this week (and it took less than 24 hours to be certified gold, NBD), and she’s not slowing down: The “Bartier Cardi” rapper revealed that she’s working on some sort of fashion collaboration with one of her favorite retailers, the Instagram-favorite Fashion Nova.

If you follow Cardi on Instagram, you know she loves her Fashion Nova. She’ll wear it with Ralph Lauren, Altuzarra, and other designer goods… She’s described it as the secret for “how rich people like me stay rich.” And, as she told Apple Music Beats 1 in an interview Thursday: “With FashionNova, they gave me the opportunity to design what I like and what I want to put out, and I’m gonna put out a line with them, a little something-something… It’s gonna be crazy because it’s what I like.”

Cardi B, whose wardrobe will never, ever be described as “minimalist,” has repped Fashion Nova on her ‘gram, and it’s been nothing short of iconic. Let’s revisit some of her best Fashion Nova moments, shall we?

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Fashion as an Accessory to Activism

Fashion as an Accessory to Activism

In wake of the numerous marches across the nation, many of us rallied together during times of injustice and filled city streets with our unified voices. We take inspiration from historical organizations and movements of the past such as the suffragettes, the Civil Rights movement, the Black Panthers and many others. Not only does a collection of voices communicate a cause, but so can the fashion trends worn during that movement. By looking back at the history of various organizations, it is evident that the styles activists wore deeply aligned with the messages they sought to send.

One past example of leadership and activism arose with the British Suffragette movement, which influenced the creation of the National American Woman Suffrage Association. These women fought for voting rights against misogyny within society. Led by Susan B. Anthony, these women marched and modernized what was thought of as acceptable women’s attire. To align with their cause, they got rid of their bondages, petticoats and corsets, and they even burned their bras to free women both physically and metaphorically.

This leadership influenced great political advancements for women over the years. The legacy of women’s rights activism influences many of today’s movements like the #MeToo movement and the Women’s March. The #MeToo movement that surfaced loudly on social media and became an online sensation was highly perpetuated by celebrity women. With this sort of advocacy and defined leadership, many people followed suit and wore black in solidarity with victims of sexual abuse at award ceremonies and even at the 2018 State of the Union Address.

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Elton John Takes a Look Back at His Fashion History

Elton John Takes a Look Back at His Fashion History & Teases Farewell Tour Costumes

Elton John performs at The Forum on Oct. 3, 1974 in Inglewood, Calif.

Elton John has graced the world’s stage with over 50 years of music, musings and eclectic style inspiration. Before embarking on his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour this fall, he sat down with V Magazine to discuss his influence on fashion and his upcoming tour costumes.

For the farewell tour costumes, which are exclusively designed by Gucci’s Alessandro Michele, the 71-year-old happily referenced his style throughout his career. “I’ve kept an archive of my stage costumes from the very beginning of my career and thought it would be fun to open up my little treasure chest with Alessandro and his design team,” he told V.

“Seeing how Alessandro reinterpreted key looks for today’s world has unearthed an exhilarating rush of emotions. I can’t believe how sartorially crazy I was, particularly in the ’70s!”

John — who first made his debut on Billboard’s music charts in 1970 — also discussed how influential the spirit of the ’70s is to today’s fashion. “I feel so blessed to have been a songwriter and performer in the ’70s. It was a decade with an unprecedented explosion of creativity in music, fashion, and filmmaking,” he said in the interview.

In addition to the tour fashion, John and Michele have collaborated for a Gucci capsule collection inspired by John’s 1971 single “Levon” — which peaked at No. 24 on the Billboard Hot 100. The capsule features tote bags, T-shirts and sweatshirts with the single’s vinyl artwork.

Not present in the capsule collection are glasses — an Elton John staple. “I’m proud of the part I played in moving eyewear from function to fashion,” John told V. He said that his assortment of oversized, rhinestone glasses, while expressive, were actually an attempt to hide his “extreme shyness.”

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Love and Entrepreneurship

Love and Entrepreneurship, Part 2: Fashion Brand Built On Respect, Honesty and Admiration

A love and business combination can be touch and go. But for the entrepreneurial couples that pull it off, it can lead to a more fulfilling life.

As Lao Tzu said,

Being deeply loved by someone gives you strength while loving someone deeply gives you courage.

Strength and courage are both keys to success.

One couple who is making it work is Ron and Jill Perilman the husband-and-wife team behind fast-growing denim and sportswear brand Liverpool.

Known for their denim that fits, flatters and performs, the Liverpool company has racked up triple-digit growth every year for the past three years.

Ron and Jill have been together for 25 years, married for 12, and have always been involved in each other’s careers. In 2012, they combined their knowledge of the apparel industry joining forces to develop their denim brand. Ron acts as president of the company while Jill is the residing design director.

Working with your spouse can be a unique and challenging balancing act so I had to ask some questions.

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Get into sartorial groove at Fashion Fair

Get into sartorial groove at Fashion Fair

A few years ago, we had a good thing going here in Cyprus with local designers, photographers, models and fashionistas all enjoying a local Fashion Week. And it was great – not only for those of us who were invited to sit in the f’row, but also for all the local talent – people who got to showcase their skills to an island-wide audience. Alas, the CFW disappeared into the ether, and with it went many a wonderful opportunity for talented local creatives. Until now, that is. Because one local industry luminary is planning to recreate those opportunities – and more – at the end of March with Cyprus’ first professional Fashion Fair…

Well-known stylist, with a portfolio of work across Europe under his belt, Panos Yerolemides has put together an event which is absolutely unmissable for the dedicated follower of fashion. Taking place at Pavilion in Nicosia from March 30 to April 1, the Cyprus Fashion Fair promises to be all that was Fashion Week – and then some… Designers, shops, catwalk shows, workshops and lectures all under one roof, with the aim of promoting the local fashion industry.

Billed as ‘the biggest fashion exhibition in Cyprus’, the fair is modelled on similar events in Europe: the Tranoi show in Paris, Athens’ Fashion Trade Show, and the Pure London event in the UK. “A Fashion Fair is something that’s missing from Cyprus,” explains Panos, who is co-organising the event with venue manager Alexis Michaelides. “Having worked across Europe, I’ve seen what’s out there in terms of promoting regional brands and shops, and we just don’t have an event of a similarly professional calibre here on the island – something that markets our local designers and boutiques.

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