Can monkey wear red in the first year of life?

In this year of birth, there are red techniques. But do you know that 2016 is a red monkey? In fact, it is best not to wear too much red in the first year of the monkey, because the five rows of red belong to the fire, and the five row of the monkey is gold. So what is the color of monkey’s life year? It is the lucky color of monkey 2016: white, gold and blue; avoid red, black, gray, dark brown and other colors. We have to remember, next we will explain in detail whether a monkey can wear red in his life year.

Is it possible to wear red in the 2016 monkey life year?

Why does the folk custom have the custom of wearing red in the year of life? The folk legend is that the guardian God of the Zodiac will go to the heaven court for worship at the time of the life. According to the present statement, there will be a dinner party. At this time, the protection of the people will be weakened, the evil will come in and the red will enhance the energy, which is the “new year”. The origin of spring couplets and firecrackers is related, so people wear red clothes, red belt to come and go to ward off evil spirits, then people carry forward, even underwear, socks are red, and red shoes pads, tramping people, are expressed people’s desire to drive disaster. But it is not too frequent for the monkey people to wear red in 2016, because the red five lines belong to the fire, and the five row of the monkey is gold, and the fire kgold leads to the monkey’s elbows, and in 2016 it is the year of the rhesus monkey, and the five line is a “down fire”. If you wear red clothes or wear red ornaments, it will not only enhance the dry fire in the sky. It will also enhance the intensity of “under the mountain fire”, making the monkey people more passive and the momentum will be greatly reduced. So what is the lucky color of the monkey in 2016 and what accessories to wear can not only play a role in eliminating evil spirits, but also enhance its own five elements?

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