Many people may not know that the Pet Preform we used was produced by perfusion at the time of production, but when the production process is incomplete, production will inevitably cause problems, so at the time of production, his bottle mouth appeared. Rift, what is the reason for this? How do you need to deal with it?

The reason for this situation:

1. The gate is not uniform: when the preform of the pet material is poured, the hot runner and the pouring gate are not neatly arranged, resulting in deviation of the pouring, resulting in a crack.

2, the reason for the placement of the gate: when pouring the preform, the gate should be positive, that is, the bottle is also right, if it is watering, the side of the bottle is smashed or inverted , then there will be cracking.

3, temperature problem: a lot of problems in the production of preforms have a great relationship with the temperature, so if the temperature is too hot, there will be cracking.

the solution:

The solution should be targeted, that is, separately addressed for the above problems. First, they should be aligned with their gates during the filling process, then poured, and then filled in an upright manner. The treatment, and finally the temperature to control the perfusion, not high, of course, can not be too low.

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