Wie tragen die Mädchen im Sommer die Kleidung?

Friday, August 4th, 2017

With summer comes the hot weather, we’ll put cool clothes on. How to wear and fit clothes?

Summer sun is also very toxic, we wear clothes color is different, black clothes in the sun will be exposed under the heat, and most black heat so summer Xiaobian not recommended to wear, wear more light of the clothes, as close as possible The green, the cool people looking at a cool feeling.

Less wear tight jeans, summer sweat easily sweat to stick the jeans together, wearing a very unpleasant, short skirt is also a very good choice, it is suitable for beautiful crush with the best chiffon skirt, upper body with a bright compassion , Respiratory active and comfortable.
Beautiful and elegant long skirt is a beautiful crush in summer is indispensable, you can choose the waist and not tight skirt, convenient to wear can also show your good body, big dress can be tied to a colored belt, still loss of beauty.
Shorts with white compassion, although very common, but choose a high waist shorts, your legs can be very long legs, the white compassion casually folded into the shorts, made the upper body fluffy look sweet and very kawai.

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Friday, August 4th, 2017

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