A great example of Personal GPS Homing Device for cargo securities

Most companies have figured out that they need to remove the human factor from the equation as much as possible The use of web-based monitoring and mobile communication is the impending wave of future products as most security providers are looking for better ways to protect or immobilize the truck and trailer without having to depend on the driver. Covert Personal GPS Homing Device and mobile communication locking or controlling devices which can be monitored or applied remotely is where the security for the in-transit piece of the transportation industry is heading, especially for high value shipments In the not too distant future, insurers are going to require this type of technology in return for affordable high value cargo shipment liability insurance coverage.

Recently, at the company where I work, we were tracking some very high value shipments going from a Mexico origin to a Canadian destination for a large consumer product company. For this tracking application, we use an GPS Cell Phone Tracking Device base unit with 20AH of battery and layered with an RF beacon technology. When the driver arrived at the destination location in Canada in the early morning hours, he was inside the virtual geo-fence but not inside the receiving location’s physical barrier. His arrival in the virtual geo-fence set the Tracker For Car to a longer reporting rate. Waiting to make the delivery, the driver climbed into his sleeper to await the morning receiving shift.

3.22 .vehicle-tracking

After a short period of time, he heard the tractor window break and was confronted by two gunmen who had him disable an immobilization device, tied him up, and placed him back in the sleeper area of the tractor. The suspects drove the unit for about forty (40) minutes and bumped a dock. The driver could feel and hear them off-loading his trailer. When they finished, they drove him about fifteen (15) minutes away and abandoned the unit and him. Once he was able to untie himself, he notified the authorities. When the monitoring center was notified, they could not get the tracking device to provide a cellular or GPS signal.

Authorities who had been notified were put in touch with our Canadian company members and a RF receiver was provided and tuned to the advised RF frequency. When law enforcement checked several locations where these types of cargo criminals were known to operate, they were able to vector into the beacon signal with the RF receiver at a warehouse complex. Law enforcement put the location under surveillance, used the RF tracking information to obtain a search warrant and then when they saw activity at the location, they executed the search warrant Inside they found the involved freight from our customer’s theft and over $500K of merchandise from other cargo crimes. They also made eight arrests.The interesting fact was when the freight was found, the criminals had placed a cellular jamming device on top of the freight, which was prohibiting the AGPS device from transmitting. The jamming device did not jam the RF signal; it actually enhanced that signal allowing the eventual recovery. This is an example of using layered security and multiple recovery capabilities.

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Worked with China Trackers position data

The integration of inside the database also opens the door to the automation of real-time analysis performed routinely on massive sets of data. For instance, this gapless framework could be used to set up early warning systems that detect behaviours of the animals that can be potentially dangerous or of particular importance for researchers. In this chapter, you will be introduced to the use of Pl/R in the context of PostGIS. You will start by exercises involving simple calculations in (logarithms, median and quantiles) to understand how Pl/R works. More elaborated exercises designed to compute the daylight times of a given location at a given date or to compute complex home range methods will then give you a basic overview of the potential of Pl/R for the study of GPS Made In China locations.


You have exclusively worked with China Trackers position data. We showed how to organise these data in databases, how to link them to environmental data and how to connect them to R for further analysis. In this chapter, we introduce an example of data recorded by another type of sensor: acceleration data, which can be measured by many tags where they are associated with the GPS sensors and are widely used to interpret the behaviour of tagged cars. The general structure of these data and an overview of possibilities for analysis are given. In the exercise for this chapter, you will learn how to integrate an acceleration data set into the database created in the previous chapters and link it with other information from the database. At the end, the database is extended with acceleration data and with an automated procedure to intersect these layers with GPS positions.

you learned how to correlate China Trackers positions with other spatiotemporal information such as NDVI values and DEMs. However, many kinds of bio-logging sensors are available to record a large set of information related to cars. In fact, we are quickly moving from cars monitored by one single sensor, usually a GPS receiver, to cars monitored by multiple, integrated sensors that register spatial (i.e. GPS positions) and non-spatial measurements such as acceleration, temperature or GSM signal quality. In recent years, commercial solutions have emerged to deploy a camera on cars, or even internal sensors in the cars’ body to register heartbeat and body temperature. These sensors are usually integrated on a unique physical support (the collar or tag). Data from all these different sensors can be related to the spatial position of the car and to each other on the basis of the acquisition time of the recorded information, thus giving a complete picture of the car at a certain time. This integrated set of information can be used to fully decipher the cars’ behaviour in space and time. The opportunity to answer new biological questions through the information derived from these multi-sensor monitoring platforms implies a number of further challenges in terms of data management. To be able to explore the multifaceted aspects of cars’ behaviour, researchers must deal with even bigger and more diverse sets of data that require a more complex database data model and data acquisition procedures.

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Newer GPS Solution refine position

Global positioning system or GPS tech is able to locate people within 15 to 30 feet of virtually any outdoor location on the planet. Indoors, however, things are less straightforward. That’s because GPS Tracking Device works best when the device has a clear line of sight to the sky and, therefore, the GPS satellites used for establishing position. This signal weakens or distorts as it travels through a building. Although more sensitive modern GPS chips can still get a fix inside, this information is often not accurate enough to be useful. The improved accuracy is thanks to a newer GPS Solution that gives your phone additional information it can use to refine your position.


GPS Tracking Device applied in our modern life quite widely. Satellite navigation systems have rendered the art of map-reading practically common. Multi-billion dollar apps such as Uber rely entirely on it, and farmers use Mini GPS Tracker to plough their fields with millimeter precision. Less visibly but just as crucially that is the clock by which the world keeps time. Critical infrastructure such as telecoms, broadcast and electricity networks use the synchronized readings from GPS satellites to manage the vein-like systems they operate, smartphones set their clocks by GPS Solution and financial markets use it to allow high-frequency trading to work properly.


In addition to this it is necessary to remember that GPS accuracy specifications are determined under ideal conditions – in an open sky with more than sufficient satellites to gain a good fix, and in open country where there is no possibility of reflections that could give rise to inaccuracies. Real operating conditions are rarely this good.


In particular, the new GPS tech is supposed to be a big help in cities, because it can avoid issues that come up due to signals getting reflected off of big buildings. GPS is often less accurate in dense urban locations, so people living in cities may see the biggest benefits from this new generation of chips.


The accuracy expected to be obtained using a GPS Tracking Device will vary according to the overall system used. While accuracy level actually achieved will depend upon many factors, typical estimations of the level of GPS accuracy can be given.


Why the placement of tracker is important

GPS Solution can be used for many different purposes in many ways. No matter for tracking your little one, or you have a loved one suffering from dementia, Alzheimer’s disease or another debilitating mental illness, a reliable and affordable GPS unit could save you a great deal of stress. It’s not uncommon for an elderly person to go missing as a result of these illnesses. A GPS tracker is the perfect tool for tracking down a wandering case, cutting search and rescue time by crucial hours. And the placement of the device is an essential to create a good working situation of tracking system to detect movement on web in real time. If you have an incorrect installation, it might be affected to receive location data in some ways or cause poor tracking result.


Personal GPS Tracker

personal GPS Tracker can be used for the one who need special care for peace in mind. Some GPS devices are so small that they can literally fit into your pocket. They are usually small fit inside a purse or bag that the individual feels comfortable carrying. You simply switch the device on and it will begin transmitting the person’s location. If your child rides a bike to school on a regular basis, installing a bike-pack and placing a GPS tracker within it can be extraordinarily effective. Smaller tracking units are designed to clasp onto the child’s clothing or belt.


Portable GPS Tracking Device

Portable GPS Tracking Device that are not hard wired are simple to install o use monitor vehicle for fleet management then enhance efficiency. Essentially, these systems can be placed anywhere inside of a vehicle. However, if you want to install a tracker discretely, one of the best areas to place a tracker is inside of a wheel wall. For most of driver, they will not notice a tracker that is nestled inside of a wheel wall, and almost all trackers can effectively track a vehicle from this location. Many trackers come with magnets, and these trackers can be placed on any metal surface. A small unit can be easily attached to a wheelchair. With a bit of sewing work and self-adhesive straps, you could even attach to the vehicle undercarriage, the front or rear plastic bumper and the inside of the back brake lights


Car GPS Tracker

In order to ensure all day monitoring in the positioning, so the front windshield is the best place where the locator installation easy operation. In the installation process to see if the windshield is installed above the heating layer, because some vehicles in winter in order to avoid the frost, will add some heating layer inside to get rid of the fog, at this time if the locator installed inside, receiving the effect of the signal will also have a certain impact, so before installation we still pay special attention.


There are lots of GPS tracking devices out there, though some of them may be better for your needs than others, mini portable tracker for personal use, asset GPS tracker and GPS tracker for vehicle. No matter what kind of tracker you purchase, installing a GPS tracker should be simple and relatively effortless.

Tracking employees’ locations and activity through Personal GPS Tracking Devices

With the rise in China Made GPS technology, employers have unprecedented access to their employees’ whereabouts. For several years, employers have been able to track their field or mobile employees’ locations through GPS devices in vehicles. But tracking presents risks employers need to understand so they can evaluate whether the potential benefits outweigh the significant risks.

Tracking employees’ locations and activity through Personal GPS Tracking Devices can have many benefits for a business, including: Fostering increased efficiency through streamlined travel for delivery or other mobile employees. Monitoring overtime and compliance with labor laws. Ensuring compliance with safety regulations by confirming that employees are not speeding or otherwise violating traffic laws. Verifying that time records are accurate, company policies are followed and employees are engaging in safe behavior. Moreover, if an employee is suspected of wrongdoing, an employer can use GPS tracking as part of its internal investigation of the employee.

However, before an employer begins using Personal GPS Tracking Devices to monitor employees, it should consider the related legal ramifications and employee privacy issues. Employers should also implement best practices for complying with the law and ensuring that employee trust is not breached.

Monitoring employee vehicles

First, an employer should consider any state laws applicable to GPS tracking of individuals. For example, an Illinois statute enacted in 2014 makes it a criminal misdemeanor to use GPS tracking to monitor the location of a vehicle without the vehicle owner’s consent, unless the tracking is lawfully done by a law enforcement agency.

An employer does not violate this law by tracking the location of a company-owned vehicle used by its employees, because the employer (the vehicle’s owner) consents to the tracking. However, an employer is not permitted to install a GPS tracking device in an employee-owned vehicle without the employee’s consent. Other states, including California, Connecticut, Delaware and Texas, also have laws that specifically apply to GPS tracking.

Second, an employer should consider state tort laws that it may violate if it tracks employees without their knowledge or consent, such as invasion of privacy. Several courts have held that where an employer attaches a GPS tracking device to an employer-owned vehicle, an employee driving that vehicle is not able to state a claim for invasion of privacy when the employer tracks the whereabouts of the vehicle.

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Shared bicycles Concox GPS Smart Lock

With the rise of “shared bicycles”, the streets of their shadow has become a unique beautiful scenery, then many friends may have doubts: sharing the bike has a positioning? Otherwise, how to do stolen? Do not worry, then Down with me together to see how to share a bike?

Car Tracker China Positioning system is more conducive to enterprises to achieve efficient, convenient and sophisticated operations.Where the need to put, where the need for transport, where the car out of the problem can understand the crystal clear, and today’s Mobike red envelopes car is a typical positioning system based on the operation of the case.
Take Mobker’s picture as an example. The positioning system is the basis for the business and government to obtain large data on the travel of the residents. What is the city’s travel habits, such as the peak time of travel in different regions, the number and time of people from area A to area B … … Imagine the daily city of the city’s data, that is how large, in today’s large data age, these data and different regions of the enterprises, institutions, infrastructure construction, especially traffic conditions Combined, especially for the current government infrastructure construction and services have a very large reference value.


At present, with the market to share more and more types of cycling, remove the market competition, the sharing of bicycle technology is a patent lock. In Shenzhen, for example, the existing shared bicycle technology is nothing more than two kinds: GPS smart lock and mechanical lock.
GPS Smart Lock: Mobike, Hellobike
1. Charging method: the use of power hub, the cost is relatively high.
2. Location: GSM / GPRS and GPS positioning module (separation)
3. Disadvantages: charging and riding experience need to find a balance point
Mechanical lock: OFO
1.ofo not installed GPS positioning terminal, the user can not search through the mobile phone APP near the vehicle, customers need to find a luck when looking for vehicles.
2. The password for each bike is fixed, if someone remember the password can be free to enjoy.
3. Operation Experience Process APP is separated from the bike.
Through this we can clearly see most of the market share of the bicycle is GPS Manufacturers In China GPS positioning, in addition to OFO also retains the traditional mechanical lock, but I think this way the safety of the car has some hidden dangers.
Seamlessly combined with HW and SW, the Concox bike sharing solution effectuates information interaction among operators, users and bicycles, bringing superior riding experience and visualized operation, For users, find or reserve a bicycle from web browser or mobile APP are available. Bicycles can be unlocked by scanning the QR code, SMS, GPRS and Bluetooth. When riding finished, user can view and share your mapped rides and statistics, including miles traveled, calories burned, cost, etc.

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GPS Solution can help for fighting poaches

GPS Solution can help for fighting poaches. Sea turtles have being a poaching target for their shells and their eggs are considered a delicacy and aphrodisiac. The trade of sea turtle products is restricted, but that doesn’t stop poachers. Tracking this illegal trafficking is not an easy job and the transit routes and final destinations are unknown, for traffickers transport the stolen turtle eggs using complex routes. Global System for Mobile Communications with GPS solution enabled Portable GPS Tracking Device which able to detect, monitor, and predict transit routes for law enforcement may provide an answer to this scourge.


In Africa, The mammals are mostly poached for their tusks. A study found that more than 25,000 elephants in Gabon may have been killed for their ivory between 2004 and 2014, contributing to drop in Gabon’s forest elephant population between 78% and 81%, all due to poaching. This region in southern Kenya Over one million wildebeest and thousands of other animals cross through. Experts say the area, which animals travel during migration, is an easy target. It is here that over one million while beast, and tens of thousands of other animals cross from Tanzania into Kenya on their annual migration, attracting hordes of tourists, but also poachers seeking an easy target.


Now, Small GPS Tracking Device has become pivotal in fight against poaching for animal protection by government and protector. The government is fighting back with “The Project to Combat Wildlife Crime and Ivory Trafficking in Gabon,” or more simply, “Elephant Project”, elephants in the region has been fitted with advanced satellite radio tracking collars to track their movements.


The data applied by Small GPS Tracking Device will help Kenya Wildlife Service trust to identify important elephant habitats and sites of increasing human-elephant conflict, which can lead us to develop new tools to help protect both elephants and farmers, as part of conservation efforts, elephants are now fitted with GPS and satellite collars. One collar can help track about 30 elephants in a herd. The approach uses Portable GPS Tracking Device to detect the illegal movement and to provide data to conservation groups and law enforcement.

Cars team needs at least one basic GPS Tracking System China

For owners of fleet it is an indispensable tool which, through the tracker on the vehicle, helps to cut costs and avoid fraud on the part of drivers and to obtain online data on the location of cargo/goods. Here are 5 reasons why every fleet needs at least a basic GPS Tracking System China:

Theft Recovery: According to the FBI, the losses from motor vehicle theft total over $4 billion in the US alone. In fact, the longer it takes to report a theft, the higher the likelihood that the vehicle and equipment will never be recovered. Our GPS fleet tracking system can help you recover a stolen vehicle within minutes.


Driver Safety: The fact that drivers are aware that there driving activity is recorded will force them to be more contentious of their driving habits. Without a form of accountability, they will be more likely to speed and drive aggressively. In fact, an aggressive driver is 66% more likely to cause an accident. In one case, a speeding fleet driver without GPS caused an accident that resulted in a lawsuit that forced the fleet operator to pay $4.68 million in damages. Our GPS tracking system will help ensure that drivers will drive safer because they know that you can hold them accountable for their actions.

Employee Litigation: We often encounter instances where an employee may bring legal action against an employer for issues such as unpaid overtime or unpaid wages. In many cases, these fleet operators have to retrieve GPS tracking records from prior years in order to present a strong defense in court. Often, this data is the only defense that the fleet operators have in order to absolve themselves of any wrong doing. Our GPS tracking system stores details of all of your driver’s activity, which can be retrieved in order to help you should you find yourself in any legal issues.

Claims from the Public: We have encountered many situations where the data from our GPS tracking system has saved fleets from complaints and litigation brought by the general public. This includes a case where a pedestrian sued a fleet operator claiming that their driver was involved in a hit and run accident. Upon reviewing the GPS data, it was found that the vehicle was nowhere near the location of the incident at the time. In another case, a motorist brought a complaint to the fleet operator claiming that their dump truck did not cover its load and rocks fell off of the truck and broke a windshield on a motorist’s vehicle. In that case, the fleet operator was able to prove that the vehicle was not at that location at the time.

Insurance Savings: A majority of the commercial fleet insurers offer discounts to fleets that use a GPS Car Tracker China. In fact, insurers will give discounts of up to 18% because tracking systems help in all of the above areas.

Essentially, all fleets have rolling liabilities operating on the roads at all times. Without any form of accountability or control, you are at a high risk for theft and legal liabilities. It only makes sense to have at least a basic GPS tracking system in place. Concox GPS vehicle trackers can help you locate and track your vehicles including cars, trucks etc. The trackers have many functions such as SOS alarm, real-time tracking, and voice monitoring, two-way communication and durability. You can move your tracker from car to car. Or you can track your vehicle even if it’s being stolen.

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Small GPS Tracking Device increase the chances of recovery

The massive increase in the number of vehicles of different kinds, alarming instances of vehicle thefts, and the rising awareness about vehicle anti-theft devices are at the forefront of driving demand in the global vehicle anti-theft system market. A Small GPS Tracking Device won’t stop a vehicle being stolen, but it does increase the chances of a speedy recovery. Cars thieves are using devices that can shutoff vehicle’s signal and make it go off the grid. The jamming device was effective while they were fleeing with the stolen vehicles, as the “jammer” neutralized the signal of any Portable GPS Tracking Device concealed inside the vehicle.

Because of the wave of distribution, the portable jamming device work not obviously, firstly emits high frequency radio waves that obstruct GPS signals, then it also disable the GPS link, making any Small GPS Tracking Device useless, the device is changed with a lithium-ion battery runs for hours after being charged, and it is as big as mobile phone and can be hidden easily.

Since the thieves carried the portable “jammer” with them at all times, it also made it difficult for cops to put them under electronic surveillance. Sleuths of the Anti-Auto Theft Squad fear that these portable, battery-run devices may also be employed in kidnapping and other crimes involving GPS-enabled cabs.

The stolen vehicle are indiscreet and can be hidden in numerous places that making them difficult to locate. However, GPS Solution and help to track stolen vehicles and can be used to locate motorcycles or scooters, even if they have been hidden in containers, lock-ups or underground car parks. Like JV200 Vehicle GPS Tracker which is a fully-featured, highly competitive and cost effective 3G GPS tracker developed for vehicle, motor and bus tracking, thanks to the built-in high sensitivity GPS chip set and antenna enables it to fast and precise locating even in the concrete jungle.

Installing a Mini GPS Tracker in the car is helpful because we are directed towards where to search for it if it gets stolen. Even if the thief tries to damage the location device, the last position of the car gets frozen in the data. Tracker have stated that their technology has helped recover over stolen motorcycles in 2016 as a result of their technology – a figure that’s increased by nearly 10% over the previous year.

GPS Tracking Device China can help them in location their present whereabouts

Two most important technologies that are also part of our day to day life are GPS and GSM. While these two technologies are interrelated to each other as a mode of communication, they are comprehensive enough in their own ways to deal with an emergency or a crisis situation. For instance, Waterproof GPS Tracker has made lots of things possible. Just imagine you being left in an unknown area with no one around you to help you out and show the right way to your destination. A GPS tracker will be of great help to you in such a case. You will be able to get step by step route on your tracker and it will effectively guide to you your desired destination.In the same way, if your kid or aged parents have suddenly disappeared, then a GPS tracking device can help them in location their present whereabouts. GPS technology will not only tell you where they are but will also keep a regular watch on their movements and changing locales. You can easily understand that such a feature can be of great help in case of an unpleasant experience of a crisis situation.

Ensuring our safety and security has become one of the top most priorities in today’s world. Life is unexpected and one never knows what kind of emergency could strike him at any given time. Therefore, it is always better to prepare ourselves beforehand than to later regret the event.

GPS Tracking Device China too is a great way to keep a watch on your home or office place while you are unavailable there. Just imagine that you are out of your home and office is shut for over a week. In case someone tries to break into your house or your workplace catches fire, then won’t it be handy if you get an instant alert about the situation as soon as it happens? Such an alert will greatly help you to prevent the theft and thus prevent all the possible losses. GSM alarm will be able to do just that for you. In this way, everyone can ensure their security with help of latest surveillance gadgets.GPS trackers have many functions, in a nutshell; they help to save your time, money, and energy. That’s the point. That’s why people buy a GPS Tracking Manufacturers China without hesitation and doubt. For each GSM GPS Tracker, they have different features but the same function, that is, saving your time, money, and energy.

For saving time, it does in the way that they quickly locate and position your vehicles, beloved ones, and anything that you want to track. You can find the location through your smartphone or on the platform 24-7. Instead of finding your targets on your own, with these devices you can be informed all the time. That’s quite a way of saving time.For saving money, it means that you can save lot of money through the way of avoiding unnecessary losses and harms. Such as avoiding thefts or traffic accidents that will do much harm through tracking your vehicles or family. For saving energy, by the way of real time tracking you can find the information that you need in an easy way. All you need is just a cellphone and when you connect your device with your cellphone, you can start to track. There is no need to go after your targets step by step.

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