First Look at the Off-White x Nike Zoom Fly Grey

Now, this is what we call a proper welcome for the Summer! Get your sneaker senses sharp because Virgil Abloh is joining the Swoosh pop-treats again. Off-White Nike Zoom Fly Wolf Grey stills have been all over the internet for a while now. Nothing changes whether or not you are excited for it because the fandom is freaking out!
This partnership is nothing new to us since we have been blessed with several stunners in the “The Ten” collection. The Off-White x Air Jordan 1 link-up, VaporMaxes, and some Prestos are still waiting to be unleashed. For now, we got this tremendously decorated and yet so casual kick to look forward to.
This pair has a soothing grey all over its finely built body. The construction is secure to withstand every kind of weather and all the heavy strides you take. So, you need not worry about safety and comfort. The grey top seems to flaunt a synthetic aura and the brand new addition of the sewn-on Swoosh logo. Abloh doesn’t seem to step down in showing off his signature bright red hang-tag! Some specification on the heel and a tiny yellow tag on the Swoosh go along with the colossal Foam midsole.
The black sole has oversized lettering of the word ‘FOAM‘ as an exaggeration we adore. Follow FitMySole for more updates.

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