What to Do When Moving to A Long Distant Place ?

No matter how far or near you are moving, home shifting is a chaotic, tiresome and troublesome task that consumes lots of time and money. Packing the entire household goods and moving them safely at the new location is really a tough task for an individual to handle alone especially if moving to a long distant place. This will consume lots of time, energy and means and still there is no assurance of the safe relocation. In that case what you should do so that you can move safely to a long distant place. You can follow the below-mentioned steps to relocate your home to a distant place safely:

Hire packers and movers company

When moving to a distant place you must hire packers and movers company as they are professional who are well aware of the right packing and moving methodologies and provide you safe and smooth relocation experience. For this you should at least shortlist three packers and movers company to compare their charges or rates and hire the best suited one.

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Remove clutter

As you are relocating to a distant place so you don’t need to carry all the useless stuff that you haven’t used since long time or will not be used by you in future. Extra goods not only increase the moving cost but it also increase the risk of damaging goods. Hence, you should remove the clutter from your house to pack only useful and important goods.

Transit insurance

Moving to a long distant place means the chances of damaging or breaking goods is more. So, you should do transit insurance for the safety of the goods so that if any damages occur during moving and shifting the goods then the loss or damage costs will be covered through insurance coverage.

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Long distance move is a tough event and also risky therefore, you should always prefer hiring the best moving company. And before moving you must ask yourself why you need to shift to such long distant place. If it is not job transfer or any other important reason then you should think about the benefit of this move like why you are moving? Will it be good for your family to relocate to a long distant place?, etc. And if it’s a job transfer then think that who is going to pay for your move, whether your employer or you.

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What to Do When You Arrive at Your New Home ?

You might be thinking why you suppose to read an article for what you should do at your new home but this is important. You are moving to a new place in a different city so you really need to plan your first day or night at your new home. And apart from this there are many important things that you need to do first before anything else. And these are as follows:

Check utility supply

It is very important to check utility supply at your new home. In fact, you have to arrange this before moving in. You cannot enjoy your new home without water, electricity and gas. So, the first thing that you should do is to switch on the lights and check the water supply.

Inspect your belongings

It is possible that the major appliances or electronic equipments have faced damages during the move. Hence, you should check it immediately after unloading them. Have an inventory list to assure nothing has missed or lost.


Cleanliness is very much important therefore you must clean your house or apartment before moving in. Usually the properties are given professional clean before the previous owners or tenants move out. But sometimes apartments remain vacant for an extended-time period and unpacking creates garbages too. Hence, you should do deep cleaning before moving in your new house.

Unpack the ‘open first’ box

Unpacking all the boxes at the same time is impossible. Even opening few of them can also be really very daunting and tiresome task. Hence you should unpack the box that you have packed for surviving the first night or few days at your new home. The box that contains essentials for surviving few days in your new home like clothes, toiletries, linens, snacks, etc.

Plan your unpacking

Just like your have planned for packing you should plan your unpacking also. This will help you to unpack the goods in correct way without taking much time. Your unpacking plans is depending upon various factors like the available time or if you intend to renovate a room immediately. So, for this you have to make plans for how will you renovate and unpack the goods and also which room you want to complete first.

You should do these thing when arrive at your new house and enjoy your new home. If you have hired professional packers and movers in Gurgaon then, you can ask them to unpack your goods and rearrange them. With few extra charges they will unpack and rearrange your stuff in your new house and you can enjoy your new home without any hassles.

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Common Relocation Myths You Should Avoid for Smooth Shifting Experience

You what can make your move easy and smooth experience for you? Apart form hiring best packers and movers company and taking right precautions, avoiding the common myths about relocation is the best way to move safely and smoothly. People would suggest you so many things in fact on Internet also you will find so many moving tips, packing tips, relocation guideline and much more information to have peaceful and successful relocation. But do you think that everything that people suggests you are really true? It is not necessary that the tips worked for your friends for moving their home will work in the same manner for you. Hence, you should know the right way to relocate home and also the common myths that you must avoid for having smooth shifting experience:

DIY move is cheaper than hiring movers

People always think that hiring movers and packers is expensive than doing it yourself. It is true that movers charges a lot but that depends on your moving requirements. DIY move is a daunting and chaotic event for you and this will also cost you a lot than hiring movers because you will need to buy packaging materials and also book truck to transport your goods. So, hiring packers and movers is the best and also cheaper way to relocate safely at the desired location.

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Unpacking is easy than packing

You may have heard about unpacking is an easy task than packing. No doubt packing is a tough task but unpacking is same as well. You have to put lots of efforts for unpacking your goods in fact, this takes lots of time than packing your stuff. Hence, you should not go with this myth and should be pre-planned for unpack the boxes also. Like you should label the boxes to know which box belongs to which room so that you can unpack only the box that you are looking for and will not open the other boxes unnecessarily.

Use your own vehicle for transporting goods

If you are moving form one street to another locally within a city then you may try to move your goods in your car but it is totally worthless idea if you are moving to a distant place even if moving within a city. You should always prefer professional transport company to relocate your stuff that have right sized vehicle to transport all your possessions at once.

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If you want to have a safe and smooth relocation experience then, you must avoid to follow the common myths of relocation. Hire the best packers and movers company in your city and enjoy safe and hassle-free relocation.

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