Air Jordan 3 True Blue Performance Reviews

This year’s Black Friday Jordan release sees the return of the Air Jordan 3 in true form. It is become the milestone of Nike , and the only one with Jumpman logo shoes .Three of version of AJ 88 , Air Jordan 3 true blue is not famous than black white one ,but I think it is the lovely one.

That is my memory of Nike , since i know the Jordan from high school .  It is leave me impression until now . And Kobe also wear it for respecting him on court .

So lucky that I bought the Air Jordan 3 OG ‘TRUTH  BLUE ‘  in 2016.  The details of shoes is good as usually , but the leather upper seems not very well than before . The new design of tongue of shoes utilized the red fabric . Seem great

There is a special one of logo which reused , Whatever the upper and bottom .

I love the pattern design , it is perfect dotted with the shoe , making  up a large area single sense white. There are five lace holes designing is very interesting, it is the same design of the Air Jordan  2 and  Jordan 3 , The tongue liner design, with hole , I dont  know  whether use to  dissipate heat ?The whole design similar eighties , which serious with lovely colorway , cutting of heel  follow the fashion ! Lovely !

Overall , this version of Jordan , without doubt,whatever design and material , I would prefer like choose it on .

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