Femme formidable

Trench coat, €180, Studio by Preen, Debenhams. Earrings, €79; silver bangle, €55; charms (on bangle), from €65; sterling-silver chain, €29; charm (on chain), €75; rings, €69 each, all Pandora 

(Photo:formal dresses online australia)love this time of year. Dark nights are a novelty to us still, and coloured lights create evocative city ambiances on rain-slicked streets. The optimistic lead-up to Christmas has begun. Anticipation of invigorated social life with fun, sexy and dramatic dress possibilities starts to tingle in our being, as does the wearing of moody make-up and lots of sparkly jewellery.

With fashion’s current love affair with one-shoulder tops, lurex, sequins, velvet and dark, dark, moodiness, it’s no wonder I am going through an obsession with French cinema of the late 1980s/early 1990s, and the chic femme fatales of films such as Betty Blue (1986) and Nikita (1990). Nothing tops those two women for mood swings and eternally fabulous, kick-ass style.

Inevitably, almost seeming to contradict themselves and their lifestyles, these incredibly beautiful, drama-seeking women always wear delicate jewellery – as if to highlight their vulnerability and femininity.

It started out as a pretty charm-bracelet brand, but Pandora has become a fully fledged jewellery range, with its own unique identity. Now, Pandora is a household name in Ireland, and unites women across all ages. I have been at dinner tables where women as young as 15 have sat down to chat with their aunties or their mum’s friends (a gift in itself), united in their appreciation of Pandora jewellery.

Pandora has proven itself timeless, as well as innovative, versatile and affordable. For as little as €35, you can start your Pandora love affair. Which is probably why women buy it for themselves, just as much as they do for others.

As regular readers know, I am one for offering men steerage as to what will make the women in their life happy on Christmas Day (an arduous, at times near-impossible, task).

From a value and ease-of-shopping point of view, just for Christmas, Pandora do unique gift sets where several pieces are assembled together into a special gift box at a special price. For instance, the gorgeous Pandora Rose earrings and necklace set on the next page.

Rose gold is still a hugely popular trend in jewellery. Pandora tell me rings are where it is now at, in every shape and size, colour and formation.

Where you wear your ring says a lot about you. Apparently, thumb-wearers are hugely independent. If only Betty’s boyfriend had spotted that – he might have avoided a lot of strife. Lovers, you have been warned.Read more at:formal wear brisbane

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