5 Pubic Hair Trimmers For Your Bikini Line, So You Can Stop Using Scissors Immediately

Let me begin by saying that I am a big advocate for big ’70s bushes and I always will be. That said, summer is upon us and if your body hair is as dark as mine, you may be contemplating investing in a pubic hair trimmer — just to neaten up the edges for when you hit the beach. I say this not because I adore policing people’s body hair, but because I’ve seen enough friends dry shave their bits in a last minute bikini panic, and I’ve had enough.

If you’re wholesale bikini a fully fledged, pubic hair-owning person in your 20s, you should be treating your privates with a bit more respect. Although coconut oil may solve many of your hair removal problems, dry skin troubles, and deep rooted emotional issues, it’s usually easier to tackle the area with some additional care and attention.

Of course, if you’re a braver person than me and don’t care about the stray pubic hair pottering about on your thigh or the padded effect your bush may give your bikini bottoms, then I congratulate you. You have reached a level of not caring that I have yet to achieve, and you can save the money you might spend on a pube trimmer and put it towards another jug of sangria. If you are like me, however, here are nine of the best options on the market for trimming your pubic wig.

1. The Little Lilac OnePanasonic Bikini Trimmer And Shaver, $18.90, Amazon

In all the pubic trimmer lists that I’ve ever researched, this one has come up in all of them. Considering it’s Amazon’s number one best-selling bikini trimmer, this is one of the best pube whackers you can get. Plus, it doubles as a shaver so if you want your bits completely clear, you can do that as well.

2. The Silky Smooth OneBraun Silk Epil Lady Shaver, $47, Amazon

Usable on both wet and dry bits, featuring three attachments, and totally cordless, the Braun Lady Shaver is offering you a whole new world of pube removal. Essentially, you can remove your pubes wherever you want and however you want with this product. But I’d recommend not doing it in a public place if you don’t want to be arrested.

3. The Chic AF OneCleancut Personal Shaver, $46.07, Amazon

This personal bikini trimmer and shaver is going out of its way to look chic and trendy with its minimalist metal packaging. It’s the kind of product you can hide in your bag and probably pass off as a vibrator if anyone asks about it.

4. The Purple OnePhilips Bikini Trimmer With Shaving Head And Comb, $13.79, Amazon

I never knew I needed a pubic comb in my life. But Philips clearly did, and now I definitely want one.


Premium Shoes Market- Trends, Drivers

Technavio’s latest report provides an in-depth analysis of the global premium shoes market in terms of the revenue and emerging market trends. The report also includes an up-to-date analysis and forecasts for various market segments and all geographical regions.

Global premium sports shoes market

In the year 2016, sport shoes were the largest revenue generating segment in the global premium shoes market. The three major reasons behind this development, as identified by our market analysts specializing in consumer and retail are

High concentration of players in the developed as well as emerging economies
Growing scope of international and regional sports tournaments across the world
Rising health awareness among individuals leads to more customer membership in gyms and health clubs, in turn raising the demand for sports shoes
Due to the aforementioned factors, it is expected that the demand for premium sports shoe will increase significantly en route to 2021.

Global market for other premium shoes

Formal and casual shoes fall in the category classic new balance shoes 574  of ‘other premium shoes’. These shoes are mostly made of leather and synthetic materials. As this segment comprises of a major chunk of leather made shoes, it is expected that leather shoes will aggregate large volumes of revenue during the forecast period.


Natasha Oakley Styles 1 Bikini Into 5 Different Looks

Some of the best style inspiration from fashion bloggers comes when they step away from their computers and show us their every day outfits. Australian-born blogger Natasha Oakley’s vacation style taught her followers a lesson in styling bikinis in many different ways. When you’re going to be spending all day in a swimsuit, it can be challenging to still look your best, but Oakley makes it seem simple with a few fashionable staples.

This social media star wholesale bikinis has a passion for adorable swimwear. She started her site A Bikini A Day in 2012 to show off her amazing style, but her one million followers learn even more from her personal Instagram. According to her site, Oakley travels around with a suitcase of swimwear to show women that “the bikini is more than just a swimsuit to wear to the beach.” From runway fashion to lazy day looks, her outfits are stunning and they always comes with amazing styling lessons along the way.

Oakley lives up to her blog’s promise by making the bikini into a staple and showing that it can be transformed into an outfit for any occasion. She travels around the world, demonstrating many different way to style a swimsuit, and her latests vacation posts were some of her best yet.

It all started with a simple two-piece. From there, she added sunglasses, cover ups, and other summertime staples to transform her bikini into a beyond-the-beach look. Her stylish posts came just in time to help her followers before bathing suit season comes to an end.

1. Start With A BikiniOakley choose a one-colored suit so that it would be super easy to switch up her style with accessories.

2. Put On SunglassesShe added an everyday summer staple to transform a beachy outfit

3. Grab A HatShe really piled on the accessories as the day went on.

4. Add A SkirtLook no further for the perfect summertime lunch outfit. Casual meets chic with only a few staple items and a great maxi skirt.

5. Swap For A Cover UpAs the sun went down, Oakley swapped her maxi skirt for a cover up that could have easily been mistaken for a dress.

There you have it! She took one bikini and made it into an all day look by using what she had in her beach bag. Summer just got hotter with these simple styling ideas.


Devin Hester Says Under Armour Shoes Ruined His Third And Fourth NFL Seasons

Nike was kind enough to invite me to the media session at the Hyperwarm Bowl on Tuesday, a new 7-on-7 football tournament for high school seniors held at Soldier Field. The Chicago Bears’ Devin Hester and Earl Bennett were in the house to encourage the kids and hawk Nike at every turn, as were Jordy Nelson and Ryan Grant of the Green Bay Packers. Since I’m nothing if not a shill for corporate shoe companies, I was in.

Then the new balance 574 running following happened: a) I didn’t peace out from my Guns office job early enough, b) I struggled to locate “Gate 2″, and c) the staff had trouble finding me a press pass.  By the time I actually got on the field, the media session was almost over. But as I walked around the bowels of Solider Field, I saw Hester and the rest of the lot slide into the visitors locker room for a press conference-like appearance with local high school coaches. I snuck in and pulled up a chair.

The press conference wasn’t terribly enthralling, but I did find one anecdote from Hester borderline fascinating.

The emcee asked each of the players to talk bout their relationship with Nike a bit. Of course the players were going to say nice things about Nike at a Nike sponsored event, but I was really impressed by how genuine everyone’s answers seemed. Ryan Grant said he wore adidas shoes in college and swore they screwed up his feet. Nelson said he wore Reebok cleats his first season or two in the NFL after wearing Nike in college and that it was a mistake. But Hester’s words were the most interesting.

Hester said he signed a two-year deal with Nike after getting drafted. Those happened to be the two most prolific seasons a kick returner has ever had in the NFL. Including his kickoff return to open Super Bowl XLI and the missed field goal he took back 108 yards against the New York Giants, Hester had seven returns for touchdowns as a rookie. He followed that up his second season with six more returns for scores.

After his second season, Hester said his contract with Nike was up and he decided to sign with Under Armour because they offered him more money. Hester said the Under Armour shoes were terrible, and that his feet would hurt just walking out to the field. For the two years Hester wore Under Armour shoes, he had exactly zero special teams returns for touchdowns. The next year he switched back to Nike, and immediately regained his swagger. Hester had three returns last season and has three more this season. Hester insinuated the switch to Under Armour shoes put a dip in his production.

Discount that as Nike propaganda if you’d like, but Hester’s answer appeared honest to me. And with a room full of high school coaches (and just one lowly blogger), it’s not like anyone anticipated that answer would see the light of the Internet.


A Brief History of Underwear

Share Post on facebook wall Share on twitter Share via Email Pin to Pinterest Share on Google Plus Nothing good ever comes from paper underpants. The first time I encountered a pair (in a rather posh day spa) I put them on my head, thinking they were a shower-cap. To her credit the masseuse didn’t blink an eye, even when confronted with my unruly mop sticking out of the leg holes. The second time, while getting a spray tan, I nervously pulled the paper G-string so high it snapped like an elastic band almost taking out the beautician’s eye.

Fast-forward a couple of decades and I  discover, within the fashionable walls of London’s Victoria & Albert Museum, another use for these less than fancy pants – as disposable travel undies. “You should get some for your hand luggage,” quips my companion, pointing to the glass cabinet showcasing ‘Chukkas’ – throwaway briefs from 1969.

This is my introduction underwear manufacturer  to the exhibition Undressed: A Brief History of Underwear. Celebrating the weird and wonderful world of underwear from the 1750s to today exhibits include Queen Victoria’s mother’s knickers, a Swarovski​ crystal-studded bra and thong, and my personal favourite, a pair of ‘butt-lifters’ designed to give the ultimate Kim Kardashian derriere. As the exhibition demonstrates, fashion and underwear are intimately linked, with their fit and fabric reflecting society’s attitudes towards sex, gender and class.

My first surprise is learning that it wasn’t until the early 19th century that women began to wear any underpants at all, thanks in part to the availability of new fabrics and the tight silhouettes demanded by the fashion of the time. The royal pair on display (dare I say Victoria’s secrets) worn by Princess Victoria, Duchess of Kent (1786-1861) has an open crotch and deep back-lacing waistband. It is believed she wore them while pregnant with the future monarch.

Men’s unmentionables also make a brief appearance including 18th-century shirts, which were categorised as underwear because they were worn next to the skin. With its rather long tail, tucked between the man’s legs like a nappy and covered by ‘breech liners’, the Georgian man was effectively wearing two pants, while his female counterpart was happy to go commando. Rules were strict – showing off the sleeves was considered risqué, but a bit of stiff collar or coifed cuff was perfectly acceptable. Bums of note include a corset-wearing George IV, David Beckham boxer shorts and finally aussieBum, pants for men designed to ‘lift and enhance’ the genitals.

Lifting and enhancing of another kind is explored on the first floor, where the history of the bra is outlined, showcasing ‘bust extenders’ from 1910, a Peter Pan Hidden Treasure bra from 1950 (with its four-section padded cups), maternity bras, sports bars and bras for those who have undergone a mastectomy.

The secret world of women’s corsetry, crinolines and bustles is beautifully explored, from a hip-enhancing ‘New Phantom’ collapsible bustle from 1887 to a vivid pink silk corset, trimmed in black lace from the 1890s, both demonstrating that women have long sought the ‘ideal’ (and often unrealistic) body shape.

Overtly erotic pieces include a flocked tulle playsuit by French lingerie designer Fifi Chachnil​, a black lace bedroom set from Agent Provocateur’s Soiree Collection, and a ‘Shibari’ girdle dress made especially for the exhibition by London-based atelier Bordelle, which references an artistic form of Japanese erotic bondage.

Pants, as I learn, can also be political, with messages incorporated into designs, such as the Toile de Jouy​ style print on loungewear created by fashion house Sibling for its spring/summer 2013 collection. What at first glance looks like pyjamas emblazoned with a repeating blue and white design, are in fact images derived from the 2011 London riots.

Gender is explored by the inclusion of Acne Studios’ gender-neutral briefs from 2015 and issues of sustainability are raised by a set of tutti-frutti-coloured underpants. Embroidered with days of the week, the knickers were created by ‘cheekfrills’, a company known for its commitment to the environment. But somehow the message misses the mark; instead of thinking about saving trees I fixate on the horror of wearing the wrong pants on the wrong day. Too much pressure for this pedant.

Someone who didn’t give too much thought to her underwear was Kate Moss, the super-confident, supermodel known for wearing the transparent Liza Bruce dress to a party in 1993, revealing a pair of low-slung black bikini knickers, bare boobs and little else. Fashionistas will recognise a Trompe l’oeil​ corset dress designed by Antonio Berardi  (spring/summer 2009) worn by Gwyneth Paltrow at a red carpet event in Paris, an Ellie Saab ‘lingerie dress’ worn by actress Mila Kunis and a wicker dress designed by Dolce & Gabbana.

A Brief History of Underwear, celebrates the evolution of underwear, but more than that, it causes us to question our own feelings about body image, nudity, sexuality… and the scars from paper pants.


How to choose the right bra

A poll of 2,000 women plus size satin lingerie conducted by specialist retailer Sweatshop has revealed that many women do not wear bras because they are uncomfortable. The average British woman owns nine bras, but over half go unworn, so it’s time to revamp how we shop for bras.

Here’s how to choose the right lingerie:

Get fittedWhether you’ve had a breast augmentation procedure or are naturally blessed, it’s essential to get measured. Research suggests women are embarrassed to have their bra fitted, but there’s really nothing to worry about. You don’t have to take your bra off and you will be left alone to change into the bra you want to try on. A highly-trained bra-fitting assistant will make sure you leave with a quality bra and will ensure you’re in the right size. Underwear differs from brand-to-brand, so it’s wise to speak to someone who knows the products.

Try every bra onOnce you know your size for a particular brand, it’s time to start trying some lingerie on. Look for designs you like, or (if you don’t want to keep getting undressed) ask a shop assistant to bring you several bras to you. Always test the bra for size and adjust all the straps until it’s comfortable. Twist, turn, jump and move around the changing room to make sure it feels good enough to wear on a daily basis. Ensure there are no scratchy bits and check for loose threads and poor-quality needlework – after all, bras can be expensive.

Stock up if you know something’s comfortableIf you think you’ve found a decent bra, take it home and wear it for a full day. If it causes you no problems, go back to the store and buy several more in different colours. Finding quality lingerie can be a challenge, so take the time to stock up your lingerie draw. Make sure you’re buying the right size and leave the store with a smile on your face knowing that you’ve just bought luxurious undergarments. Never buy a bra without trying it on and avoid buying in bulk before testing a product out thoroughly – as first opinions can be deceiving. If you’ve have had breast implants through a breast enlargement operation, opt for a t-shirt bra with plenty of support and avoid underwire bras which can catch on scars.

Buy bras to match your clothesLook your best throughout 2012 by buying bras that match your clothes. There’s no point in buying white bras if all your clothes are black – particular if you often wear spaghetti tops. Similarly, if you’re looking to wear a bra with a strapless dress, make sure the undergarment is also strapless. It may sound simple, but it can be easy to buy the wrong thing. Never buy bras that are in open boxes (as their might be a different product inside) and check that all straps are included in the price (if varieties are offered).

Choosing the right plus size satin lingerie bra should be fun, so take your time!


Caprice Has Been Busy. New Valentines Lingerie Bedding.

Just before she plus size satin lingerie heads off to join Channel 4’s The Jump, model and entrepreneur Caprice has launched a new range of lingerie called JJLux By Caprice and once you’re done dressing yourself you can dress your bedroom in some gorgeous bedding from By Caprice Home.

Now I must admit, I stare at lingerie pretty much all day so its the bedding that’s really taken my eye, just lovely and you can see a bunch of images and video below.

Let do the bedding first as you’ll be able to create a lovely looking boudoir in a variety of stunning shades, prints and textures. The silky bedding sets have names like Animale and Butterfly and are designed to create a special space where you and your other can relax and unwind. The full range includes duvets, pillowcases, boudoir cushions, runners and curtains.

Onto the lingerie and as always Caprice delights us with some pretty and seductive styles that will work well when you drape yourself over the bedding. Expect soft pastels, prints and elegant black hues.

Our favourite is the plus size satin lingerie Gabriella Bralette that features lots of gorgeous lace and a wide band. Second favourite is the Animal Print Bralette that manages to combine pretty lace and dangerous animal print at the same time.



11 best lingerie sets

Before you buy underwear for plus size satin lingerie anyone it’s important to consider the type of undies the woman in your life will favour. Is she the girly type? Does she keep things classic or prefer a shot of colour? You can find all these answers in her delicates drawer.

Having a snoop at what she already owns is a great way to get the lowdown on her unmentionables – most importantly you can find out her size, favourite colours and preferred style. Generally, there are three main styles for you to consider: full cup (these offer the most coverage and support); balcony (these have a boosting effect); and plunge (these push the breasts together to create a cleavage). Of course, while most women navigate through a small roster of much-loved undies, the odd surprise can really give her that feel-good-factor, just be sure not to stray too far from the norm.

Luxe lingerie isn’t just for lovebirds, though. If you’re a single lady but still want to invest in a new set of undies this season then why not buy something to treat yourself? It’s time to officially ditch those tired pants.

1. Ann Summers Celia Underwire Bra and Thong: Bra £26 and thong £14, Ann Summers

This luxe-looking set from Ann Summers offers the ideal balance between sultry and sweet. The floral appliqué detailing in a rich red colour contrasts perfectly with the soft, sheer cup, offering coverage where needed. The bra itself is designed with balcony cups for a natural lift and comes in sizes 30B-38DD. It’s paired with a delicate thong that continues the ciré lace pattern and has a small satin bow. You can add on a suspender belt. It’s also available in plum and black.

2. Asos Premium Gracie Strapy Underwire Bra & Brazilian Pant: Bra £28, brief £14, Asos

If you’re after something a little different, then this cherry red set is a head turner. Both the underwired bra and briefs feature thick, elasticated strapping in a graphic crossover design that hints at the erotic while upholding a sense of modesty. The rest of the cup is crafted with semi-sheer mesh, no padding and is available in sizes 30A – 36D. This carries through to the briefs which are finished with a Brazilian cut and multi-strapping at the sides. A triangle bra and thong are also available in this design.

3. Janet Reger Black Lace Strap Body: £36, Debenhams

Opting for a bodysuit like this one is great for switching up your look and also works wonders for those that can be a little tummy conscious. The dark pink halter neck design sits prettily over the chest with delicate floral lace detailing that continues over the rest of the body. It’s classic and understated but still revealing. The bottom half is designed with a Brazilian style brief that also comes fitted with popper fastenings, making it easy to put on and take off.

4. Next Print Phoebe Light Padded Balcony Bra and Lace Brazilian Briefs: Bra £30 and briefs £14, Next

For women with larger busts, finding a lingerie set that fits well, flatters and doesn’t cost a fortune can be tricky but this floral option from Next covers all bases. It’s available in sizes 30DD-38G and has lightly padded cups and secure, stretchy straps that won’t dig into the shoulders. The bra is balcony style, offering natural lift and you get roses in muted hues on the silk cups and a lace trim. The matching briefs come in size 6 to 18 and if you’re feeling generous you can gift the coordinating robe too.

5. Bluebella Ella Soft Cup Bra and Ella Brief: Bra £28 and brief £16, Bluebella

If the woman in your life isn’t afraid of a bit plus size satin lingerie of colour, then Valentine’s is the perfect opportunity to invest in some ruby undies. With such a vivid hue, we think it’s best to keep the design simple, so a soft-cup triangle bra like this one from Brit brand Bluebella is ideal. The delicate lace and satin under-bust band makes it a really comfortable fit but if a little more support is needed it does come in a plunge style too. The matching red briefs have the same satin detailing as the bra, with lace detailing on the rear. Available in sizes small to extra-large, the online size guide gives you a breakdown of back and cup sizes so this shouldn’t leave you feeling too confused.


Alice – plus size satin lingerie complete with contour palette and waist-training corset

Being a woman isn’t easy in 2016. plus size satin lingerie Alice – complete with contour palette and waist-training corset – is firmly through the looking-glass. These days, a casual look is one involving only four shades of eyeshadow and “no-makeup selfies” are edited with the ruthlessness of quality control at a Barbie factory. As terrifying as many aspects of this seemingly limitless quest for physical perfection are, I’m increasingly more concerned about the impact on the inside of our heads, than the contents of our bank accounts.

It’s no surprise that young women’s self-image is so low on our list of priorities. Society reflects this apparent lack of importance, treating the issues of body hatred and insecurity as the frivolous concerns of image-obsessed airheads. Until we take seriously the impossible demands placed on their bodies and minds, young women will continue to suffer.

Another shot from the New Zealand brand featuring the Girls co-starsWith this in mind, Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke’s appearance in the Lonely Girls project of unretouched lingerie photography couldn’t have come sooner. Whether you love or loathe her, Dunham’s Girls is perhaps the most realistic portrayal of 21st femininity, replete with all its contradictions. It’s a joy to see the writer-director, alongside co-star Kirke, bringing her refreshingly un-Photoshopped appeal into Lonely Girl’s honest and beautiful campaign. Perched on the edge of a bath, or applying each other’s lipstick, they display the uncritical, sisterly intimacy that brought Girls so close to our hearts.

The power of these photographs is plus size satin lingerie  that Dunham and Kirke aren’t asking anything of the viewer. They aren’t forcing their audience to compare their own bodies to sleek, glowing limbs and the impossible magic of a blur tool and a skilful picture editor. They’re not offering a solution to a perceived physical problem. Boobs too small? Too big? Too lumpy? Lopsided? Shell out £40 to be transformed into a lithe fem-bot clone of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. In fact, they aren’t even asking you to find them attractive. They are simply being themselves, and when you or I sit in our bra and knickers on the loo cutting our toenails, we look very much the same.


Agent Provocateur launches new lingerie collection with sexy film ‘Le Salon’

Luxury lingerie brand plus size satin lingerie Agent Provocateur introduces its autumn/winter 2014 collection in yet another raunchy video entitled ‘Le Salon’.

The film is set inside an exclusive salon, which with plush pink walls, leopard print chairs, silken cushions, velvet curtains, mirrors and a cryptic edge makes reference to the iconic hedonistic clubs of the seventies.

The British lingerie label is famous for its risqué promotional videos. A recent short film directed by actress Penelope Cruz for L’Agent, the brand’s sister line, was banned from YouTube after it was deemed too saucy. ‘Le Salon’ is no different.

It opens with a model making an entrance through the ‘stage door’ in slow motion.

A duo of blonde models showcase the alluring collection in the typically glamorous style of the lingerie house.

The nine clips highlight plus size satin lingerie the ‘house rules’, which range from ‘no reservations’ and ‘inhibitions discouraged’ to ‘curiosity encouraged.’


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