Valentines Day lingerie guide for men: Would she like it? What size? Which design?

It won’t have plus size satin lingerie escaped your notice that stores are sporting lavish amounts of heart-shaped wares because, of course, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching.

To some, this means reservations for two, oversized teddy bears and flowers but, for others, something more desirable is to be had – lingerie.

Quite unlike any other Valentine’s gift, lingerie is as ripe with potential as it is fraught with risk.

Read more11 best Valentine’s Day lingerie setsFor starters, introducing a lacy bra and panties at the beginning of a relationship isn’t always the right choice but, that being said, it does show that you’ve paid attention by knowing what she looks good in.

There’s no shortage of undies on the rails at this time of year but, for the unseasoned shopper that can make for quite the quandary.

Alas, just like us ladies, not all lingerie is created equal so your first port of call is to know her size.

Now, this might sound like an obvious, even condescending statement, but it is the cardinal rule lingerie shopping.

Your best bet is to have plus size satin lingerie  a rummage through her drawers as this will give you an exact idea of size she takes. While knowing she’s a size 14 will work for the knickers, bra’s require more stealthy investigation.

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