Home automation, safety, comfort: crossed visions on gate motorisation

Motorizing its portal has become commonplace but what explains such a craze? Here are the answers.


The portal, an opening on home automation

According to customer who often uses gate motorization, we can know that gate motorization is a very popular product:


“We’re a small store and we sell about 50 engines a year on our own,” he says.

The gate is also a first step towards home automation: “Unlike some products, gate drives are really part of home automation. Thanks to this, you can control your portal with a smart phone or a tablet. The advantage, when you are not at home, is simple. You can let a friend into your home from a distance. No need to spend your money on extra remote control kit, just download a free application to your smart phone.

home automation

For a fan of new technologies, the home automation aspect is precisely what attracts her and explains: “I love modernity and the gadget side”, before her companion adds “we especially want to be lazy! “.


The young woman knows that she needs to motorize her garage and explains that she parks in the street simply because it is not equipped, but something prevents her from doing so: “It would be simple, I would have already bought it but I do not think I can install it alone,” she explains.


Do I need special skills to install a gate operator? Not really according to the customer who believes that a person who tinkers from time to time can install it alone. However, he recognizes that in some complex cases, it is preferable to have recourse to a professional.


When motorization goes hand in hand with safety

Somebody did not have any particular difficulty fixing his engine. If he chose to equip himself, it is for a very particular reason: “I did not equip myself in motorization for my comfort but rather for concern for safety. I want to protect myself from carjacking, because when you get out of your car to open the gate, someone can steal it at any time,” he says.

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However, the shop nuances this purpose for a gate operator: “The gate operator is not considered a safety. Motorized long distance wireless relay shutters are already more in this perspective because they can simulate presence and a closed shutter is virtually impossible to open from the outside.


As for reliability, the manufacturer is rather confident: “I’m not really afraid it’ll break down, there’s always security. The house that rebels against its owner is fiction, right? “he jokes.

Home Automation: An Important Role in Our life

In the explosive growth of the connected object market, the field of home automation and electronic products is also constantly innovating. Home automation brings together all the electronic and computer technologies and technologies, as well as telecommunication means, to automate and improve the tasks within the home so that lighting has considerable comfort. For example, energy, heating, water supply, opening and closing etc.


What does home automation mean?

There is a specific item for each requirement. In fact, it can be programmed based on remote control relay devices that you wish to simplify management. There is no real limit to home automation and everything can be automated through this innovation.

These tasks may also be related to comfort, energy saving or safety.

home automation

Each action can also be automatically controlled, such as planning or control module (remote control, touch screen, smart phone…)

Home automation allows improving everyday life by promoting specific tasks first, and to integrate today’s technology directly into the family center.


Home automation, how does it work?

There are several technologies for home automation. The principle of each of them is to communicate equipment between them.

For example: The sensor indicates that the living room window is open. The living room radiator automatically shuts off after 30 seconds to avoid unnecessary heating.

Among all these technologies, we can distinguish three main types:

Power line technology (this technology uses the existing EDF network and allows minimal work in the home). : CPL.

Radio wave technology (where elements communicate with each other via radio waves: WiFi, Bluetooth, 433 MHz…)

Owner cable technology (CAN bus, 1-Wire bus…)


Although long range wireless relay home automation is in full swing, today it is still very expensive and requires some user confidence. Despite this, sales arguments are still convincing: significant savings in energy, total control over the cabin and real deterrence against thieves. Design your lights and act as a deterrent when no one is at home. .

Automatic doors: advantages and disadvantages

At present, more and more people decide to choose automatic doors. The enthusiasm of individuals to install automatic doors has prompted professional automation companies to propose more and more diverse portal models. In general, the choice of doors and models depends entirely on the building’s architectural style. The portal has become an important decorative element in the promotion of real estate. This situation is pushing portal manufacturers to provide tailored portals to better meet the needs of their customers. In addition, motors are more and more efficient and adapt to each type of opening. Although there are many advantages to installing a power door,


The benefits of installing an automatic door

Everyone is free to surround his property and choose the type of gate that suits his open system. In the past, manual opening was very popular with individuals, but for some time now, as more and more people entered the modern era, many people decided to close the door. Automatic opening is more convenient than manual opening. To open and close, you will no longer need to leave your car. You only need to use your door remote control. As a result, precious time can be saved through motorization. In terms of security, automatic doors have advantages over manual doors. No one can open the portal again. Only users with a long range wireless remote control or portal open code can access and leave the hotel. In order to better control the identity of the entrance personnel; simply install a walkie-talkie or surveillance camera on the portal. Finally, in order to avoid the risk of accidents during closure, the electric door can be equipped with an obstacle detector.

automation system

Disadvantages of installing automatic doors

Admittedly, automatic doors provide more comfort than manually opened portals; however, comfort comes at a price. The installation of the remote control switch is more expensive than ordinary doors, especially if it is decided to install the video surveillance and motion sensor systems mentioned above.

How do I switch my wired roller shutter to wireless?

You have a roller shutter or an automatic blind? Tired of using the switch to order it? Know that it is now possible to change to wireless if you want to optimize your comfort. In this way, opening and closing can be done remotely with a remote control. Find out in this article how you can do it.

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Wired and wireless roller shutters: what’s the difference?

First of all, the difference between these two types of shutters lies in the way they are controlled. Indeed, for the wire roller shutter, its automation is activated by means of a switch fixed to the wall. The advantage of this model is that it is more reliable, but to open or close it, you have to move to the long range wireless switch. Moreover, installing such equipment is not as easy, especially for those who are not good at electricity. This is why it is more advantageous to use a wireless roller shutter. The specificity of the latter is that it is managed by means of a radio remote control. The automated system is already connected to a radio wave receiver receiving the signal. The advantage of using a roller shutter or a remote-controlled blind is that it is more practical since it is no longer necessary to move around if you wish to open it. Just press the button on the remote control to operate the actuator. And the most interesting thing is that it is possible to centralize several shutters or automatic blinds under a single control point.


The radio kit, the essential accessory to change a shutter or a blind into wireless

Converting a wired roller shutter into a wireless one is not complicated. All you need is a radio kit for shutters and blinds. It is a kit generally formed by a rf transmitter and receiver kit. With such equipment, the switch is no longer useful since it is replaced by this remote control device.


One day if you lose your remote control or if it is broken, you can get a new one. To do this, you just need to know the frequency of your old beep. Note that the most common frequency is 433.92 MHz. And finally, to benefit from quality equipment, there is nothing more advantageous than to bet on the one of good brand.

Some tips about infrared alarm

With the development of science and technology and economy, the use of alarms has become more widespread. Infrared alarm is one of them.

wireless control

There are two kinds of infrared alarm active and passive. The active infrared alarm is an alarm device that actively emits infrared rays. When the infrared beam hits an obstacle, it will bounce back and be received by the probe of the alarm wireless remote control device. If the probe detects that the infrared is stationary, that is, it continuously emits red lines and continues to bounce, the alarm will not alarm. When a moving object violates this invisible red line, the probe will detect an abnormality and an alarm will be issued.


Infrared alarm device uses advanced wireless digital remote sensing high-frequency technology and microcomputer CPU controller. After the host is installed at the place of protection, it is set in the armed state. Once a thief breaks into the protection zone, the detector immediately transmits a wireless coded signal to the host. When the host receives the signal, a siren alarm is issued immediately. At the same time, the host, neighbor, community security, relatives, and friends are automatically called to notify the setting. The landline or mobile phone is in alarm. The system has the advantages of sensitive detection, strong anti-interference, accurate and reliable alarm, easy installation and operation, etc. It is a practical new type home/commercial anti-theft alarm product (optional: wireless smoke detector, wireless gas probe, wireless rf transmitter , roller shutter magnetic, wireless emergency button, signal repeater, etc.).


In addition to being used in public places such as shopping malls, hotels, and office buildings, it can also be applied to families with children or the elderly. In some cases, alarms can sound faster and protect children and the elderly.

The Benefits of Having a Wireless Home Alarm

Today, insecurity is such that it has become essential to protect oneself in every possible way against burglaries. In concrete terms, why equip yourself with a wireless home alarm?

rf wireless

The home alarm: a deterrent function

Having a home alarm system is very important because it tends to deter burglars when planning their misdeeds. Indeed, it is necessary to know that the criminals want to act in all tranquility not to be caught in flagrante delicto. Obviously, a home alarm system does not make their task any easier, quite the contrary. For example, they are much more hesitant when they see a surveillance camera pointed at the main entrance or a flash siren on the front of the house. For example, 95% of burglars turn back when they find that their target is protected by a home alarm.


Installing a home alarm is within everyone’s reach

In the past, alarm systems were inaccessible to the general public because an installer had to be hired to connect the alarm and configure it properly. Today, the development of technology has made it possible to install one’s own home alarm, provided it is a wireless alarm. Indeed, the operation consists only in fixing the alarm unit in a well clear place, and it then communicates automatically with the various detectors within the house via a wireless and secured radio connection. Even when moving, the plug and play character of the alarm allows quick and easy uninstallation and reinstallation.

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Wireless home alarm has become an affordable system

Today, wireless remote control home alarms have become so popular that almost every household can get them, which was not the case a few years ago. Indeed, these are alarm systems that do not require any subscription and for which the investment is limited to the acquisition of the necessary equipment, namely the wireless alarm unit as well as the various detectors for presence, opening, etc.


A presence at all times

It is totally false to think that a home alarm is no longer as effective when there is no one in the house. Indeed, most systems are equipped with a GSM rf transmitter, which warns the owners as soon as a problem is detected, at the same time as the alarm is triggered.