How do wireless remotes work?

No matter what the brand is, the remote can work in IR (IR) or RF (RF). Do you know the exact operation of radio remote control or radio frequency?

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Like infrared remote controls, wireless remote controls send signals to the device that they are supposed to control. The transmitter of these remote controls consists of a keyboard, an electronic part and a transducer. Equipped with numerous keys, the keyboard allows the user to initiate an action. As for the electronic part of the remote control, it usually consists of one or two integrated circuits, whose mission is to generate frequency signals. When the user presses a button on the remote control, the transducer emits a signal that is received by the receiver transducer and triggers the desired action. In wireless remote controls,  radio frequency is responsible for transmitting the signals. The carrier is therefore the radio frequency.

  • Advantages of radio frequency remote controls

The wireless remote control has a longer range than an infrared remote control. remote control waves can also cross all obstacles such as doors, curtains and even walls. Even in the event of obstacles, this will not interfere with the operation of the remote control. And the most interesting thing is that the waves can diffuse in all directions. Even if you’re aiming for your ceiling, you can still turn your TV off! Very surprising, isn’t it?

By choosing a universal model, you gain more convenience. With such a model, even if your devices are in different rooms, you only have to press a single button to order them.

  • Radio frequency remote control, where to get it?

Whether you’re thinking of buying an original or universal model, buy your rf controller online to save time. On the web, in just a few clicks, you will discover a very large choice of remote controls. The price may vary depending on the site and model of your choice. By comparing the different offers, you can benefit from a remote control with a good value for money.