Roller shutters: comfort and durability

Roller shutters have become very popular in recent years. Indeed, today they adapt to all types of openings and all styles. But you still have to choose them well…

Designed to meet several requirements such as comfort, safety, insulation, aesthetics, etc… Roller shutters are today sources of savings and are easy to control, according to your dimensions and tastes.

long range radio transmitter and receiver

Roller shutter: an insulating and secure closure

The roller shutter is a modern home closure that has many advantages compared to other systems.

Waterproof, it completely closes your home, and insulates your house from the cold, creating an inert air gap between the outside and the window glass. The locking system at the bottom supports the door leaf at the bottom and prevents air from passing through. In windy conditions, it also reduces vibration noises.

In addition, the shutter secures your home, especially in Aluminum version. The rigid blades inserted in the lateral guides slow down intrusion attempts. Burglars prefer less effective security systems and move on.

The roller shutter families: PVC and aluminum blades

PVC roller shutters are made from PVC, and have a hollow honeycomb structure. Their shape is studied to combine the best possible rigidity, while keeping a minimal space requirement when the roller shutter is rolled up. For aluminum roller shutters, the slats consist of a lacquered and profiled aluminum outer casing, and filled with polyurethane insulating foam. The aluminum envelope makes it possible to obtain a very important palette of colors, with an excellent behavior in time.

In addition to offering a wide range of colors, aluminum slats have a much higher rigidity than PVC slats and can be used to produce wide roller shutters (up to 4.00 m with suitable aluminum slats).

Choosing electric also means choosing comfort

To guarantee maximum comfort, it is recommended to opt for electric roller shutters (wired or radio). Simply press the button to close and open your roller shutters. In addition to the practical side, they have many advantages, particularly for safety reasons: in fact, the electric system also benefits from a blocking system that is triggered if an outside break-in attempt is detected… The Must!

Renovation, traditional or for veranda, the manufacturers widen more and more their range to manufacture more and more innovative shutters. Thus, from a simple roller shutter, you can integrate a screen, a vertical blind or a projection.

Particularly appreciated in summer, find the comfort of an electric roller shutter as well as effective protection against mosquitoes with the Mosquito Screen roller shutter.

Or even against the sun with the roller shutter: enjoy a roller shutter combined with a vertical solar blind, all in a compact box. The blind prevents the use of air conditioning and overheating of rooms exposed to the sun. And in the evening the roller shutter takes over to ensure insulation against the cold and minimize heating consumption.

Finally, combine comfort and sun protection thanks to the projection roller shutter: it unfolds in Italian projection by simply using the long range radio transmitter and receiver. So you no longer need to approach the window, or even lean out.

And also, you can equip your veranda today with roller shutters. It has been specially designed to fit into gutters. Self-supporting and without side shift, it is 100% clip-on. It therefore facilitates installation and reduces work time.

Centralizing roller shutters

Centralizing the roller shutters allows all the shutters in the house to be controlled from a single control point. Very practical as soon as there are many roller shutters in the house. Many configurations exist in wire or radio depending on your execution possibilities…

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Why install a centralization of roller shutters?

You can install a centralization of the roller shutters for comfort. Depending on the model you choose, you can open or close your shutters from a single location in your home or even from a smartphone. You can also program, create scenarios and even control the shutters according to their zone (night corner and day corner)… In short, a multitude of applications for the benefit of your comfort!

The centralization of roller shutters also makes it possible to secure the home. For example, by creating a “when I leave home, all the shutters close” scenario, you are sure to forget none!

What types of roller shutters can be centralized?

Electric roller shutters are either wired or radio operated. That is to say, either they are connected to a local switch with wires, or by radio link. If they’re wired, no problem! Normally all centralization models are compatible with wire connections between the centralized control and the shutters. Sometimes it is enough to add a radio module to the wired control.

If the roller shutters are already managed by radio, then there may be centralization models available from the roller shutter manufacturer. The radio protocols are very often locked so that the centralization is not bought from the competitor manufacturer!

Which roller shutter centralization model to choose?

The wired centralization allows, by means of electrical wire and specific modules, to connect the switches concerned to a single roller shutter switch.

Centralization of roller shutters by radio: this is achieved by installing a radio micro receiver module at each roller shutter. So you can control them via the wired switch locally and individually, and also via radio from transmitters of all kinds! Depending on the brand and product model you choose, you can have all kinds of transmitters! Like a long distance remote control, a switch, a central screen that can make scenarios (shutter 1 half open when shutter 2 closed…) and programming, or via a smartphone or a remote or local tablet…

Anyway! A multitude of products for centralizing roller shutters exist… It’s up to you to choose the model that suits you best! Of course taking into account compatibility and scalability for radio models.

Dishwasher operation

Few everyday objects seem necessary as a dishwasher can be. This invention dates from the 19th century, and what happiness following the meals not to have to wash but simply to store his dishes, and to press the button of walk in a joyful sigh. Who invented it, and how does your dishwasher work?

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History of the dishwasher

The invention of the dishwasher dates from the 19th century, as early as 1850, Joël Houghton invents and creates a hand-operated wooden machine projecting soapy water onto plates. Its modernization was made by Josephine Cochrane, belonging to a wealthy family of the time, who invented a machine capable of washing without damaging its porcelains. Legend has it that one of her domestic workers broke one of the objects in her china set, so she forbade anyone else to touch it. Being rich, it was also not possible for her to do it herself, so she invented the dishwasher after exclaiming, “If no one wants to invent a dishwasher, I will do it myself!”. Following the death of her husband she founded the Garis-Cochrane Dish-Washing Machine Company, which was later acquired by KitchenAid, which still produces dishwashers and other household appliances today.

Her first model was presented at the 1893 World’s Fair in Chicago, where she won an award.

Its model, because of its size and price, was therefore not accessible to the general public, and was of particular interest to hotels and restaurants. It was not until about 1950 that the dishwasher appeared in private households.

Dishwasher operation

Once your dishes are loaded into your appliance, it first drains out any dirty water that may drip from your cutlery or dishes. A remote control water valve then leads the water into the device until the required water level is reached, before the actual washing can begin. The water is heated and sent into your dishwasher through the propellers that project it, while the detergent tank opens so that the cleaning product mixes with the water and passes well over all your utensils. The dirty water is then drained through the drain hose of your appliance. One or more cycles of cold water are then launched into your appliance to properly rinse all your cutlery and dishes, then a rinse with hot water is performed again. Your dishwasher then dries in its tank, and you can then collect and store your washed dishes.

Your dishwasher programs

As for the linen, each dish has a program of predilection to be the cleanest, or not to leave traces on your dishes.

The washing at 40° (called economic washing)

This type of program allows you to wash your fragile dishes, while saving on your electric bill. However, this type of washing is not always sufficient if your dishes are very dirty.

Washing at 50° C

This program is the most commonly used, making it possible to wash even dirty dishes well, while not consuming too much electricity.

Washing at 60° C

This wash makes it possible to clean your crockery even very dirty, following dishes in sauce or a crockery which dates from several days. It is not recommended for your fragile dishes, such as crystal or porcelain that it could damage or break. This intensive dishwasher program guarantees clean dishes.

Operating instructions for copying remote control

Your gate or garage door remote control has stopped working? Or out of concern for misplacing your original remote control, you want to equip yourself with an identical remote control? And as we all already know, each portal beep has its own brand, frequency and type of programming (by self-learning, by switch coding or by registration in the receiver). In reality, a broken remote control can only be replaced with a remote control of the same model. Unless you invest in a copious remote. The remote control compatible with a large remote control model. And if you already have it, so much the better! In any case, in this article, we reveal how to use it.

long range wireless remote control

A few words about the copier remote control

The copying remote control, as its name suggests, is a remote control for making copies of remote control. This type of remote control is most often used to override any loss of the original remote control. Or in case of replacement of the latter. The main objective of a copying remote control is therefore to duplicate the original remote control via the memorization of its code. In reality, this copy is made via a radio frequency signal. Thanks to a copying remote control, you will be able to copy the existing long range wireless remote control with which you are equipped within your house. With such a device at hand, the expression “Open Sesame” takes on its full meaning. And, as you will have understood, the copious remote control will be especially useful in case of loss or theft of your original remote control.

Method of use itself

Like any other rf remote control, using a copying remote control is quite simple. Only, to be able to take full advantage of this use, i.e. the remote control of your automatic, it will be necessary first to initialize it.

Don’t worry, the copy system is not complicated and you can do it yourself. All you need is the original remote control. To start the copy phase, you must first press both buttons on the copying remote simultaneously until the LED flashes. Then hold down the key used for copying and release the other key. This time the LED goes out. Then place the copying remote and the original remote side by side. Then press and hold the button on the original remote control to be copied until the LED on the copying remote control lights up. This confirms the success of the recording. Finally, release all the keys and you can start testing your copier remote.

In short, do not wait until your remote control gate, garage door, roller shutter, breaks down to make a copy of your remote control. And if you’ve always had a problem using or configuring your copier remote. From now on, that would no longer be the case.

How to choose the right automated roller shutters for your home?

The roller shutter is often available in PVC or aluminum. As advantages, it is a very good insulator and does not need much maintenance, especially as it is weather resistant. The majority of roller shutters are sold with their motorization. However, you need to know how the engine works before you buy.

remote control roller shutter

Types of automatic roller shutters

The motorization of a roller shutter saves time and ensures optimum protection in the event of a break-in. An automatic roller shutter can be electric, wired with a cable that connects the button to the motor, or radio controlled, which does not require a cable. There are also drives using solar energy or ematronic roller shutter drives. The choice can also be oriented on the material of the electric roller shutter, in PVC or aluminum. A PVC roller shutter is cheaper than an aluminum one. Depending on the type of automation, a wired roller shutter is cheaper than a remote control roller shutter.

Electric roller shutter opening systems

The wired control is connected to a wall control, switch type. With the push of a button, you can lower and raise the shutter blades. For the remote-controlled roller shutter, the controls are carried out via radio waves. The opening of the shutters can be controlled remotely. This solution does not damage its walls. We can consider combining the two solutions. When the remote control fails or cannot be found, the wall control can still open the shutters. It is also possible to centralize the controls. If you have several electric roller shutters, you can control all of them with the remote control. This solution also applies to the wired control. For your information, the waves used by the rf remote control are inviolable. A unique code is transmitted by the radio remote control. Another user is not allowed to open his shutters. Moreover, wifi or 3G waves do not disturb this signal. Thus, the locking system stops automatically when it encounters an obstacle. This is to protect both the inhabitants and the mechanics of the motorized roller shutter. In all cases, the electric roller shutter, in addition to providing maximum safety, is robust, durable and easy to use.

Have better security with GSM alarms

Home security has become a major concern. Strengthening the security of a home is the first step in preventing burglaries. That’s why buying a home alarm has become a key part of everyday life. Today, it comes in several forms. Since the arrival of new offers on the market, GSM alarms have met with great success. GSM alarm systems are currently the most reliable and secure.
remote control system

Presentation of GSM alarm systems

The GSM alarm is a mobile system consisting of a central unit, remote control system or keypad, detector and telephone transmitter. It uses the cellular network unlike wired alarms that use a fixed telephone line. The GSM alarm then has its particularity by the presence of the GSM transmitter. The latter includes a SIM card. If an alarm is triggered, the GSM communication module dials the pre-registered telephone number(s) to send an alert to the owner. In general, it is possible to register 4 telephone numbers.

How does the GSM alarm system work?

The operation of a GSM alarm system is based on the central unit, an interface that coordinates all the elements of the device and in particular the transmitter and detectors. In case of intrusion, the GSM module alerts the alarm center which, in return, sends an alert voice message or an SMS according to the numbers selected, thanks to the transmitter. The system alerts the first contact. If the latter does not answer, he leaves a message then alerts the second recipient and so on.

Why choose the GSM alarm system?

The GSM alarm has several advantages. First of all, it ensures better security for the house by alerting the owner in record time in the event of the intrusion. It is the ideal alarm for those who are always absent. It is also the perfect solution for people who do not have a fixed telephone line. It is also the answer to the threat of a power cut or the traditional telephone line or box, since it continues to function even in the event of a power cut.

This new alarm system has a monitoring autonomy of 72 hours. The GSM alarm system can be remotely activated and deactivated. Other elements can be added to this system in order to offer better security at home, including an intercom, a loudspeaker, etc. It is also possible to subscribe to remote monitoring by requesting a specialized company. The GSM alarm is easy to install, not need much work.

How do wireless remotes work?

No matter what the brand is, the remote can work in IR (IR) or RF (RF). Do you know the exact operation of radio remote control or radio frequency?

remote control

Like infrared remote controls, wireless remote controls send signals to the device that they are supposed to control. The transmitter of these remote controls consists of a keyboard, an electronic part and a transducer. Equipped with numerous keys, the keyboard allows the user to initiate an action. As for the electronic part of the remote control, it usually consists of one or two integrated circuits, whose mission is to generate frequency signals. When the user presses a button on the remote control, the transducer emits a signal that is received by the receiver transducer and triggers the desired action. In wireless remote controls,  radio frequency is responsible for transmitting the signals. The carrier is therefore the radio frequency.

  • Advantages of radio frequency remote controls

The wireless remote control has a longer range than an infrared remote control. remote control waves can also cross all obstacles such as doors, curtains and even walls. Even in the event of obstacles, this will not interfere with the operation of the remote control. And the most interesting thing is that the waves can diffuse in all directions. Even if you’re aiming for your ceiling, you can still turn your TV off! Very surprising, isn’t it?

By choosing a universal model, you gain more convenience. With such a model, even if your devices are in different rooms, you only have to press a single button to order them.

  • Radio frequency remote control, where to get it?

Whether you’re thinking of buying an original or universal model, buy your rf controller online to save time. On the web, in just a few clicks, you will discover a very large choice of remote controls. The price may vary depending on the site and model of your choice. By comparing the different offers, you can benefit from a remote control with a good value for money.