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seentiourcio wrote: Try and embark on your hunt for your prom dress ahead of time
You may not have a date yet, but you will want to start looking at fashion magazines as well as outlets as early as three to four months before your prom night. Plan your financial budget for your prom attire and begin saving as soon as possible. Tak (More)
So, you’ve been at work all week and you and the girls have decided it’s time to blow off some steam and head to town. The problem is, you look in your wardrobe and everything’s been on Instagram one too many times. Nightmare, right? Well worry (More)
seentiourcio wrote: Let's Look at Prom Dress Designer Options
Young ladies simply can not go wrong with these designers. Choosing the perfect prom dress is just as important today as it was fifty years ago in the life of a girl, and maybe even more. For many, style is keen and separates the average from the out (More)
seentiourcio wrote: It will give you assurance of getting the best prom dresses with high quality materials as well
Find a boutique or shop that offers dresses that you are looking for with satisfaction and assurance not just for its signature and well known dress stores. Prom Dress Stores, Explained Boutiques or shops are prom dress stores that include arra (More)
seentiourcio wrote: Here's how to shop for your prom dress so that you'll find the best deal on a dress you love
Don't wait until the last minute! Unless your date was too shy to ask you out and you had to wait for him to get the nerve (and he didn't get the nerve until a week before), you should start looking for your perfect prom dress weeks ahead of time so (More)
seentiourcio wrote: There are a number of tips and tricks to ensure that your prom gown is kept in the best possible condition
Before your prom Before your prom you need to take steps to prevent any creases or damage occurring to your gown. Most reputable prom dress retailers will provide complimentary garment bags with their prom dresses. Failing that you can purchase ga (More)
seentiourcio wrote: Here's how to make your look your own on prom night
Quirky Queen What if your style can't be merely defined in a few words? One day you may want to look like a disco diva in a metallic dress and platform boots and the next a child of the 80's in a mismatched, highlighter ensemble with tights and pile (More)
seentiourcio wrote: Find out more about the different types of prom dresses for all types of events
Go with minimal alterations Try to find the special dress that needs minimal alterations. If you have a dress with extensive detail, paillettes or sequins, the actual process of having the alterations carried out can be quite expensive. Plus, it m (More)
seentiourcio wrote: Chi Chi London launches concession in Aylesbury's House of Fraser store
Women's occasionwear brand Chi Chi London have launched a concession at the Aylesbury House of Fraser branch, on of the nine concessions they are opening nationwide. The collections are ideal as party, prom and wedding outfits, using contrasting c (More)