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Diwali is one of the biggest festivals that celebrate in India with great gusto and enthusiasm. It falls on the darkest night yet becomes the brightest night of the year because of the lighted lamps. Diwali is known as festival of lights and row of l (More)
rasmita111 wrote: Best Diwali Gifts for Husband
Love and happiness multiplies when shared. And when it comes to special festivals, then a special consideration for the very special persons of our life is required. If there is festival around then the first consideration of a wife is, impressing he (More)
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Diwali falls on Amavasya in the Kartik month according to Hindu calendar or in the last week of October or starting week of November according to English calendar. The festival of Diwali marks the happy return of lord Rama to Ayodhya after 14yrs of e (More)
rasmita111 wrote: Making the Best of Diwali with Online Gifts
The famous festival of Diwali is almost there, so what is your planning for the event. The festival of diwali is meant to spread a lot of gusto and enthusiasm in the environment. It is a day which is celebrated as a prayer of goodwill and goodluck in (More)
rasmita111 wrote: Most Interesting Diwali Gifts for Kids
Kids their innocent mind is always unaware of the things that are happening around them. What matters for them is fun and enjoyment. No doubt festivals are important for us, because it reminds us our tradition and culture, but if described from the p (More)
rasmita111 wrote: Diwali Gift for Best Friend
Diwali is one amongst the biggest celebrations in India. India is a country well known for its traditions and customs and above this is the festival of India that gives it its unique identity. There are many beautiful celebrations in India that makes (More)
rasmita111 wrote: Five Diwali Decorations for Home
It’s one of the necessary obligations to decorate home on Diwali. The festival of lights brings mirth and merriment in life of people. Happiness in life is very well demonstrated through attractive things at home. There is much significance of the (More)
rasmita111 wrote: Three Special Diwali Attires for Your Wife as Diwali Gift
The festival of Diwali is a great moment of joy and happiness. It is the time when we celebrate the perfectness in togetherness. Diwali is the biggest celebration in India. This famous festival is one amongst the most awaited event in India. There ar (More)
rasmita111 wrote: Best Diwali Gifts for Girlfriend
The festival of Diwali is a moment to cheer with love and happiness. It is the presence of loved ones that makes the occasion more enjoyable. Being celebrated during the approaching winters, the festival brings so much of life in us. The best of the (More)