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eleanormoore wrote: Researcher dresses up like zebra to find out why animal has stripes
Most mammals, Tim Caro says, are “rather boringly colored, drab browns and grays.” But zebras? Far from it. Their stripes are stark, beautiful and decidedly strange, the sort of markings found elsewhere in the animal kingdom typically only on (More)
eleanormoore wrote: How to Dress Well—Without Ever Buying a Single Piece of Clothing
Last year, a friend of mine hosted a clothing swap. There were about 10 women and just a few rules: Bring clothes you want to get rid of. Take the items from your friends' closets that you like, and the rest goes to the local thrift shop. The setup w (More)
formalfashion wrote: Some Inspiration from the French Style Wedding
I really like wedding especially the wedding dresses. They might be the only thing that I will never bored with, of course except the money. HAHA. As the weather is becoming mild and not that hot, most couple schedule their wedding at this fall. Now (More)
bridallook wrote: Emma Watson Rides Ivanka Trump Wave As Belle Dress From ‘Beauty And The Beast’ Gets Released, Boyfriend Will Knight Fades
Emma Watson is trying to have a quiet year off, but seeing how popular she is, that is just impossible. With Beauty and the Beast coming around in 2017 and Ivanka Trump misquoting her, the 26-year-old actress has not been able to have a moment to her (More)
formalfashion wrote: Inspiration from the Italian Wedding
I've heard for long did Italian men are really romantic and gentle. They say lovely words every day. I still remember one thing did my friend Sarah told me Several months ago. She went to buy a mask at Venice for fun and the seller said "My lady, (More)