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eleanormoore wrote: Mark Hamill Zings Himself in Donald Trump Fashion
It seems Mark Hamill is re-entering the cave on Dagobah, but this time he's sparring with someone else: Donald Trump. On Monday, the Star Wars icon zinged himself over Twitter in an attempt to actually make fun of the president-elect. pics:vint (More)
eleanormoore wrote: Look at the fascinating photographs of Liverpool street fashion on display at the Open Eye Gallery
Special edition trainers and cult fashion are on show alongside striking photographs and video in a new show opening at Liverpool’s Open Eye Gallery . North: Identity, Photography, Fashion – which opens tomorrow – celebrates the influence of (More)
eleanormoore wrote: What the data says was the best-selling fashion of 2016
It can be painful, amusing, or inspiring to look back on the way we once vintage prom dresses uk. How history will judge 2016 remains to be seen, but for now, we can glance backward to see what was popular in fashion this year. Retail technology a (More)
eleanormoore wrote: 2016: The year fashion finally grew up
At times, fashion can feel like the Gigi Hadid show. That is, when it's not feeling like the Kendall Jenner show. Thanks to effervescent and relentless use of social media, these two young models have dominated 2016 - so much so that it's easy to for (More)