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eleanormoore wrote: Mark Hamill Zings Himself in Donald Trump Fashion
It seems Mark Hamill is re-entering the cave on Dagobah, but this time he's sparring with someone else: Donald Trump. On Monday, the Star Wars icon zinged himself over Twitter in an attempt to actually make fun of the president-elect. pics:vint (More)
eleanormoore wrote: Look at the fascinating photographs of Liverpool street fashion on display at the Open Eye Gallery
Special edition trainers and cult fashion are on show alongside striking photographs and video in a new show opening at Liverpool’s Open Eye Gallery . North: Identity, Photography, Fashion – which opens tomorrow – celebrates the influence of (More)
eleanormoore wrote: What the data says was the best-selling fashion of 2016
It can be painful, amusing, or inspiring to look back on the way we once vintage prom dresses uk. How history will judge 2016 remains to be seen, but for now, we can glance backward to see what was popular in fashion this year. Retail technology a (More)
eleanormoore wrote: 2016: The year fashion finally grew up
At times, fashion can feel like the Gigi Hadid show. That is, when it's not feeling like the Kendall Jenner show. Thanks to effervescent and relentless use of social media, these two young models have dominated 2016 - so much so that it's easy to for (More)
bridallook wrote: Kareena Kapoor Khan should definitely take style cues from Blake Lively’s post maternity fashion
Kareena Kapoor Khan likes to keep an easy breezy approach towards her fashion picks. No fuss but cute! The royal diva has made fashion her daily routine and has rocked at it. Her maternity fashion has been so on point that we’ve never seen her look (More)
formalfashion wrote: Just Love this Wedding Season
Hi girls, how are you? These days have been very busy but still happy for me. Why? I have went to plenty of weddings, Exactly 3 weddings. I am so glad to be invited to weddings, Because you know that I am a fashion addict, love especially about weddi (More)
formalfashion wrote: Some Inspiration from the French Style Wedding
I really like wedding especially the wedding dresses. They might be the only thing that I will never bored with, of course except the money. HAHA. As the weather is becoming mild and not that hot, most couple schedule their wedding at this fall. Now (More)
bridesmaiddresses wrote: Colorful Bridesmaid Dresses for Spring Bridal Trend 2017
Nowadays, more and more brides prefer to break the tradition from choosing the same bridesmaid dress. And choose more bridesmaid dresses with bursts of color over more traditional short bridesmaid gowns. Instead of being limited to white, ecru or (More)
formalfashion wrote: Brad Pitt’s Ex Wives
All these days, there are thousands of, if not millions of, news pieces about Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and also Jennifer Aniston. Some people think that is just “typical”, which refers to the divorce between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, while (More)
bridesmaiddresses wrote: Top 2017 Bridesmaid Dresses Trends
When I marry my best friend, i choose a short and sassy white lace dress for my bridesmaids. They look pretty. And now I found many gorgeous trends for the 2017 weddings. When I originally chose them, the dress styles were very limited. Sure, there (More)