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beautyhack wrote: Here's How to Make a $250 Wedding Dress Look Insanely High-End
If the average cost of a wedding dress makes you cringe a little ($1,469 in 2015!) allow us to offer a soothing balm: You can wear a dress that costs less than a fifth of that price—and still look like an absolute goddess on your wedding day. To (More)
cwdus2017 wrote: How To Make a Wedding Dress
Everyone seen beautiful and stunning wedding dress, but the production process of wedding dress we must still unclear, with the production process is not the same copy, ok. Let's find out how to make a wedding dress. 1 Design - Design Department s (More)
formalfashion wrote: Just Love this Wedding Season
Hi girls, how are you? These days have been very busy but still happy for me. Why? I have went to plenty of weddings, Exactly 3 weddings. I am so glad to be invited to weddings, Because you know that I am a fashion addict, love especially about weddi (More)
formalfashion wrote: Some Inspiration from the French Style Wedding
I really like wedding especially the wedding dresses. They might be the only thing that I will never bored with, of course except the money. HAHA. As the weather is becoming mild and not that hot, most couple schedule their wedding at this fall. Now (More)
formalfashion wrote: Brad Pitt’s Ex Wives
All these days, there are thousands of, if not millions of, news pieces about Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and also Jennifer Aniston. Some people think that is just “typical”, which refers to the divorce between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, while (More)
formalfashion wrote: Inspiration from the Italian Wedding
I've heard for long did Italian men are really romantic and gentle. They say lovely words every day. I still remember one thing did my friend Sarah told me Several months ago. She went to buy a mask at Venice for fun and the seller said "My lady, (More)
formalfashion wrote: Blush and Sage Kentucky Garden Wedding
Holly and Peter’s super sweet garden wedding at The Bodley-Bullock House combines Southern charm with vintage romance! Using Holly’s blush Stella York bridal gown as color inspiration, the crafty couple’s blush and sage wedding included tons of (More)