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greatyweddings wrote: choosing the prettiest wedding dress is quite important
What do you think about Disney wedding party idea? So lately days people around me were talking about a princessy wedding party like forever. And I'm into the same euphoria up till now. It's because Sandra Dewi, an Indonesian actress, one of my favo (More)
beautyhack wrote: What You Really Need to Know Before You Take Your Kids to a Wedding
In a little more than a month, my younger brother and his wonderful fiancée are finally tying the knot (it's a day I've been hoping for since about five minutes after I met her . . . and saw how great she is with my kids). Their friends are just sta (More)
beautyhack wrote: Down-to-earth Pippa tucks into a Tayto sandwich after pal's wedding in Cork
London's high society descended on west Cork over the weekend as Pippa Middleton's best friend got married in Glengarriff. But despite her lofty royal connections, Kate Middleton's sister proved she was a down-to-earth character at heart as she tu (More)
beautyhack wrote: Couple reunited with wedding pics after NC woman’s thrift store discovery
A couple from Roanoke, Virginia say photos that were found on a flash drive purchased at a Charlotte thrift shop last week belong to them. Kathy Feaster says she was shopping at the Community Thrift Store on Freedom Drive last Friday, looking for (More)
beautyhack wrote: Buzzards Bay Couple Wins Boston Library Wedding
After seeing “Beauty and the Beast” as a child, Katherine M. Sorensen-Young of Buzzards Bay told her mother that she wanted her future husband to give her a library, just like the Beast did for Belle. While Benjamin W. Sorensen-Young has yet t (More)
beautyhack wrote: RNLI emergency call out interrupts wedding
The wedding reception of Cullercoats RNLI helmsman Ben Bradshaw and his new wife Kim was interrupted on Saturday (17th June) when the volunteer crews’ pagers - who were guests at the wedding - summoned them to launch their lifeboat... during the we (More)
beautyhack wrote: Primark has unveiled a brand new wedding lingerie collection
As the wedding season approaches quickly, budget brides will be searching for lingerie that looks high end but without the price tag. Lingerie is a crucial element to any wedding wardrobe. However, this is often reflected in the sickly price tag. (More)
beautyhack wrote: Brooks Ann Camper’s Wedding Garb is Custom-Made, But It’s Hardly Customary
For almost a century, Hillsborough's Eno River Mill was a large textile mill with on-site housing for its employees. Today, like much of the Piedmont's former industrial infrastructure, it's an artfully preserved commercial development full of busine (More)