It’s that time of the year again

That time of the year when your head is buried in a seed catalogue, deciding what to grow next year.
I still have no idea where I am going to be living next year so I will be container growing again. This limits me but I will still be growing potatoes. I have kept about 30 small potatoes from this year’s crop, as seeds for next year. That will save me having to buy any more seed potatoes.
I eat a lot of onions and shallots so they’ll be on the list. Onions will have to be planted within the next couple of weeks, if I am to get big bulbs next autumn. As long as I travel to my new destination afore spring then I can keep the onion seedlings in seed trays until then. Shallots can be sown next year.
My salad greens can be grown from spring onwards, as they are relatively fast growers and don’t need to be grown until I have moved.
Other than that, I won’t be growing anything that takes up a lot of space or has deep roots and can’t be container grown. I need mobile vegetables that can be moved around in a trailer when it is time to move.

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