Just Another Monday

Today has been the typical Monday all day long it seems. I started my day off by oversleeping. Then I spent my time at work in one of those type hazes where you are there but in truth only in the physical sense. Still I survived it and that is all that matters. By all accounts for me Monday will be over in only a short while. Then it will be a new day and a chance to start over with Tuesday.

I have been gearing up for April. I have mentally figured out my word count limit for each post. I know it’s the best thing for me to do since I have a habit of writing like I talk…a lot! So I have placed on my self a limit of 750 words each day. That gives me a little wiggle room on the days I feel chatty and at the same time it also gives everyone a chance to read fast and still be able to read the others who are also writing.

I was going to go with an underline theme of sorts. Maybe one that is a month of flash fiction or poetry. I decided that I would be limiting myself in the worse way. So instead I will sprinkle in a little bit of everything. I wanted to be able to show the different sides to my writing as well as have a little bit of something for everyone to read.
Well I need to go for now. I have set myself on a bit of a schedule and I am doing my best to keep to it as much as I can today. I hope everyone else is having a good Monday and a great week.

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