PM wholesale halloween costumes Netanyahu: Land Contiguity From Maale Adumim To Jerusalem


In his address at the wholesale halloween costumes  annual memorial ceremony for late Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin held on Mount Herzl, the Prime Minister made a speech in which he mentioned Rabin’s legacy and the consensus on the subject. His vision was created more than two decades after his murder.

“The shocking murder of Prime  Halloween Costumes Outlet Minister Yitzhak Rabin, gfdsgsdfhghfdgs a commander and a leader with many rights, has put us to the test of the fundamental danger of self-destruction and the breakdown of the threads of democracy. From the depths of national memory there were acts of violence – one hand in the other – that left a deep wound in the psyche of the nation. The assassination of Rabin requires condemnation of violence wherever it is – and even more so of violence aimed at public leaders.”

“Freedom of debate and freedom of expression must be preserved – woe to us if it is not, but violence, never for we are absolutely committed to the basic democratic rule: national decisions are made at the ballot box, and only these are agreed principles for delineating the public debate. After Rabin’s assassination, I want to focus not on delineating the debate, but on the essence of the debate – the fundamental debate about our political future.”

“In my opinion, and in complete contradiction to the prevailing opinion, today there is broad agreement on the matter, not complete, not absolute, but very broad, and it cannot be absolute because Israel is not a totalitarian regime in which everyone should agree on everything. I quoted Cicero about the Jews, about our argumentative character, which he had stood for two millennia ago, but within the debate there is broad national consensus, in which the majority agrees with most things.e of the terror attack in Manhattan, and expressed my condolences, and said that he is inspired by the way we confront the waves of terrorism.

“Yitzhak Rabin said the same thing: He warned against the increased use of Palestinian territories to launch terror attacks against us, and therefore, in his speech to the Knesset, a month before the assassination, Rabin insisted on the need to hold in our hands parts of the homeland that at the same time serve as strategic security assets, never to return to the pre- June 4, 1967 boundaries. The Palestinians, he said, would be able to lead independent lives in their own “entity” – and in his formulation, he said: “an entity that is less than a state.

“I do not think that Rabin has assumed that the ultimate responsibility for security and practical responsibility for security will remain in our hands in every situation – in the entire territory west of the Jordan River. This is my position, and that is the position of most Israeli citizens.

“The wonderful quote we heard about security, the importance of security, the superiority of security – this is not a statement from the outside, but expresses the essence of the responsibility of every government for its citizens … Our responsibility to manage security, as the capital of Israel, under Israeli sovereignty, and this is my position, and this is the position of most of the citizens of Israel.

“He emphasized that Jerusalem would include Maale Adumim to the east and Givat Ze’ev to the north, and that we would establish land contiguity and the Gush Etzion bloc, which will be added as a result of changes in the area.

“Rabin has consistently stated that the eastern security border of the State of Israel will be placed in the Jordan Valley. The Jordan Valley he said in its broad sense, and this is my position, and this is the position of most of the citizens of Israel.

“This was before the rise of radical Islam and the flood that is raging in the Middle East, with countries collapsing one after the other, and there is no more minimal legend than this statement about our security belt from the east … Rabin reiterated his commitment not to uproot any settlement from the framework of the interim agreement. To uproot people from their homes, not Jews, and not Arabs, and I believe that this is not only my position, but the position of most Israeli citizens.

“Ten years after Rabin’s death, we uprooted settlements in Gush Katif, and what we got in return for tunnels and missiles, we had to go out to three operations to establish security in the Gaza vicinity, and we are dealing with this challenge as we saw this week. Those wishing to harm us, we will harm them. The reason the Palestinians are unwilling to reach an agreement is not because of these positions, because with creativity, it is possible to reach an agreement. The reason lies in one basic thing: they have not yet accepted the right of existence of the State of Israel.”

Jerusalem Sexy Clubwear Father of 13 Drowns in Mikveh


The Mekor Baruch community was shaken on Monday Sexy Clubwear to learn of the passing of beloved family of 13 Rav Moshe Ze’ev Dror zt”l.

Rabbi Dror was immersing in the mikveh, Wholesale Babydoll Lingerie when he lost consciousness. He was found some time after. Emergency responders made multiple rigorous attempts to revive him.

During that time, Mrs. Dror and a daughter were seen contacting family and friends, begging them to pray for his recovery. Their efforts, however, did not save his life.

The Dror’s son had planned to celebrate his bar gfdsgsdfhghfdgs mitzvah this Thursday. The event has been pushed off until after the shiva. Another child is engaged to be married next month. The events were always destined to be modest. However after Rabbi Dror’s untimely passing, it is unclear how they will obtain the means to have even a simple celebration.

“She has 13 children and, literally, an empty refrigerator,” says a friend of the family. “Her children have holes in their shoes and she considers it “mon from shamayim” when her neighbor tells her of the bakery that left out yesterday’s stale bread by the street side,”

Mrs. Dror has been known to accept challenges with a smile. This, however, is more than she can be expected to bear.

Funds are being collected for the Dror family via an emergency fund. As the fund page says, “at least [they] can have some food on the table, while [they] take this time to heal.”

Prince George becomes corsets wholesale star of Kensington Palace party after greeting the leader of the free world while wearing his monogrammed dressing gown and slippers


Prince corsets wholesale George became the star of the Kensington Palace party after greeting Michelle and Barack Obama in his dressing gown and slippers.

The Obamas arrived long gown dress at the palace tonight for an informal dinner with Prince William, Kate Middleton and Prince Harry – just hours after the U.S. President’s controversial intervention in the Brexit debate.

But it was the two-year-old prince who stole the limelight after pictures emerged of George shaking hands with the leader of the free world wearing his nightwear – a pair of freshly-pressed blue gingham pyjamas, monogramed dressing gown and a pair of slippers with aeroplanes on.

The third in line to the gfdsgsdfhghfdgs throne was allowed to stay up for a few minutes by his parents, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, so the two-year-old could thank the couple for a rocking horse and stuffed toy they had previously given him as gifts.

Today President Obama revealed how he was charmed by Prince George and described the young royal as ‘adorable’.

He greeted London’s Lindley Hall, where he held a Q&A session, by saying: ‘It is wonderful to see all of you. I guess you all know why I came here. Nothing was going to stop me wishing happy birthday to Her Majesty and meeting George – who is adorable.

‘Michelle and I had the privilege to meet with Her Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh yesterday. I can’t tell you what we talked about but I hope I can be such an engaging lunch partner when I’m 90.’

Scroll down for videos

Hello, Mr President: Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle crouch down to meet and shake hands with Prince George at Kensington Palace

President Barack Obama talks with the Duke of Cambridge while the Duchess of Cambridge plays with Prince George on rocking horse

A Kensington Palace Spokesman said: ‘Prince George stayed up to meet The President and First Lady when they arrived at Kensington Palace’

Along with Prince Harry, William and Kate opened the doors of their 22-room private apartment – number 1A – to Mr and Mrs Obama, after the couple had lunched with the Queen at Windsor Castle.

It is the first time that any of the young royals have entertained a head of state privately and the most significant event they have ever hosted at Kensington Palace.

It ends a busy schedule of high-profile meetings and events for the President of the United States and the First Lady in the UK today, after they arrived at Stansted Airport yesterday.

The President and his wife arrived at the royal residence exactly on time at 7.15pm in his official car, an 18-foot armoured Cadillac dubbed The Beast.

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