The 6 Best Automatic Dog Feeders (Purchase Guide in 2018)

One of the responsibilities that owners have when caring for our dog is to put their food on a daily basis. Sometimes for work reasons or due to our pace of life we ​​do not know if we will arrive home on time to feed our dog. For these cases, and not to skip any of your meals, an automatic dog feeder can be the ideal solution. Today we will know which are the best 5 in the market, we will answer some frequently asked questions and we will give some buying tips.

What is an automatic dog feeder?

An automatic dog feeder is a device that automatically makes available to our dog a certain amount of food at the time we choose. To do so, they must be pre-programmed and plugged into the electrical network or have enough battery to operate. In the market we can find a wide variety of automatic feeders. The most advanced allow even control from the mobile phone.

Why use an automatic feeder? When are they useful?

Surely you think that the feeders only serve to give food to our dog when we are not at home, but in fact it has many other advantages! Pay attention….

  • They allow us to better control the quantities of food, controlling better the weight of our dog.
  • They can be very useful for people with reduced mobility or for elderly people.
  • Allows you to follow a meal schedule for your dog accurately.
  • It takes away the worry of whether we will arrive home on time to feed our dog.
  • We do not have to ask for favors from friends, family or neighbors who do the work.

Things to keep in mind when buying an automatic feeder

To have the device you really need, it is important that you look at a series of things before deciding on one or the other. This is the most important.

  • Dimensions : it must have the right size for your dog. Large dogs will need larger feeders and larger capacity, since they consume more food than small dogs.
  • Capacity : automatic feeders have different capacities. The greater the capacity, the greater the number of meals. The quantities are usually expressed in liters or kilos.
  • Programming:  depending on our needs, perhaps a feeder that can be adjusted rations and delivery times (usually done through an LCD screen)
  • Security: they  must have fixing or protection systems to avoid that your dog can overturn the device or access the food.
  • Power source : must include batteries or batteries, since in case of power failure it is important that they can continue to work.

WOPET Automatic Cat and Dog Feeder

Wopet Automatic Timer Cat and Dog Feeder LY-104 Makes Feeding Hassle Free for Pets’ Dietary Health & Well-being. Set Up to 4 Daily Distribution Alarms; Simply Pick Your Portion Size & Unit Dispenses Dry Meals. The LCD screen device and complete functions make the operate is very easy. Record Personal Meal Call Up to 10 Seconds; Runs on 3 D Batteries or DC Power Cable to Outlet. Conveniently feeds your pet whether you are at home or away!provide a interesting and better quality of living for your pet with Wopet!

Product Feature:
Customize Frequency:4 feeding times can be set for any time
Voice Recorder and Speaker: Personal voice message calls your pet
Food Category: Dry dog or cat food; no canned or wet food snacks

Product Specification:
*Material: ABS
*Color: Blue
*Product Size: 8.3 x 13 inches (15 inches with tray)
*Food Container: 17 cups
* Rated Voltage: 110-240V
* Power Adapter Voltage: 5V/2A
* Battery Powered:Requires D Batteries (not included) 3 Pieces

Electronic feeder HomeGuaridan

  • LCD screen to set the time and amount of food to be delivered (in grams)
  • It allows recording our own voice to warn our dog of food delivery
  • Low battery consumption
  • Security lock to prevent your dog from opening the deposit.
  • Dimensions: 17 x 15.6 x 4.6 cm (approx.)
  • Capacity: 1.2 liters
  • Power source: cable and batteries

Automatic feeder TOPHGDIY

  • It allows you to give your dog up to 5 meals of 240 ml each.
  • Record your voice to warn your dog of food delivery
  • Lock function to prevent your dog accidentally overturning the device and LCD screen lock system
  • Your tank can be conveniently washed in the dishwasher.
  • Dimensions:17 x 15.6 x 4.6 cm (approx.)
  • Capacity:2 liters
  • Power source:cable and batteries

Amzdeal automatic dispenser

  • Voice or music recording to notify your dog that the food is ready
  • LCD screen to program both the quantity and delivery time
  • Removable tank easy to clean
  • Cover with security thread so your dog can not access the deposit
  • Dimensions:49 x 39 x 22cm
  • Capacity:5 liters
  • Power source:3 D batteries

PetSinc Automatic Feeder

  • Voice recording system to notify your dog of food delivery
  • Programming via LCD screen
  • You can program up to 4 deliveries per day, always with the same amount (24ml)
  • Removable tank easy to clean
  • Dimensions: 24 x 19 x 38 cm
  • Capacity: 2 kilos (approx.)
  • Power source:cable and batteries

PetWant food dispenser

  • Control through mobile application
  • HD camera with speaker and microphone to see and communicate with your dog when your dog is eating. (needs WIFI)
  • Your camera allows you to take pictures and videos and share with friends
  • Alerts you on your mobile when the deposit runs out of food
  • Deposit with magnetic closure with lock to prevent opening
  • Up to 4 meals a day of 10g each serving. Programmable delivery hours
  • Dimensions: 24.5 x 30 x 38.1 cm
  • Capacity: 2 kilos

Power source:  cable and batteries

Best Automatic Dog Food Reviews – Feeding Your Pets Without Hassle

Technology and automation is creeping up more and more in almost every aspect of our lives and the animal industry is no different.

From GPS location necklaces , to health and care tracking mobile phone applications, heated dog digital pet identification tag beds, the world of dog ownership and technology has indeed collided .

WOpet Automatic Timer Cat and Dog Feeder with Voice Recording LY-104 - 4 Meals

WOpet Automatic Timer Cat and Dog Feeder

One of the most useful recent advancements in technology aimed at our pets is the programmable, automatic dog electronic feeder.

These devices are not meant to completely replace your care and attention with regards to feeding your dog. They must give a helpful hand to ensure your dog’s needs are taken care of if you find yourself out of the house for a full day, or prefer a longer ‘hands off’ approach to regular stiff feeding times.

Automatic pet feeders are sleek, modern pieces of equipment that do not look like it’s in the house and are available in a wide variety of colors and styles, with many practical features for portion control and timing looking.

Read on for a discussion on the best automatic dog feeder models on the market, why you might consider buying one, when they are useful and the features to aim for and a few to avoid.

What is a dog automatic feeder?

Automatic dog feeders are exactly what they look like – pet food dispensers that automatically pour food either through electronic pre-programming or by gravity.

They usually consist of two parts: a glass or air-tight plastic hopper that contains food before it is released, and a plastic, ceramic bowl or stainless steel food that is distributed in and that your dog eat on.

Why use a dog automatic feeder? When are they useful?

Automatic dog feeders will be an incredibly useful addition to anyone unable to commit to regular dog feeds – who could be elderly or disabled, or even just people working away from home, those on a change basis of speed or those who take a short break away from their home without their dog.


They are also a great tool for homeowners looking to control their dog’s weight and how much their dog is eating. Electronic dog feeders will allow portion size and scheduled feedings to pre-program you so that your dog will reap the health benefits of eating small, but regular meals.


What types of Automatic Dog Feeder exist?


There are two main types of automatic pet feeding, with many variations on the same two basic themes:


Gravity Pet Feeders


Gravity Feeders are the least sophisticated type of automatic dog feeder so every time your dog eats, the food will naturally fall from the hopper into the bowl, replenishing what has been eaten.


Once the container is full, the dispenser will not be able to release more food as the food will be saved in the hopper, preventing further flow.


Advantages of Gravity Pet Feeders:


There is no fiddly programming needed with a gravity feeder so you can be sure that the mechanism will never fail and your dog will never miss a meal.


Disadvantages of Gravity Pet Feeders:


Of course, the flip side to this is that your dog will have unlimited access to his food that could easily lead to overeating and its related health conditions, such as obesity.


Electronic Pet Feeders


Electronic feeders are the most popular type of autoloader as they allow you total control over exactly how much your dog eats and when they can eat.


You need to pre-program them with feeding times and portion size measured, then the food is automatically distributed accordingly, at the exact times and quantities you have programmed.


Advantages of Electronic Pet Feeders:


The main benefit of electronic feeders is the degree of control you have over your dog’s feed, no matter where you happen to be at the time of feeding – it’s perfect for weight control or handling conditions such as hypoglycemia, pancreatitis and diabetes as you can make sure your dog likes small and regular meals.


Eating these regularly balanced and controlled portion sizes ensures that your dog will not be gorging on their food – this could lead to bloating and obesity – and promotes easy digestion, according to Petful .


It’s easy to overestimate the size of the portions with the owners just going by the view alone, but an electronic dog loader ensures portions are correct each time.


Disadvantages of Electronic Pet Feeders:


It is always useful to do your research regarding electronic feeders and to invest in a quality product. Low quality products can result in programming errors resulting in your dog missing a meal, overeating or being malnourished.


So, make sure that you only invest in a good, reliable quality diet, such as those that are discussed later in this page.


Advantages of Using an Automatic Dog Feeder – Summary


Let’s quickly summarize the main benefits with the help of an automatic dog feeder, so that you can see at a glance if it is something you could benefit from:

Automatic dog feeders guarantee your dog is fed independently of your own location or circumstances. They must never miss a meal!

Electronic dog feeders offer additional benefits like portion control and planned feeding. This makes it easier to manage your dog’s weight and related medical conditions.

Self-contained measure and bowl of eating so there is less washing and cleaning for you (no measuring cups to wash and so on.)

Eliminate the need to ask friends or family for favors, to feed your dog if you’re out for long hours a day.


Downsides using an automatic dog feeder – is there?

One criticism of automatic pet feeders is that they remove the benefits and training opportunities offered by a “normal” meal routine whereby the dog owner and dog the quality of spending time together and training routines are applied .


With an automatic feeder, of course, there is no requirement for your dog to sit down before eating, for example.

You can counter this by spending alternate time together to link and strengthen their training. And you still have the property and are supplier of many other things your dog needs, like toys, exercise, love and praise and so on.


We have already discussed the drawbacks at gravity feeders where they allow your dog unlimited access to their food – a problem unless your dog is very self-restraining with their eating habits (a rare quality!).


Taking this into consideration, we recommend electronic, measured portions, automatic dog feeders from those based solely and not gravity.


What to look for in Dog Feeders Best Automatic


The possibility of programming several meals every day.

Adjustable portion sizes so that you can better meet the needs and habits of your dog.

different speed feeding modes so that you can control how fast your dog is eating. Easy programming.

A structure of the hopper and bowl that is safe and easy to clean.

A solid design that will not be overturned by heavy legs.


Without further ado, let’s take a look at – in our opinion – the best automatic electronic feeders available on the market today:


Our selection of the best Feeder automatic pet models on the market today


Petsafe Healthy Pet Simply RSS


Up to 12 meals can be scheduled each day.

Portion sizes are adjustable from 1/8 of a cup all the way up to 4 cups and meals are served using a conveyor system to ensure precision and portion control.

Has a “slow feeding mode” by which meals are distributed more than 15 minutes. This prevents your dog from eating too fast and avoids conditions such as bloating or vomiting.

It also has an “instant food mode” so that the next meal game is distributed immediately.

The “pause power mode” allows you to immediately stop feeding – for example, if your plans or schedule changes – without losing your programming, so it can be immediately started again once you’re ready .

The bowl from which your dog eats is stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. The hopper is plastic without BPA ensuring safety and non-toxicity.

It is a solid, sturdy design without the risk of dog paws clawing their way into the hopper to try and extract extra food.


The disadvantages : There is no food level monitoring to show you how much food is left in the hopper or when food is depleted. You will need to actively open the top cover and keep an eye on the level to check it. But you can see the level through the plastic hopper just by looking at it, so that’s not really much of a problem.


Electronic Oxgord Feeder Automatic Programmable Dog Timer


Advantages :


It has a voice recorder and speakerphone so you can record your voice calling your pet for meal times, thereby restoring some of the social time you miss with an autoloader.

There is an LCD screen for easy and clear programming.

The hopper has a capacity of 45 cups and is translucent so that it is easy to check the levels of food.

It is unblockable with sensors installed to avoid overloading.

It can not be knocked over by curious dogs looking for extra food: there is a pet lock to test and a thick-bottomed base.

It is easy to clean the hopper and the bowl detach easily and disassemble.

There is a low battery indicator telling you when it’s time to recharge.


The disadvantages :

Only one to four meals can be scheduled per day (although to be fair no dog should eat more than 4 times a day, usually no more than 2!).

The variety of portion sizes allowed is minimal, stretching just ½ cup 2 ½ cups. Changing the batteries in the power supply has been reported to lose the scheduled feed schedules, which means that you may have to reprogram regularly.


Pet Feedster USA PF-10 Pet Feedster Automated Pet Feeder


Advantages : Able to distribute a wide variety of portion sizes, from a teaspoon of all the way up to 6 cups. It can store up to 10 lbs of food and is made anti-proof by the water tray at the base. It is the only autoloader on the market that can be used both by DC and battery power making sure you never need to worry about power failure. It works very calmly so your dog will not be scared by loud noises. Very easy to clean – the bowl is removable and dishwasher safe. It comes with the manufacturer’s 1-year limited warranty for any mechanical problems you may have.


The disadvantages : The power components are not as robust as those of the rest of our selections. In particular, the engine can get stuck on pieces of kibble! A rare event and a negligible risk with many authors more than satisfied with this charger. But something we should highlight!


PetNet SmartFeeder – Automatic Pet Feeder for Dogs and Cats


Advantages : The PetNet SmartFeeder’s USP is that power – times and portion sizes – can be controlled and programmed remotely using your iOS device giving you more control and flexibility over your dog’s eating habits wherever you are in the world. It also provides a unique nutritional plan for your dog based on their needs and specifications to determine the perfect serving size and type of food for them individually. It will inform you about their diet, the level of food and its own battery life and can even order and have delivered your dog’s chosen food when the levels are low. It works very quietly and has an elegant design. There is a rechargeable backup battery in place in case the primary goes down. Both the hopper and the bowl in the dishwasher.


The disadvantages : The premise of the SmartFeeder is that it is controlled online via the cloud. This means that you lose control over it as soon as you lose a good WiFi connection. In addition, it can only be used in conjunction with an iOS device, which means that this power supply is useless for Android users.




While all the above models have a number of features, the clear winner for us is certainly the Simple Petsafe Healthy Pet RSS.


While this may not have the extravagant additional features of an integrated voice recorder, like the Oxgord, or the iOS remote, like the PetNet SmartFeeder, it is reliable and sports all the basic requirements in addition to vending machines, which some of the other models are missing.


Most importantly, up to 12 meals can be scheduled per day and a wide variety of portion sizes can be programmed, which means the needs and habits can easily be catered for to your dog. Feed speed settings not only allow you to control how much your dog eats, but also how fast they eat, very important if your dog engulfs dinner and is at risk for bloating.


Finally, the design of the Petsafe is robust and its components easy to clean. So for us, it’s the best automatic dog charger in our opinion.

Comparative of the best car seats for dogs

Do you often take your dog by car? It is essential to ensure safety with an accessory such as the car seat during transport.

For small dogs, the seat is surely the alternative to privilege. It takes up little space, avoids the presence of hair on the seat and ensures the safety of the animal. We have made for you a comparator of the best dog car seats .

WOPET dog car seat

Pet Booster Seat

Wopet deluxe pet booster seat

Keep your pup safe on the road with Wopet Journey Booster Seat for dogs. Your dog is a member of the family too, so you want Fido to be completely comfortable while on-the-go. This dog car seat allows your pooch to see out the window while driving, immediately putting him at ease. It keeps your dog off your lap preventing distracted driving. When not in use, car seat for dogs folds up for easy storage. Plus, in case your copilot has an accident, the interior pad is machine washable so your pup can always be fresh and cozy.


I brought 3 for my Yorkies and they work super GREAT, they where all in the back seat and SAFE!!!! Really nice product. I bought this for my cat as he doesn’t like to see out of cages. now I put them in these car seats and they sit or lie good as gold. Bought this to use in my van and I must say I am very pleased with it. My little dog just settled down and went to sleep and was quite content in it. Money well spent. I jest love this dig car seat my dog loves it. It’s well made and I love it.

Petsafe dog seat

With its two brown hues, this Petsafe dog seat is suitable for all dogs and puppies weighing 15 kg and under . It measures 53 x 43 x 45 cm.

The “cushion” part is a little raised so that the dog does not find himself hidden in the seat and can see what happens. A seat belt is directly integrated into the seat.

The assembly does not require the use of tools. You will only take a few minutes to assemble it and make it available to your doggie.


This dog car seat is a real success . If the visual side is not the most important, it should be noted that the model is particularly beautiful. These canine transport accessories are sometimes a real flat in a cabin, but it fits perfectly.

The capacity of 15 kg is very appreciable. That’s more than many other dog seats. The shape is perfect for the dog. He can stand up to look at the road or see the driver without being bothered by a rim that is too big. But, he can also lie down quietly to sleep during the ride.

The quality is remarkable. It’s no surprise that Petsafe is known for the quality of its equipment. The safety of your companion is guaranteed with this seat which knows how to be rigid while remaining comfortable, and with the solid belt to maintain it.

The car seat is easy to wash with the machine . This is perfect in case the dog is put in when he is dirty or if he is urinating. Also remember to shake it from time to time to prevent too much hair piling up.

Car seat with animal motifs

This car seat alone measures 50 x 60 x 35 cm. It is made of resistant polyester, which ensures a certain solidity and a complete waterproofness. To attach, attach the strap to the front headrest and the other to the rear headrest. The seat then obtains its rectangular shape while being a rigid minimum.

The two side flaps work with a zipper.


This cheap dog seat cover is perfect for protecting the backseat during a car trip.

The dimensions are large enough for the dog to be comfortable during transport. Tight, the coating does not form folds, which would have the gift of annoying your dog when he is looking for the best position.

This size is also good to limit that flying hairs do not come elsewhere on the bench.

The coating lacks a bit of rigidity and heats quickly when the sun hits hard. It certainly does not have the same quality as the best dog seat tested on this comparator, the Petsafe, but the price is not the same. With a small budget, it’s a good choice . If you have a larger envelope or drive a lot, take the best for your doggie!

Cadrim dog seat cover for dogs

This model has a 2 in 1 function. It can be used as a simple cover to protect the back of the car or a real car seat . The adjustment is quickly to move from one position to another.

A sling strap slips around the headrest. Make the correct adjustment for the car seat to hold well.

It measures 45 x 45 x 58 cm and is made of Oxford fabric. The filling is cotton for a more solid and soft base.


The advantage of this 2 in 1 function is real. It is possible to imagine putting the car seat when the dog is young and go into simple coverage when he grows up or when he becomes wiser during trips in a vehicle.

The fasteners are quick to put in place and the settings offer enough to securely seat in all cockpits.

Some finishes are not perfect but the disadvantage is more aesthetic than practical. This remains a very good car seat for doggie. The coating is ideal for hygiene (waterproof, hair that clings little) and comfort (no crease, hard enough).

Car transport bag for dogs

This model is also special since it can be used as a dog and car seat bag . Indeed, it is possible to put it in classic cube and leave it open or close it with the upper flap.

When you do not use it, it folds like a schoolbag. On the sides, there are two non-opaque side parts that allow more air for the dog. Several pockets are present to store some accessories.

The material is water resistant and the large straps secure the seat.


This small transport bag does not look like much, but is a pleasant surprise . Its size is relatively small, we recommend this car seat for puppies or breeds weighing less than 5 kg as an adult .

It goes back quite high, which hinders the visibility of curious dogs who wish to see everything that their master does. For you, if the dog manages to calm down despite its lack of visibility, it becomes a strong point since it will sleep peacefully.

The side parts provide a good air intake and your dog will have no pro

Benefits and basics of purchasing dog car seat

Buying a dog car seat can facilitate the transportation of your pet. It makes it possible to comfortably stall the dog by car and to optimize its safety. It is important, however, before buying such an accessory to be well informed to be sure to buy a car seat perfectly suited to your pet.

Wopet Deluxe Dog Car Seat

Pet Booster Seat

Dog car seat: principle and use

As its name suggests, the dog car seat is a dog accessory that allows you to carry your pet safely in your vehicle. On the same principle as the baby car seat, this accessory is strapped to a seat, which allows it to stay in place.

This is actually an improved dog carrier , designed to be placed and attached to one of the rear seats of the car. The dog is attached to the car seat with a hook; he can not escape during the journey.

Important  : for obvious reasons, this system is only for small dogs. Larger ones that do not fit in the back seat will be transported to the trunk.

The benefits of the dog car seat

The purchase of such an accessory is ideal to facilitate the transport of the dogby car for several reasons:

  • A dog car seat allows you to travel with your pet safely. Although harnessed, the dog will not escape or distract you while driving.
  • It is perfect if you do not want the dog in the trunk, but you fear that it will join you in the front if you leave it in the back without attachment.
  • It is generally fluffy and offers a comfortable space for the animal.
  • It is the only safe way to travel with a dog in the passenger seat (although it is better and recommended to put it in the back seat).
  • Most car seats for dogs can be opened to allow them to overtake their heads. They are transported serenely, without the impression of being locked up.

Warning  : the dog car seat is still not a protection for the animal in case of accident. Its main role is to keep it in place and prevent it from disturbing the driver, unlike the  dog cage  rigid and designed for transport, well stowed in the trunk of the car

How to choose a dog car seat?

If you are interested and tempted by the purchase of a dog car seat, it is essential to first evaluate each of the different selection criteria.

  • The comfort: some seats dog cars have pads that will ensure the perfect comfort of the animal.
  • Size: Make sure your car seat is suitable for the size and weight of the dog. He must be able to lie down easily in the basket.
  • Aeration: your dog must be able to breathe easily during your travels. So opt for a transport seat perfectly ventilated. Some models can be opened on the top and leave the dog “outdoors”. If your pet is quiet by car, this is the best option!
  • Safety : find out about the straps and attachment systems for the dog car seat. Are they strong and simple to handle? Do they provide enough safety for the dog?
  • The ease of maintenance: remember that your dog may dirty his car seat. Better to opt for an accessory whose different parts (including the cushion) are easily machine washable.

Price of a dog car seat

These types of seats can be found in pet stores, in the specialized departments of mass merchandisers and certain automotive stores or on the Internet.

It takes on average between 15 and 60 € for a dog car seat. It is therefore a very affordable accessory if you want to make traveling by car more enjoyable for both your pet and for you.

Wopet is world’s leading pet carrier producer, wholesale please contact with

The best Car Seats For Dog

Any dog lover knows that the car rides equal fun for his pet. But for small breeds, getting into the car, but not being able to see through the window is a problem, and they need to be elevated in a dog safety seat. In addition, veterinarians recommend that you travel with your dog stabilized in something like a drawer to keep it safe in the event of a crash or accident. Give your furry friend a dog lookout to the outside.

The best dog car seats allow your dog to look out the window, but also keep them safe. This is especially important for small breeds such as Yorkies or Chihuahuas. Because its size is so small, it can be seriously injured in a crash. The car outwardly Hound Pet Lookout Car Seat is the perfect solution. It is less than $ 50 and a good solution to keep your pet under control in the car. Some dogs do not like the car seat if they get entangled in the harness. This is a negative part of this safety seat.

Wopet Pet booster seat

Pet Car Seat Carrier

Wopet Pet Car Seat Carrier

Wopet pet car seat is an ideal for small dogs, puppies or cats,kitten. Ideal For transporting your pets in comfort and safety. Tough waterproof material. Fold flat for travel & storage. It is the best solution to safely securing your pets, as their natural urge is to look out the window while travelling in cars.


  • Dimension: 16 x 13.4 x 11.8 inches
    •Weight : 4.2 pounds
    •Made of Waterproof 600 Denier Nylon
    •Suitable for small dogs or cats, pets up to 15lbs
    •2 colors available

How to use:

  • Adjustable strap attaches to headrest or use as shoulder strap while walking.
    •loops at back allows safety belt to go through and fix.
    •Mesh top entry and side windows ensure air ventilation.


  • 1 x Wopet Pet Car Seat Carrier
    •1 x package bag

Once you buy a raised dog bed, keep the receipt and the box in case you have one. Be sure to try it out with your furry little friend for a few weeks and see if it is something that works for you. The best car seats for dog companies will allow you to return the car seat if you or your dog is not happy. Above all, if you find your dog continually getting sick in the car seat, it probably is not the right one for you.

Best car seat for dogs in 2018

When transporting your dog, it can be dangerous because they tend to run around your car, excited to see the world around them. However, your dogs are not the only ones who are in danger, your family too.

Wopet Dog Booster Seat for Car

Even a small accident can cause a dog to panic, which makes them unworthy of trust. The best way to ensure the safety of pets is to buy the best car seat for dogs that you can.

To do this, you must

  • See the reviews
    •Check the pros and cons
    •Research accessories
    •Choose the best pet seat

Even more, a dog that is loose in a car can ruin the seats, get into the belongings and, in general, not be aware of the road. Car seat covers allow you to customize the seats, so you do not have to worry about your dog losing some of its style. For smaller pets, a booster seat for your vehicle can help them see through the window and stay comfortable during the trip.

There are more than a few models on the market, which include different types of harnesses for car belts, car seats for dogs and even seats for puppies for your car. Each one is designed specifically for an animal of different size, so be sure to pay attention to that.

Choosing a pet car seat with a puppy can be difficult, which is why we have divided it into individual reviews so you can choose which models will work for you, your family and your pet. Because your pet is so important, you should take the time to choose the seat for a dog’s car as you would any other type of car seat. After all, they are part of your family.

The best dog car seats help keep your dog in place while traveling and keep it safe so you can get from one place to another. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), almost 10% of all fatal accidents and 18% of accidents with injuries involve some type of distraction.

American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals

Worse yet, almost 25% of pet owners have used their hands or arms to keep the pet in place while applying the brakes and 19% have used their hands or arms to prevent their pet from getting into the front seat. . These behaviors may require that both hands be removed from the wheel, which has been shown to result in variability in the position of the vehicle lane and drift into adjacent lanes. Pet elevator seats keep that distraction to a minimum.

The traffic accident rate for elderly drivers who always drive with their pet was almost double that of drivers who never pushed with their pet. They are also among the least likely to use a pet restraint system.

In a recent survey of drivers, interaction with domestic animals was one of the first three most frequently reported distracting behaviors that admitted participants resulted in an accident or wrong shot. Or they start barking at something you can not see, they want to be caressed, or they simply call your attention in another way.

Wopet is world’s leading pet carrier producer, wholesale please contact with

What factors should we consider before purchasing a pet car seat?

How many times has your pet been hovering inside your car , distracting you, and putting your safety at risk ? It had happened to me many times each time we went on a trip, until my wife Laura, bought the best pet car seat .

This product is fantastic to keep our animals sitting comfortably, and safely while traveling with us. I will leave you a comparative list of the five products that have the most reputation in the market , and that have the highest quality standards.

Wopet Pet Car Seat Carrier

Pet Car Seat Carrier


Make sure the size is big enough for your dog, both in height and weight. Focus more on the weight, unless you usually do long runs, because that is what will keep your pet safe.

Easy to use

How often will you be traveling? Make sure you see how hard it is to uninstall and install the seat, and how easy it is to store it.


Depending on the use you will give these seats, you probably need to clean it constantly, so a removable cushion is a good consideration to take into account.

Your vehicle

Some cars do not have headrests, but they are extremely necessary to install these seats. There are also vehicles with rear seats that do not have safety belts, so it is important that the model you choose fits your car.


Try that the cushion is comfortable enough, otherwise, try to place extra accessories, or a pillow so that your animal does not suffer discomfort.


Depending on the use you give these products, and the length of your tours, you could buy a more expensive or less expensive option.


Some types of dogs need additional or mandatory measures when you travel. Make sure you know your needs well.

Security and protection measures

The seat you purchase should have a solid adjustment system, and should work perfectly in the back seat or co-driver. In addition, the product must have internal straps to keep your animal insured inside the seat.

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The 6 Best Booster Seats for Pets that Will Give You Comfort and Safety

How many times has your pet been hovering inside your car , distracting you, and putting your safety at risk ? It had happened to me many times each time we went on a trip, until my wife Laura, bought the best pet booster seat .

This product is fantastic to keep our animals sitting comfortably, and safely while traveling with us. I will leave you a comparative list of the five products that have the most reputation in the market , and that have the highest quality standards.

What is the best pet seat?

Because our dogs and cats matter a lot in our life, it is essential to buy a product of good quality , and that it is easy to load in our car. Make sure you are acquiring the right size for your dog, in order to achieve maximum comfort and welfare during the trip.

Also, try to make the equipment easy enough to clean, so you do not have headaches every time you have to do routine cleaning. Take a look at this list, and immediately buy a good booster seat.

Wopet pet booster seat

WOpet Deluxe Pet Booster Seat

WOpet Deluxe Pet Booster Seat


Keep your pup safe on the road with Wopet Booster Seat for dogs. Your dog is a member of the family too, so you want Fido to be completely comfortable while on-the-go. This dog car seat allows your pooch to see out the window while driving, immediately putting him at ease. It keeps your dog off your lap preventing distracted driving. When not in use, car seat for dogs folds up for easy storage. Plus, in case your copilot has an accident, the interior pad is machine washable so your pup can always be fresh and cozy.

Snoozer pet car seat

This pretty option with a dark chocolate color quite elegant, will provide comfort thanks to its surface covered with microfiber cover , and body gummed, so that your dog feels super comfortable. It has a resistance capacity of up to 13 kilograms.

Car seat FRWH Pawcy

Made with American technology, this fairly inexpensive product has a double strap system that will keep the animal insured while sitting on a comfortable seat, for dogs weighing up to 13 kilograms. Its design is chic and modern.

Car seat ZFC1106Black-L Petsfit

It has a double cushion mechanism, which adapts according to the season in which you are driving. It may be fluffy dark, or soft and light. It has a strap and openings for the seatbelt, it is quite foldable , and has a fleece lining that will keep the seat impeccable.

Seat for dogs Kurgo

This compact product of economic price , is a fascinating alternative to keep your animals always safe and comfortable. It has support for a weight of up to 14 kilograms, with an adjustable length , easy to climb according to the size of your dog, with a maximum length of up to 150 centimeters.

Adjustable car seat for dogs Petacc

Made with a first seam, combining the plush linen and fabric to create a seat with a good recline and comfort, so that you can feel at ease. The cushion is removable, which will make it easier every time you have to clean. It is portable and foldable, making it possible to transport it anywhere, ideal for traveling anywhere .

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9 Best pet carrier for dogs 2018

A long trip or a day of walking in the company of your pet can become a pleasant experience thanks to the cheap dog carriers . Invite her to enjoy the world in a comfortable, practical and safe way with this magnificent resource. In this super guide you will know everything you need to know about dog carriers, small dog handbags and roller trolley dog trolleys.

After analyzing more than 10 carrier for dogs, trying some of them and listening to the opinions of consumers, we think that the WOPET pet carrier is the best of 2018 due to its quality, price and fashion design. It is available in various sizes and colors ( blue and black)  is comfortable and has easy access for the dog.


WOpet Luxury Airline Approved Pet Carrier

Wopet Luxury Airline Approved Pet Carrier



  • Dimensions: 16.1 x 7.9 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 3.6 pounds
  • Fits small pets (dogs or cats) up to 14 lbs.
  • Made of quality soft PU material
  • Washable and Pets Breathable inside


It is light, does not take up much space when folded, allows full visibility to the dog when it is inside. In addition, it is very easy to assemble and comfortable to wear. The perfect combination that makes it the best purchase option of 2018. Full analysis here .

If what you are looking for is to buy rigid dog carriers with lengths ranging from 51 cm to 100 cm and that also comply with all IATA regulations, the Karlie rigid dog carrier will be your choice.


A very interesting option since it is available in a variety of sizes. In addition, their materials are strong and robust. Full analysis here .

If you are looking for a rigid carrier for small dogs and at a fairly competitive price, the AmazonBasics 2-door top-loading Trasportín is a great option to consider.


A very light and small size carrier, perfect for small dogs and also meets all the requirements of IATA. Full analysis here .

If what you need is a transport bag for travel, especially designed for small dogs and that your pet is safe and comfortable at all times, the dog transport bag petshoney is what you need.


A very flexible and comfortable bag of good quality, which will make your dog feel comfortable from the start. Undoubtedly very good option in terms of design, price and quality. Full analysis here .


Another bag specially designed for small dogs is the OUTAD Pet Transport Bag . A bag that fits the needs of most people, fulfilling its function and at a very affordable price.

A very light bag, for dogs up to 8kg, comfortable, flexible and very versatile. Full analysis here .

Another dog transport bag designed for small dogs that is also suitable for air travel, with a simpler design, something cheaper and with a variety of colors is the ergonomic bag for dogs Kaka Mall .


It is available in two sizes and a variety of different designs. In addition, it is ergonomic and its characteristics make it perfect for urban journeys, trips or the countryside. Full analysis here .

If what you are looking for is a trolley-type wheeled transporter, we consider that the   Petcomer multipurpose transport  is the best for the number of features offered at an unbeatable price. In addition, it is available in three different colors.


This model offers greater stability to your dog during the journey, in addition to a simple internal conditioning to clean. Full analysis here .

Although if you are looking for a means of transport similar to the interior, but with less extras and something more economical, the two-in-one transporter from Homcom  is a great option.


This mode of transport for your pet is quite safe and comfortable, as well as being very functional for you thanks to the characteristics of its design. With this proposal you can mobilize with a small dog, using it as a backpack or cart without stopping to feed and ventilate it. Full analysis here .

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The 10 best pet transport bags

If there is an essential element that we should have at home when we have a pet, that is a transport bag, or carrier. Either when we go on a trip or to take our great friend to the vet .

Currently, there are different models in the market, so we have to choose the most suitable for our pet. We have to take into account that it has to have openings to guarantee the breathing of the canine or feline. For this reason, we have selected a list of several transporters that we can find in the market .

1,Wopet Pet Car Seat Carrier

Pet Car Seat Carrier

Wopet Pet Car Seat Carrier


Wopet pet car seat is an ideal for small dogs, puppies or cats,kitten. Ideal For transporting your pets in comfort and safety. Tough waterproof material. Fold flat for travel & storage. It is the best solution to safely securing your pets, as their natural urge is to look out the window while travelling in cars.


  • Dimension: 16 x 13.4 x 11.8 inches
  • Weight : 4.2 pounds
  • Made of Waterproof 600 Denier Nylon
  • Suitable for small dogs or cats, pets up to 15lbs
  • 2 colors available

How to use:

  • Adjustable strap attaches to headrest or use as shoulder strap while walking.
  • loops at back allows safety belt to go through and fix.
  • Mesh top entry and side windows ensure air ventilation.

2,Outdoor Foldable Breathable

The Yimidear pet carrier is designed so that our pet is safe while traveling. It is made with EVA materials and has a powerful breathable design. It also has a powerful style that will make our pet adapt to fashion . It has a modern print and is made with durable materials.

3,Transporter Expedion

The Espedion transporter is one of the most classic we can find in the market. It is a pet bag of a very small size. It is made of plastic materials and is a light product , easy to assemble and has a very comfortable door system.

4,Neyo Transport

The Neyo transporter is another of the most classic in the market. This pet bag has three different openings . The truth is that it has a very small size so it is perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters or chinchillas.

5,GULLIVER 1 Gray carrier

The GULLIVER gray carrier is one of the best for short visits to the vet. It is very easy to disassemble to clean, made with very good quality material. In addition, it has several anchors so that we can put the seat belt .

6,Expedion Transport

The Expedion carrier fulfills its function perfectly. Easy to assemble, it measures 45x30x30 and is ideal for cats. It is highly recommended in terms of value for money . We can find it in various colors, from red to bright green.

7,Black Trash AmazonBasics

The trasportín has two unibile handles for a balanced transport and to use it as a double safety belt or luggage strap, for a safe transport. Includes an adjustable shoulder strap, so you can leave your hands free. In addition, the flexible sides of the carrier include a spring-loaded wire structure that can be adjusted to the dimensions of under the seat of most airlines, which means that on your next trip you will not have to leave your faithful friend behind (or trip in the cellar).

8,Songmics transport bag

The bag of transport of the Songmics brand is designed to take our pets wherever they want to go. It’s just as perfect as a dog bed at home. It is ideal for all seasons since it provides a separate space for the pet . Made with Oxford 600D fabric, metal frame and reinforced corners. As for the base, it should be noted that it is of sheep.

9,Folding Transport Pet

The glueable transport that we have between us is ideal for our pet to travel, be it cats, small dogs, puppies and other pets. It is made with 600D Oxford cloth and is protected with stains and water. It has a single opening with nylon mesh to ensure better air ventilation.

10,Pet carrier Favorite

The Favorite pet bag of 71 x 51 x 51 cm is the most practical on the market. Made with waterproof materials , thanks to waterproof fabric 600D Oxford. It has three ventilated mesh openings and two doors. It is very easy to assemble.

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