Can my dog ​​travel on the plane with me?

The world of airplanes has changed so much in the last 20 years that when we hear that someone says that before we could smoke in airplanes, it seems to us of prehistory.

The reality is that over the years airlines have become safer, more efficient and much more considerate with their passengers, both human and canine. Some years ago the idea of ​​traveling with a dog was completely out of the ordinary and let’s not even talk about taking the dog in the passenger cabin, that was impossible.

Today in most airlines, as in Interjet for example, there are three types of dogs that can travel accompanying their owners above the plane, here we tell you more about what they are and what are the requirements for each one in case you are thinking about traveling with your dog soon:

1. Guide dogs: Any service dog that serves as a guide for a visually impaired person can go on top of the plane. These dogs do not have limits of size or weight and the only thing that is needed is to go clean, with collar, harness and leash. It is not necessary to put some type of muzzle.

2. Emotional support dogs : These dogs (or other types of pets) are those that serve as emotional support for people who are under some form of mental or emotional treatment. Some examples of these dogs are dogs that help people with autism or people with depression or post-traumatic stress. These dogs are also not subject to a weight or size limit and you only need to show a letter from a certified doctor explaining that the person is under treatment and needs to be accompanied by your dog at all times. These dogs do not need to go on a conveyor or wear a muzzle. Like guide dogs, these dogs must wear a collar and leash.

3. Small dogs: Owners of dogs of small breeds that do not exceed 5 kg and measure less than 25 cm tall can travel INSIDE A CARRIER in the passenger cabin with their owners. The conveyor must not measure more than 40 cm long by 30 cm high and 23 cm wide. It is important that the sum of the weight of the dog and the carrier are not more than 5 kg. Dogs traveling on a conveyor must be placed under the seat and be on the conveyor for the duration of the flight.

If your dog meets these requirements he can go with you up the cabin. If not, you must send it in the cargo cabin on a conveyor approved for use on airlines.

All dogs traveling by plane (up or down) should be clean, healthy, without bad smell and in the case of females should not be pregnant. In addition you must take with you the health and vaccination certificate to prove that your dog is healthy.

Is it good to leave the croquettes all day long for your dog?

There are three ways to feed dogs:

1. Feeding at free demand: means to always leave croquettes on the plate and let him eat when he wants the amount he wants.

2. Limited time feeding: the owners put the food and remove it after a certain time.

3. Limited quantity feeding: the owners give the dog a limited amount of food and leave it for the dog to eat (which is usually eaten immediately).

Although the demand-free diet is the simplest, since it only requires that you fill the plate with croquettes when you see it half empty, this is the option least recommended by the experts .

The first reason why it is not recommended is because dogs that have this diet are more likely to be overweight . This is just for the same reason that you eat chips when they are at the table even if you are not hungry. This is especially true for dogs that are left alone at home and get bored and then there is your plate with croquettes, they already have something to do.

There are dogs that are not overweight and are very controlled with the amount of food they eat, however, in these cases we must also consider the issue of cleanliness and freshness.

Having the croquettes on a plate is an open invitation to ants, cockroaches and even ratsthat may be interested in what is available on that plate every day at all times.

Another important reason to reconsider is that if you feed them like this, it ‘s hard to tell if your dog is eating right or wrong. Many diseases of dogs are detected just because the owners realize they are not eating but if you have croquettes there all day, it will be more difficult to know if your dog is eating less than normal.

Ideally, your dog has meal times that serve the indicated portion and when finished, raise your plate, wash it and ready.

The only thing that your dog should always have available is clean and fresh water so that it can take it freely when it is thirsty.

If you spend a lot of time away from home and do not want your dog to run out of food,you can buy an automatic feeder that will serve you the portion you specify in the schedule you schedule.

Bitches are more oriented than dogs

According to the results of a study to understand how dogs think, bitches are better oriented than dogs.

Dognition is a method that uses games to understand the way dogs think. You can enter your site and do a free trial to learn more about your dog’s personality and thus understand each other better.

The game that produced these results consists of placing two plates and showing the dog that the prize is under one of them, always on the same side.

Figure 1


Afterwards, the owner takes the dog and places it on the opposite side of the plates to see if he knows where the prize is.

Figure 2

Most bitches do use allocentric space navigation, which means that they rely on the places where things are to determine the location of the prize, that is, they use the environment as a frame of reference. For example, the bitches notice that the dish with the prize was on the same side as the window, so when they change sides, they know that the side of the window is where they will find the prize.

The dogs on the other hand are based on egocentric space . This type of navigation is based on the location of things with respect to the observer. For example, that the prize is on my right side, so when they are put in the opposite direction, they keep choosing the right side even though this is no longer the opposite.

The navigation of allocentric space uses a part of the brain that relates the perception of space with memory. People who are good with this type of navigation are very good at reading maps and are the right person to follow if you get lost in the forest.

The egocentric navigation by its side was the one used many years ago by sailors on long trips. Without maps and navigational instruments, the sailors knew that to reach a certain place, certain stars had to be on their right or left.

In theory, in humans it is the other way around, but the truth is that we are not very sure because it is famous that men do not know where to go but they are more sorry to ask for directions. The advantage for us is that our phones solve our navigation problems.

Is my dog ​​ready to have a dog brother?

If you have already spent some time sharing your home and your life with your dog, it is very likely that you wonder if it is time to include a new member in the family: another dog. Before making this decision it is very important that you analyze carefully before deciding if it is time to do it, but assuming that you are already convinced that this is what you want to do, it is also convenient to ask if your dog is ready to have a dog brother.

Believe it or not, analyzing this point is crucial so that the arrival of a new dog is a pleasant experience for all.

So, keep in mind the following points and, really, take some time to study the behavior of your current dog before bringing a new dog home:

1. Does your dog listen to you? It is important that your first dog be educated before bringing a new dog home. It is not that you send him to classes with a coach, but that you spend time daily educating him to reinforce the owner-dog relationship and that he follows your orders. Nor is it about having your dog militarized, but it is about having a relationship of trust in which you know he will listen to you.

2. Do you know how to pee and poop instead? This is a very important point, because many dogs tend to pee or poop in the same place where other dogs do, so if your first dog still does not know how to go to the bathroom instead and leaves you little treats and ‘surprises’ Everywhere, believe us, do not bring a new dog home. Seriously, work on correcting this problem first.

3. Are you sociable with other dogs? If your dog never lives with other dogs or every time he does he ends up fighting (or quarreling) with others, taking another dog home can be a mistake. You must work on the socialization of your dog first so that little by little he starts to get along better with other dogs.

4. Do you behave well when you leave home? If your dog destroys half of the house every time you leave or you go barking or howling in your absence and you split your heart because you know that this happens because you are not, DO NOT bring a new dog home. Seriously, DO NOT do it. Many owners fall into the trap of thinking that taking a new dog will make their dogs feel accompanied and stop having these bad behaviors, but we assure you that the opposite will happen. In the end, you will end up with TWO dogs that destroy things together or that howl together or that bark in duet. Work a lot with your first dog with these tips to solve the anxiety you feel every time you go out.

5. Does your dog like to receive other dogs at home? If your dog does not tolerate that another dog passes near your house and much less that enters her, at once we tell you that it is not time to take another dog to your house. That a dog is very territorial does not mean that it will never accept a new dog, but it is certainly something that must be worked on bit by bit, so better wait a little and go socializing your dog gradually.

If with this list you have realized that there is still a lot to work with your dog , do not suffer, it is better that you realize this before you have made the decision.

If you definitely feel that correcting these points is not so easy for you, calmly, consider asking the help of a canine etologist to guide you on what is the best way to do it.

We are sure that with patience and perseverance, soon your dog will be ready to welcome his new brother dog at home.

Your dog does not like people who treat you badly

According to a new study from Kyoto University in Japan, dogs do not like people who behave badly with their owners.

In an experiment led by researcher K azuo Fujita , they realized that dogs rejected awards from people who had been rude to their owners , demonstrating the ability of dogs to cooperate socially with their owners.

The experiment consisted of putting the dogs with their owners and two strangers in a room. There were 3 groups of 18 dogs:

In the first group , the owner asked for help from one of the strangers and he refused to help him effusively.

In the second group , the owner asked for help and one of the strangers helped him.

In the third group the two strangers were neutral, that is, they did not help him but they did not reject him either.

In these two groups, the third person in the room was only there observing and did not participate in any way or interact with the dog or humans.

After this, the two strangers offered a prize to the dog and realized that the dogs decided to take the prize of the neutral person and ignore who had been rude to their owners.

In the groups where people had helped the owners or where they had been neutral, the dogs showed no preference in choosing a prize from strangers.

According to Fujita: “We realized for the first time that dogs make social and emotional evaluations of people regardless of their own interests. ” He added that: “This ability is one of the key factors in the creation of a collaborative society and This study shows that dogs share this ability with humans. “

How to present your dog with your new dog

One of the situations that cause more tension in the owners occurs when you have finally decided to include a second dog in your home , it is practically impossible that you do not give a bit of ‘thing’ to imagine how your first dog will react or What would happen if they fell ill?

When I adopted my dog ​​Tomas , who would be the second dog in the house, even though I was completely sure of the decision, the night before the people of the association came to leave him in my house I could not sleep of worry. What would happen if Ginger, my first bitch, did not want it? What would happen if they fought each other all the time?

Fortunately, they gave me good tips to present them and everything went well, but as I know perfectly well the anguish that this can cause, we better leave you some practical advice that you can follow so that the coexistence between your dog and your new dog is in harmony.

* Note: to facilitate the explanation we will refer to the two alleged dogs as “your first dog” and “your new dog”.

If you are going to pick up your new dog, do not take your first dog

Putting the two dogs in a car without first presenting properly can be a bad idea.

The wonderful effect of a walk

We recommend that you take your first dog for a walk before the presentation. This will help you release energy and be more relaxing when you meet. If there is a possibility, also ask for a ride to your new dog before. In fact, if your partner or a friend who lives with your first dog can help you in this process, it would be great, because everyone can handle one of the dogs.

In neutral territory

Never present your first dog and your new dog in your home, or in your garden, or in your backyard. Better choose a neutral territory: it can be a nearby park or even on the street a few blocks from your house, so you will prevent your first dog from becoming defensive and wanting to protect its territory.

Always with straps

When presenting the two dogs, it is important that both have straps on, as this will give you more control to react in case there is any sign of aggressiveness. However, it is important that you do not straighten the straps so that you do not stress the dogs.

Check your energy

Yes, we know that you will surely be a little stressed when presenting the two dogs, but if you become extremely anxious, you will transmit this energy to the dogs and it is possible that the encounter does not go well. So re-la-ja-te that way everything will flow better.

The wonderful effect of a walk (part two)

That’s right, as we’ve already told you, the ride has a wonderful effect on dogs, both physically and mentally, so if you take a long walk all together (already like the new pack they are), it will be a lot It’s easier to integrate the dogs, because they will start to think of them as a pack. In addition, the walk will also serve you to relax a bit.

Coming home

When you get home, it is important that you keep the straps on the dogs. Enter and take a walk with both of you throughout your apartment or house. If everything is calm, release your new dog and let him explore the space. Keep your first dog on leash to have more control, but do not tense it. If all goes well, let them go, but do not force the interaction between them.

Everyone their space

It is very important that the first two weeks keep the space free of toys, that everyone has their own bed and their own plate of food and water (and that they are separated from each other). This is important to avoid rivalries that can end in fights.

Each dog has its own personality

Remember that each dog has its own personality. Maybe you had imagined that your dogs were going to be the best friends of games, but still and in practice it is not like that. The point is that you must achieve a coexistence in harmony, but they will be the ones who decide if they play, if they do a lot or little case or if they adore and enjoy sleeping together.

Corrects negative behavior

It is essential that the first weeks you supervise the interactions between your two dogs. If they start playing and they start being rough or growling more and more, you must stop the game. Let the tempers cool down a bit and then start again. Although they will only establish their hierarchy in the herd, do not let one of the dogs override the other, as this can cause problems.

Continue with the exercise

Do not forget to walk your dogs every day. This will help them release energy daily and also help them integrate more each day as a herd.

Do you have any other tip to present your first dog with your new dog? Share it with us

How to generate good eating habits in our dog

Being the dog an integral member of the family, and like one of those members, we must make sure to generate in our dog the correct food habit. Many times we believe that this is not necessary, but the reality is that it is more than one can think.

In the first place we must make it clear to our dog, whatever their breed, that there are feeding times; for this it is fundamental that we ourselves respect a strict and orderly conduct in the schedule. For this reason, if the dog should feed twice a day – and this will depend on their breed, weight – we must respect two schedules in the day to do so. In this way, our dog will know that there are two moments in the day when he will be fed.

There are other aspects that we must take into account when feeding our friend, not only the schedule, one of them is that if the dog has not eaten the dish we have served, the food must be removed. Not only for a hygienic question but also to create the correct eating behavior in our friend.

Likewise, it is important to keep in mind that if our dog eats all the food immediately we serve the same, we must remove the dish and wash it. The idea of ​​keeping it clean is to eliminate any kind of residue that could be in it and that later our friend wants to lick the dish. This last action will activate the digestive system of our dog again, producing an incorrect message and diverting the good behavior we want to instill. We recommend, then, that the plate in which we serve the food is made of stainless steel, to prevent odors from being impregnated. The most important detail to keep in mind about how to feed our friends well is to take into account their age.

The feeding in a puppy is quite different from that of an adult dog and the right food is as important as knowing how much we should give per day. To offer you the best quality of life, it is not only important to offer love but also the special care they need. Feed them well is one of the many keys to take into account to offer our dog the best life.

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Tips to prevent obesity in your dog

One of the most important factors for the care of your pet, is a good diet, to improve your pet’s lifestyle and prevent diseases such as obesity. Generally, you must feed them according to their growth stage . However, it is advisable to observe and meet your pet to meet their needs.

Here are some tips to prevent obesity in your dog :

1. Balanced feeding. Find the right food for your pet. Currently, there are hundreds of 100% natural food brands that provide great benefits to your pet.
2. Determine meal times . The most advisable thing is to feed it twice a day. Be constant and do not let exceed the established schedules.
3. Keep it active . Do not let him have a sedentary life. It is important that you do physical activities outdoors and fill it with energy.
4. Move it away from the kitchen. When you are preparing the food, do not let it be close. Smelling and tasting only leaves them feeling that they will eat soon.

5. Do not share your food. We know it’s hard not to fall for that tender look, but, for your health, avoid giving your food every time you sit down to eat.
6. Avoid filling it with prizes. The prizes are used to reward your pet in training or good behaviors. You should not give them to them for no reason, nor make them a habit.
7. Dedicate time . Try to play or go for a walk when you get home, many times they fall into depression to be all day at home and that causes anxiety to eat more.

Take care of your pet and fill it with love. 

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Benefits of growing up with pets

Pets can become an important complement in the development of children, both physically and emotionally. According to experts, children who grow up with pets at home since they are babies, develop a greater sense of responsibility, and have a more affectionate nature and a profuse love for nature.

The benefits of growing up with a pet are many, and if parents are animal lovers, there is no more positive aspect than showing our children that this way of giving our care to other living beings.

Children come to know the importance of affection and respect for animals. They learn to give to receive, and often the pet becomes the best company for the child. Studies have shown that pets can enhance children’s learning and social skills.

In addition, minors who live with pets strengthen their immune system and, therefore, there is less risk of allergies and school absenteeism due to respiratory diseases.


  • The affective plane improves. Children with pets acquire the ability to recognize that there are needs different from their own, so it makes sense to them that this also happens in their relationship with friends and family.
  • Children with pets are usually less jealous and more loving.
  • The feeling of giving affection and not just receiving it is very relevant for minors. The faithful company of their pets favors learning to love others.
  • Children tend to take refuge in their pet when they are scolded , and being in contact with them helps them express their emotions.
  • The playful spirit of children is also favored by the interaction with their pets , especially with dogs and cats, since games with these species are participatory.

It is important that parents encourage children to care about their pets and develop empathy towards them. Children who grow up with pets show many benefits, since the animal can contribute to self-esteem and self-confidence, the development of relationships of trust in others and the development of verbal communication, compassion and generosity.

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Why should we tend to natural pet food

The natural food for pets, is food made with ingredients of human degree that can make a big difference in how your pet looks and feels.

The use of 100% real ingredients of animal / vegetable origin and without additional processes, will help your pet retain all the benefits in his body.

What does natural mean?
Natural does not necessarily mean that a food is organic, but sometimes the term is used to refer to natural croquettes for dogs and cats. The natural food for pets does not contain:

  • Artificial dyes or preservatives
  • Artificial chemicals
  • Sub products (beef, bird, etc)
  • Added sugar
  • Dairy products
  • Ingredients that have been genetically modified (hydrolyzed for example)

What to look for in a natural pet food?
Its main ingredient is protein (lamb, beef, fish, chicken). It must be named or listed as “meat of” or “meat meal of” and not “meal of meat by-products”. There is a huge difference. The “sub meat flour meal” is not pure meat, it includes hooves, picks, feathers or other parts inedible by humans.

You also have to see that it contains many fruits and vegetables such as: carrots, spinach, broccoli, sweet potato, chicharo, pumpkin, apples and cranberries.

Omega 3 and 6 oils must be present and not animal fats. Check that it contains vitamins and minerals. If a “natural” food contains sub products, corn, wheat or soy, you doubt and question about it. The same applies to preservatives and artificial colors.

How to know if your pet’s food contains the above?
The first thing will be to check the label of your pet’s food. Take your food bundle and turn it over to read the ingredients it contains.

The natural food for pets is highly digestible because the ingredients are of very good quality. They do not contain corn, wheat, soy or other cereals associated with allergies and intolerance.

Is natural food more expensive? The answer is yes and no.
Natural foods for dogs and cats cost more because they contain better quality ingredients and human grade. However, in the long term you will see that they yield more than the economic foods.

The following classification of natural foods for pets was made depending on their unique characteristics:

  • Holistic Foods with whole ingredients that use proteins of animal origin and some cereals like rice and oats.
  • Homemade or prepared at home. Dehydrated raw foods that you end up at home adding water to hydrate them.
  • High in protein. They usually contain a large quantity of good quality meat such as beef, chicken, lamb or salmon.
  • Raw. Frozen, unprocessed food that you thaw overnight to serve your pet in the morning.

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