Benefits and basics of purchasing dog car seat

Buying a dog car seat can facilitate the transportation of your pet. It makes it possible to comfortably stall the dog by car and to optimize its safety. It is important, however, before buying such an accessory to be well informed to be sure to buy a car seat perfectly suited to your pet.

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Dog car seat: principle and use

As its name suggests, the dog car seat is a dog accessory that allows you to carry your pet safely in your vehicle. On the same principle as the baby car seat, this accessory is strapped to a seat, which allows it to stay in place.

This is actually an improved dog carrier , designed to be placed and attached to one of the rear seats of the car. The dog is attached to the car seat with a hook; he can not escape during the journey.

Important  : for obvious reasons, this system is only for small dogs. Larger ones that do not fit in the back seat will be transported to the trunk.

The benefits of the dog car seat

The purchase of such an accessory is ideal to facilitate the transport of the dogby car for several reasons:

  • A dog car seat allows you to travel with your pet safely. Although harnessed, the dog will not escape or distract you while driving.
  • It is perfect if you do not want the dog in the trunk, but you fear that it will join you in the front if you leave it in the back without attachment.
  • It is generally fluffy and offers a comfortable space for the animal.
  • It is the only safe way to travel with a dog in the passenger seat (although it is better and recommended to put it in the back seat).
  • Most car seats for dogs can be opened to allow them to overtake their heads. They are transported serenely, without the impression of being locked up.

Warning  : the dog car seat is still not a protection for the animal in case of accident. Its main role is to keep it in place and prevent it from disturbing the driver, unlike the  dog cage  rigid and designed for transport, well stowed in the trunk of the car

How to choose a dog car seat?

If you are interested and tempted by the purchase of a dog car seat, it is essential to first evaluate each of the different selection criteria.

  • The comfort: some seats dog cars have pads that will ensure the perfect comfort of the animal.
  • Size: Make sure your car seat is suitable for the size and weight of the dog. He must be able to lie down easily in the basket.
  • Aeration: your dog must be able to breathe easily during your travels. So opt for a transport seat perfectly ventilated. Some models can be opened on the top and leave the dog “outdoors”. If your pet is quiet by car, this is the best option!
  • Safety : find out about the straps and attachment systems for the dog car seat. Are they strong and simple to handle? Do they provide enough safety for the dog?
  • The ease of maintenance: remember that your dog may dirty his car seat. Better to opt for an accessory whose different parts (including the cushion) are easily machine washable.

Price of a dog car seat

These types of seats can be found in pet stores, in the specialized departments of mass merchandisers and certain automotive stores or on the Internet.

It takes on average between 15 and 60 € for a dog car seat. It is therefore a very affordable accessory if you want to make traveling by car more enjoyable for both your pet and for you.

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