Comparative of the best car seats for dogs

Do you often take your dog by car? It is essential to ensure safety with an accessory such as the car seat during transport.

For small dogs, the seat is surely the alternative to privilege. It takes up little space, avoids the presence of hair on the seat and ensures the safety of the animal. We have made for you a comparator of the best dog car seats .

WOPET dog car seat

Pet Booster Seat

Wopet deluxe pet booster seat

Keep your pup safe on the road with Wopet Journey Booster Seat for dogs. Your dog is a member of the family too, so you want Fido to be completely comfortable while on-the-go. This dog car seat allows your pooch to see out the window while driving, immediately putting him at ease. It keeps your dog off your lap preventing distracted driving. When not in use, car seat for dogs folds up for easy storage. Plus, in case your copilot has an accident, the interior pad is machine washable so your pup can always be fresh and cozy.


I brought 3 for my Yorkies and they work super GREAT, they where all in the back seat and SAFE!!!! Really nice product. I bought this for my cat as he doesn’t like to see out of cages. now I put them in these car seats and they sit or lie good as gold. Bought this to use in my van and I must say I am very pleased with it. My little dog just settled down and went to sleep and was quite content in it. Money well spent. I jest love this dig car seat my dog loves it. It’s well made and I love it.

Petsafe dog seat

With its two brown hues, this Petsafe dog seat is suitable for all dogs and puppies weighing 15 kg and under . It measures 53 x 43 x 45 cm.

The “cushion” part is a little raised so that the dog does not find himself hidden in the seat and can see what happens. A seat belt is directly integrated into the seat.

The assembly does not require the use of tools. You will only take a few minutes to assemble it and make it available to your doggie.


This dog car seat is a real success . If the visual side is not the most important, it should be noted that the model is particularly beautiful. These canine transport accessories are sometimes a real flat in a cabin, but it fits perfectly.

The capacity of 15 kg is very appreciable. That’s more than many other dog seats. The shape is perfect for the dog. He can stand up to look at the road or see the driver without being bothered by a rim that is too big. But, he can also lie down quietly to sleep during the ride.

The quality is remarkable. It’s no surprise that Petsafe is known for the quality of its equipment. The safety of your companion is guaranteed with this seat which knows how to be rigid while remaining comfortable, and with the solid belt to maintain it.

The car seat is easy to wash with the machine . This is perfect in case the dog is put in when he is dirty or if he is urinating. Also remember to shake it from time to time to prevent too much hair piling up.

Car seat with animal motifs

This car seat alone measures 50 x 60 x 35 cm. It is made of resistant polyester, which ensures a certain solidity and a complete waterproofness. To attach, attach the strap to the front headrest and the other to the rear headrest. The seat then obtains its rectangular shape while being a rigid minimum.

The two side flaps work with a zipper.


This cheap dog seat cover is perfect for protecting the backseat during a car trip.

The dimensions are large enough for the dog to be comfortable during transport. Tight, the coating does not form folds, which would have the gift of annoying your dog when he is looking for the best position.

This size is also good to limit that flying hairs do not come elsewhere on the bench.

The coating lacks a bit of rigidity and heats quickly when the sun hits hard. It certainly does not have the same quality as the best dog seat tested on this comparator, the Petsafe, but the price is not the same. With a small budget, it’s a good choice . If you have a larger envelope or drive a lot, take the best for your doggie!

Cadrim dog seat cover for dogs

This model has a 2 in 1 function. It can be used as a simple cover to protect the back of the car or a real car seat . The adjustment is quickly to move from one position to another.

A sling strap slips around the headrest. Make the correct adjustment for the car seat to hold well.

It measures 45 x 45 x 58 cm and is made of Oxford fabric. The filling is cotton for a more solid and soft base.


The advantage of this 2 in 1 function is real. It is possible to imagine putting the car seat when the dog is young and go into simple coverage when he grows up or when he becomes wiser during trips in a vehicle.

The fasteners are quick to put in place and the settings offer enough to securely seat in all cockpits.

Some finishes are not perfect but the disadvantage is more aesthetic than practical. This remains a very good car seat for doggie. The coating is ideal for hygiene (waterproof, hair that clings little) and comfort (no crease, hard enough).

Car transport bag for dogs

This model is also special since it can be used as a dog and car seat bag . Indeed, it is possible to put it in classic cube and leave it open or close it with the upper flap.

When you do not use it, it folds like a schoolbag. On the sides, there are two non-opaque side parts that allow more air for the dog. Several pockets are present to store some accessories.

The material is water resistant and the large straps secure the seat.


This small transport bag does not look like much, but is a pleasant surprise . Its size is relatively small, we recommend this car seat for puppies or breeds weighing less than 5 kg as an adult .

It goes back quite high, which hinders the visibility of curious dogs who wish to see everything that their master does. For you, if the dog manages to calm down despite its lack of visibility, it becomes a strong point since it will sleep peacefully.

The side parts provide a good air intake and your dog will have no pro

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